Lust Season

Marcos Levy was insanely hot to Madeline. The way the r's rolled off his lips made her knees go weak. It was fast and quick. Tingles shot through her and she looked directly into his gorgeous, hazel eyes. She observed his sweet pink lips and the way his eyebrows came together as he watched her staring. She snapped back to reality and closed her mouth.


8. His Lip Botox Girlfriend

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Chapter 8

Maddy's POV 

Kat stared into my eyes looking at me carefully then in some type of way I couldn't tell. She bit her lip and raised her eyebrows hoping I could say something.

"No Kat," I said. She immediately threw her hands up and groaned. She leaned into the luxurious, expensive white couch.

"Come on Maddy! Was he hot? What is his name?" she asked glancing up at me at her last word. 

"Of course he was hot but I couldn't get his number. His name was like Marcos or something," I said dismissively. Kat sat straight up like a hot stake branded her ass. 

"Marcos? Marcos... Did he have an accent?" she said her eyes wide with anticipation. My eyebrows came down into a straight line and I looked at her cautiously.

"Yes, why?"

"Maddy! The Al-" she was cut off by a loud voice that walked through the door. Jayson looked at Kat hardly and she looked up.

"What do you want?" Kat said rolling her eyes.

"Uh- want something from the store?" Jayson said quickly. She nodded.

"Get me some Cheetos," she said and turned to me. "Anyways. Maddy, that's the Alp-" Jayson cut her off again.

"For fucks sake!" Kat snapped at him. 

"Mom wants you in the kitchen," he said. 

"Mom is not even home! Get out now" she said.

"Can you come into the kitchen with me?" Jayson asked in a serious tone. Her eyes narrowed and then she smiled at me and mouthed 'sorry'.

"This better be good," she said coldly. She got up from the couch and they walked off into the kitchen. I felt awkward because Jayson probably was going to talk about me. After a minute, Kat finally came back and smiled at me.

Jayson walked out and didn't look back. His keys were swinging around his finger, then he disappeared.

"Sorry, he had to tell me something about my aunt," she said.

"Oh, okay," I said and watched her sit back on the couch.

"Well, what were we talking about again?" she asked.

"We were talking about Marcos," I said and her face lit up in recognition.

"Oh! Him. Yeah, he's like a huge player. You should stay away from him. I've heard that," her voice grew lower and her face came closer, "I heard that he secretly goes out with Brittany and they have done it multiple times."

My eyebrows raised and I felt a strange anger inside of me of wanting to punch whoever this girl Brittany was.

"Who is Brittany? Does she go to our school?" 

"Yes. She's like the most popular girl at the school. She's the cheer leading captain and acts like she runs the school," Kat said.

My nose turned up in disgust at this girl.

"How do you know they date?" I asked.

Kat leaned back into the couch and looked at her nails.

"A few times he comes to the school during our gym period and flirts with Brittany. The teacher doesn't even say anything!" her voice grew louder. "They kiss and everything."

"Do you think he's going to the school on Monday?" I asked. She shrugged.

"Maybe. But sometimes he's busy since he's the Alpha and all that," she said. She quickly looked up like she said something she wasn't supposed to. 

"What is that?"

"Um... It's like somebody who trains athletes," she said. I was convinced since he had a nice body and all.

- The Next Day - 

The bell rang and I jumped up from my seat. Dang it, I fell asleep again.

"Mrs. Elton, if you fall asleep again, I will give you plenty of hours of detention," my math teacher warned. I apologized and quickly grabbed my bag and walked out. I had gym next with Kat and I wanted to see if all this dating stuff was true.

I don't know why it concerned me, but I felt so eager to find out.

Making the last knot on my sneakers, I bounced up and was met with Kat who was chewing on a green lollipop. 

"Slow down there, tiger. I know Marcos is hot and all but remember what I said," she warned me. I nodded and we walked out the grey, heavy door into the warm weather.

We walked towards the huge field with the track around it and I saw the gym teacher standing near a bench with a clipboard in his hands. I looked over at Kat.

"He'll come," she said.

"Okay boys and girls," the loud voice of my gym teacher boomed. Everyone turned their heads towards him. "Run or walk for 10 minutes and then come back here because I have a surprise," he said. Everyone looked at him weirdly and then walked off towards the track.

Some ran and some walked.

"See Brittany?" Kat asked. I looked around.


"She's right in front of the kid with the green and black sneakers and black shirt," she observed. My eyes roamed around and then I finally found her. Her blonde hair was bouncing  and she ran with her friends. She had a really nice figure and I was instantly becoming jealous. Her boobs were big and she had big, green eyes and long eyelashes. 

"What the hell, she's gorgeous," I whispered.

"Trust me, Maddy. You're way prettier. Marcos paid for her lip botox but I know the only reason he didn't that," and she laughed. A few seconds later I understood what she meant and my jaw dropped. 

Kat stopped me and forced my chin towards the field. My eyes widened at the figure next to the teacher. It was the one and only, Marcos. Brittant walked towards the bench and I watched as she placed her filthy hands around his neck and giggled. 

Marcos pressed her against him and touched her hair and then they kissed. I looked away. 

"Come on. Let's get closer so he could notice you," Kat said and started running.

I caught up with Kat and my heart began beating very fast and as we came closer to the bench. I looked up and saw that he was now flirting with her. My heart dropped.

I looked away again pretending not to see them as we approached the bench. The teacher smiled at us and then Kat's eyes widened.

"What?" I whispered. 

"He's looking at you," she said. I turned around. She wasn't lying.

"Maddy," his deep voice called out. The hair on the back of my neck rose and my knees almost buckled. I stopped running and Kat did too. I looked up and saw that Marcos was coming closer to me. 

"Yes?" I said weakly. He stopped in front of me and I stared into his hazel eyes. My eyes trailed down to his lips and I saw them moving but I wasn't paying attention. Suddenly, everything that was near me became far away and I was only focused on Marcos.

My breathing became slower and my lips parted. I felt so, so thirsty and then my eyes trailed back up to his glittery eyes under the sun.

I snapped back into reality.

"What?" I asked looking around.

"I said if your neck feels okay," he asked. 

"Oh. My neck. Yeah, it feels fine," I said. His hand came up and touched my cheek. I shivered and felt hot. He pushed my hair to the side and examined my neck. I never wanted his hand to leave my skin.

"Yeah, it's healing," Marcos said. I smiled softly.

Brittany stood besides him and  her hand touched his arm.

"Marcos, baby, when can I come over?" she asked. Marcos dropped his hand and I felt cold. His eyes searched mine and I looked away.

"Not right now, Brit," he said. Brittany coughed awkwardly.

"I have to go," I said and walked off the feild back to Kat. I glanced back once and Marcos was looking at me while Brittany was talking to him.

"Oh my gosh. She's such a bitch," Kat said angrily.

"You heard that?"

"Hell yes I did," she said and we began walking.


I pulled my pants off and fell against my cool bed sheets. My gym teacher's big surprise was to do push-ups and sit ups. I was exhausted. I groaned at the sound of my mother complaining.

"Maddy!" she yelled and opened my door.

"What?" I asked annoyed now.

"Who's the guy at the door? He said he wants you/" she asked. My head quickly snapped up. A guy? I got up from the bed and rushed down the stairs. I slowly opened the door and mentally screamed at the person standing in front of me.

It was Kyle.




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