Lust Season

Marcos Levy was insanely hot to Madeline. The way the r's rolled off his lips made her knees go weak. It was fast and quick. Tingles shot through her and she looked directly into his gorgeous, hazel eyes. She observed his sweet pink lips and the way his eyebrows came together as he watched her staring. She snapped back to reality and closed her mouth.


5. Meet the Hotties

Chapter 5

Madeline's POV

Kat threw the hot pink dress at me. Fay, Ciara and Stella got up from the bed and stared at me, expecting me to do something with the dress. Maybe sing the national anthem just because Kat finally found something.

"What?" I looked at them weirdly.

"Try it on!" Stella exclaimed. I looked at all three of them, and they looked at me with urge. I really didn't want to get up and try on the dress - nevermind even having to put all my clothes back on again.

"You don't have to put your clothes back on. You can just shower after you try it on. It's late enough," Fay said as she looked over at the time.

"Did you just read my mind?" I looked at her for a few seconds. Fay looked at both girls then at me. She laughed and shook her head.

"I think that Vodka is getting to you silly," she laughed. It wasn't a normal laugh, it seemed too forced but maybe she's right.

"Fine," I groaned and quickly sat up from the bed walking towards my bathroom door. Once I closed the door behind me, I began pulling off my clothes and pulling up the dress.

I looked over into the mirror and sighed out. It's been a long time since I've had fun.

"Are you ready?" I could hear Kat's voice call out from behind the door.

What if I looked horrible in it?

I twisted the door knob slowly and opened it. Walking towards the middle of the room with my eyes almost closed shut and my breath sucked in, I heard nothing. My eyes flew open.

They were all standing there with their jaws wide open.

Kat was the first one to scream.

"You look smoking! You are definitely going to get all the guys tonight. Oh my gosh, she looks better than all of us combined when we wear dresses!" Kat cheered.

"I'm so jealous of your curves," Fay said lightly.

"Girl, you better watch out for those guys lurking at Scar," Stella said laying down on the bed. Her eyebrows wiggled and I laughed.

"Okay, I have to go. I'll pick you up when you're ready, okay? My brother is bringing along a few of his friends and my boyfriend is coming too," Kat smiled.

I nodded and smiled and all of the girls followed Kat out the door.

"We'll all be ready when you are, superstar!" Kat called out. Stella whispered for Kat to be quiet since my mom was sleeping. She worked at night as a hospital doctor's assistant.

Kat apologized and then their voices faded as they left the house. I closed my bedroom door and walked over to my radio. I put the volume up and then I could feel the energy and excitement finally coming to me all at once.

•        •       •

"I'm literally so jealous," Fay pouted. I rolled my eyes and applied one more layer of lip gloss on my mouth. Fay looked really hot with the dark blue dress she was wearing. Since she had nice, long brown hair that was curled at the bottom, she absolutely looked like a bombshell. 

Don't get me started on Stella and Ciara. They also really looked hot.

"Don't roll your little eyes Maddy," she looked at me through the mirror and her eyebrows raised. "You know it's true."

I shrugged.

"Okay, I'm ready," I finally said and turned around. 

"Hottie!" I heard somebody yell. I looked at the door and Kyle and Mason were standing there. Mason walked up to me and swung his arm around my arm. "Hey."

Fay looked away and I felt bad. She probably liked him. I removed his arm off my neck and purposely wrapped it around Fay's neck. She looked up at Mason and he looked down at her. They were staring at each other and everybody else was looking at them surprisingly. I felt like I was the only one who didn't get it.

Mason kissed her cheek.

"Yeah dude!" Kyle slapped Mason's back. 

"I hate boys," Kat said. Ciara looked at Kat and laughed.

"Go to your little boyfriend, Fay," Kyle teased. Kyle snaked his arm around my hips and my eyes went wide.

"You guys are scaring her," Ciara said looking at Kyle.

"Who cares. She looks hot, come on Maddy," Kyle said pulling me towards him. 

"You're so lucky her mom already left for work you assholes," Ciara said. 

"The car is waiting. You don't want to change your dress tonight Ciara? My calculations say it's a bit too whorey for tonight," Kyle snickered. Ciara smacked Kyle across the head. 

"Okay guys, stop fooling around," Mason said. Fay had her hands wrapped around Mason's body and I smiled. Then, I noticed how weird I felt. Everybody looked hot and even though I was getting compliments thrown at me, I still felt ugly.

All these guys indeed were hot, but too cocky. They were muscular and had nice eyes and hair. There's no way I would've had a guy wrapped around me like this where I used to live. I suddenly felt uncomfortable.

"I'm getting hot. I need some air," I said weakly and pushed Kyle away from me. He looked into my eyes and stopped.

"What's wrong?" he asked. Everybody else kept walking out the door and it was just us.

"What? Nothing is wrong," I said. Kyle smiled and he intertwined his hands with mine. This was better than him being all over me so I accepted it. We walked outside where everybody was and there were two black Escalades parked in front of my house.

"Who's cars are those?" I asked. Kyle pointed to the first car. 

"That one is mine," he said then he pointed to the second one, "That's Jackson's car. You'll meet him later."

I nodded. So these guys also were rich? Where were they getting their money from? They must shit gold.

I followed behind Kyle who was walking towards the car. He opened the car door for me and I looked inside. Ciara and Stella were there. A guy sat in the passenger seat in the front. Kyle closed the door and got in the driver's seat. He began driving behind the other car in front of him. I was excited.

"So," Stella said nudging my arm.

"What?" I laughed.

"You and Kyle. Don't act like I didn't see that," Stella's eyes looked at me teasingly.

"Oh no no no. We are nothing. He's hot and all, but no," I said.

"Give him a shot," Stella said.

"I dare you to dance with him and kiss. Loser has to jump into Kayana Lake naked," Ciara said. My mouth dropped. They both looked at me.

"Fine!" I said. They yelled out in excitement and the guy in the passenger seat looked back. He was hot too. Oh god, I can't deal with this town and their hot people.

"Hi," he smiled at me. "My name is Lucas."

He had an accent, but it was a sexy one.

"He's russian," Stella whispered in my ear. I stared at Lucas.

"H-Hi Lucas. My name's Madeline. You can call me Maddy if you want," I said.

"Madeline," he smiled. My heart beated fast. This town made me feel different but I liked it.

I looked at Ciara and Stella and their eyebrows were raised.

•     •     •



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