The story of my life (the true heartbreaking story of me)

My name is Madi, I am 13 years old and I live in New York. I seem like a typical girl living on Long Island right, well not really. My life has gone upside down. Sometimes I don't think I can go on.
(This whole book is real. Everything in this book happened to me)


1. 1

It all started when I was born.

A snowy February night me, Madison Leigh-Anne was born. Everything was perfect. My mom and dad were married and had their first child.

But that all came to a stop.

When I was 2 my mother had another child John. Then it got worse.

My father left us my mother a now 24 year old single mother with 2 kids alone.

And the worst part was, we never met his son.

This all escalated quickly when we had to go back and forth to my moms house and my dads. And he would always have a new girlfriend. I remember about 8 of them.

But there was one, she was terrible. Patricia.

When I was 7 I had thick, long blond hair that always got knotted.

When she brushed my hair I would cry and she would hit me in the head with the brush.

I was always her little rag doll. I hated it.

I had a splinter infecting my hand when I was 6 but instead of treating it and taking care of me she would scrub my hands and paint my nails.

So when I was in kindergarten I had to go to the hospital and they cut my hand open without putting me to sleep.

I was in so much pain and for 2 months I had to scrub it with a sponge with soap. Think of when you have to get that stuff that really stings when you get a cut and just pouring a whole bottle on it.

But Patricia didn't care. Even though I had a hole in my hand, everything was "beauty is pain"

So just remember your not alone if your parents are divorced or a abusive family member is effecting your life. A lot of other people had and even have to deal with that everyday.

So please comment your thoughts and tell me what you think. I'll even give you advice if your feeling down or don't know what to do.

Stay strong


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