Lust Season

Marcos Levy was insanely hot to Madeline. The way the r's rolled off his lips made her knees go weak. It was fast and quick. Tingles shot through her and she looked directly into his gorgeous, hazel eyes. She observed his sweet pink lips and the way his eyebrows came together as he watched her staring. She snapped back to reality and closed her mouth.


7. The Heavenly Smile & Golden Bathroom

Madeline's POV

The hardest thing ever was probably looking for them. I searched everywhere around the crowds for my friends. If I didn't leave soon, that sexy hunk would kick me out! But, hey I'm not really complaining. If that meant looking at him for a few more minutes then be my guest.

I passed by a really sweaty guy who was talking about getting wasted and then, that's when I found Ciara. Okay, I found her now I need about ten more.

"Oh my gosh, Maddy! Guess what," she said her voice a little bit slurry. She tumbled out of some guy's hands and held onto mine. Her big eyes looked into mine and I could see shots in her eyes. Not literally, but woah, this girl was going haywire.

"What?" I asked her backing up and picked her up because she was slipping off my shoulder now.

"I met my mate, look at him, I love him," she said. I looked around and I couldn't point out the person she was talking about, and what the hell was she even talking about?

She grabbed my chin forcefully to the direction of a muscular kid with blonde hair. He kept glancing over to Ciara worriedly and then looked at me. I looked at him in a begging way and he came out of his way from talking to another kid to walk over.

"Come on," the guy said to Ciara staring at her directly. My head turned to see Ciara's blank face. I think she drank so much that she couldn't even think.

"Okay," she said in a small voice and sauntered towards him. She titled her head up and he looked down at her in admiration.

Aww. I smiled.

My smile faded when I realized that I was probably loosing time. I looked around to see if that guy was lurking around. What if he was watching me from a distance, ready to pull me out of the club? I shook my head. He wasn't, so I felt relieved. 

Kyle. That's who I needed! Maybe he could take me home. After a while of looking, I finally found the drinks spot. I came closer and found the right person I was looking for. 

"Kyle!" I yelled hoping he could hear me through the music. His hands quickly raised to his ears and he winced. I didn't think he could hear that over the music. Maybe he's just joking. He turned around to face me and smiled when he realized who I was.

"Sorry, was that too loud?" I asked apologetically. 

"My hearing is sensitive," he laughed and pointed to his ear. My eyebrows came together in a confused manner, then switched to amazement.

"I didn't think you could hear me," I said. He laughed. "Anyways, I've been thinking if you could take me home?" 

He frowned and looked at me dejectedly.

"Why are you leaving now?" he asked. I bit my inner lip. 

"That guy knows my real age and wants me to leave. I don't know how but he he also knew my name. How do you know him?" I asked.

"Oh, he's like an important person. Like, a family friend kind of. I don't know how to explain it," he said. I shook my head making it look like I understood but I honestly didn't know what he meant.

"Do you have your keys?" I asked him. He shook his head and shoved his hands in his pockets to pull out his keys. He dangled them in front of my face and I laughed. I turned around looking for the exit and then I looked at the sign sadly.

I opened the door into the the dimly lit hall. It was a nice area to be in before you went fully inside the club. It built up excitement and I now realized that that's probably the point of this dark hallway. This owner was pretty smart.

We made it out of the hallway and now, we were standing in the dark, warm night with the moon shining above us. Kyle looked up at the sky and stared at the moon for a second before his eyes met with mine. He looked at me anxiously and I smiled at him praying he wasn't going to rape me or something.

I walked ahead of him and he ran alongside.

"So, do you like the club?" Kyle said. I nodded.

"I love it. It's so fun but I can't come back, sadly," I made a fake pout and Kyle laughed. We made it to the car and I rushed to the passenger door. Kyle stood in front of me and I looked at him weirdly. 

"M-Madeline. I need to tell you something," he said. I held my phone tightly and looked at him at ease.

"Go," I said and my heart beat started increasing. He came closer and my back was lightly pressed against the cool feeling of the car. Kyle yanked my arm towards him and I bumped into his chest. I looked up at him in a scolding manner.  

"What the hell, Kyle? What is wrong with you?" I said my voice getting louder. Kyle hushed me and pressed his warm hand on my mouth tighly. My eyes widened. Oh no, not again! He pressed me against the Escalade.

"I really like you, Madeline. Okay? And I really want to make you mine. This might seem weird but it will only hurt just a little, okay?" he spoke to me like a little child. I looked at him like he was crazy. I tried forcing myself out of his grip but it wasn't working. 

He forced my neck to the side and I completely stopped. What is he doing? I saw this on Werewolf movies where the man bites his girlfriend or whatever and all of a sudden they were happy and in love. But, this is some kind of joke right? Those are books and movies there's no way this was real. They must be pulling a huge prank on me.

I laughed out loud and Kyle stared at me in all seriousness. This was hilarious! Pure comedy.

"I know this is some kind of prank. I know guys, you can all come out now! Is there a camera in the bushes too?" I said looking around and laughing. Kyle wasn't laughing he was staring. My heart beat increased a lot faster now.

I tried struggling in his grip again.

"Okay, this seriously isn't funny," I said.

"This isn't a joke Maddy," Kyle said his voice getting deeper. I gulped and my mouth went dry. He pulled my neck more to the side again and stared at my flesh. My eyes widened to the extreme. His head came down and I closed my eyes tightly hoping this was a joke.

It wasn't a joke when I felt pain wash through me. My neck was in excruciating pain and I gasped really loud coming to the conclusion that this was real and this freak just bit me! My hand came up to my neck and I held on tightly. 

My body slid down the Escalade to the ground. I couldn't bear the pain standing up. I let out a long, loud cry and sucked my breath in again. My face was wet from tears. 

"Fuck!" Kyle swore. "I thought it would work," he said to himself. I looked up at him bewildered. 

"Obviously it wouldn't work you idiot! We are humans, what the hell is wrong with you!" I yelled. Kyle looked at me nervously and then I heard footsteps on the rocky gravel. Kyle wasn't walking so it must've been somebody else. 

I looked up, still crying but I could make out the figure perfectly. It was that guy! I forgot his name already but he was standing in front of Kyle and Kyle was about to speak but it was too late. 

Marcos grabbed Kyle's shirt tightly and looked at him angrily.

"You hurt her?" Marcos said in slow, deadly words. Kyle let out a frustrated, scared sigh.

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I thought she was mine, Marcos. I really am. Please don't hurt me," he said. Marcos stared at him intently and then more pain shot up my neck. I let out a small cry and Marcos turned around and looked at me. His face had pain and sadness while Kyle's was full of remorse.

Marcos turned back around and in a swift movement, Marcos flung Kyle across the parking lot and I looked in disbelief. No possible human had the power to throw somebody like that. I heard glass breaking and then Marcos turned back around to me. 

My vision was becoming unclear and he crouched beside me. Marcos's hand came up to my neck and my pain was instantly dulled down. It still hurt, but not like before.

"Stay with me, Maddy."


"She's awake," a female voice said. I could my eyelids heavy but all I could see was a bright light. I could feel a person next to me, watching me.

"Can you hear me, sweety?" the female voice said with an accent. I nodded and then it dawned to me that I had absolutely no idea where I was and my Mom was probably worried sick. 

My vision became clearer after a few blinks but it came with an intense headache. I looked at the woman in front of me. She was in her late 40s with dark blonde hair. She had heavy eyebags and a small nose with hazel eyes. She was a beauty to look at especially for an old woman. She looked familair though. 

My head turned to the side and there stood Marcos. Now I knew where I recognized that face. The woman must be his Mom. His suit was off and he had something else on. His jeans hung low on his waist and he was shirtless. If I could faint again, I would but every part of my body told me to stop.

"Omg, hottie alert" a voice said inside me.

"I know!" I said back.

I blushed and looked away because he probably knew I was staring. Also, this man was grown and I was a teenager.

"Marcos, give her water," the woman said. Marcos grabbed a glass cup from the table and his warm hand came under my chin to lift my head up. Tingles shot through me and I looked directly into his gorgeous, hazel eyes. I observed his sweet pink lips and the way his eyebrows came together as he watched me staring. 

Cold water slipped into my mouth and my dehydrated sensation finally went away. I needed that water for two reasons. Marcos must've read my mind because he laughed lightly and his deep dimples came into view.

I swear my eyes almost rolled to the back of my head. However, the problem was, why was I becoming so thirsty over a guy who was clearly a few years older than me? Plus, this was awkward because I felt as if I've been staring too much. 

The woman said something but I couldn't understand. Then, as she kept speaking I defintely understood that she was speaking a different language. Marcos looked up at her and he spoke to her in that same langauge. It was fast, quick and the way his r's rolled of his lips made my knees go weak.

It was Spanish.

I looked back and fourth at them as Marcos laughed while speaking to his mother. His voice was low, soft and then he looked at me and smiled. His Mom looked at me too and smiled.

"Gracias," I said hoping I said it right. That's the only word I knew how to say Thank You in Spanish. She laughed and her eyes brightened.

"De nada," she said and walked off. I noticed what room I was in now. It was a huge room with a white couch and white rug. The furniture looked expensive and I could see the light on in the gold bathroom. It looked gold to me because the sinks were shining like royalty.

"What happened?" I said to him. He walked away and sat down on the seat in front on the bed.

"Kyle. Kyle bit your neck thinking this was some sort of claiming frenzy. I don't know why he hurt you like that, but I made him regret every single second," he said calmly.

"What did you do?" 

"Nothing. Beat him up. Who wouldn't? It broke my heart seeing you in pain like that," Marcos said.

I looked at him in admiration. I sat up straight on the bed and my hand went to my neck. It was in a big white bandage. I finally looked up and he was already staring at me.

"Thank you," I said. His eyes brightened and his dimples appeared again.

"You're welcome, beautiful," he said.

I screamed inside my head and my jaw dropped.




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