Lust Season

Marcos Levy was insanely hot to Madeline. The way the r's rolled off his lips made her knees go weak. It was fast and quick. Tingles shot through her and she looked directly into his gorgeous, hazel eyes. She observed his sweet pink lips and the way his eyebrows came together as he watched her staring. She snapped back to reality and closed her mouth.


10. Far From Home

Madeline's POV

"And you are?" I asked the dude standing in front of me. He had on a big, bright grin and his eyes were glowing.

"My name is Tamir," he said. I noticed his light accent and it came to me that this handsome boy might be Arabian. Tamir's eyes roamed the crowd and then back to me.

"What's your name, jamilah?" Tamir said.

"What does that mean?" I asked.

"It's means pretty or beautiful," he said and looked down in a shy manner.

"Aw, thank you."

"You're welcome," he said. "You know this song?"

"Yeah! I love this song I'm surprised you knew the lyrics too. You like it too?" I asked.

"My sister is always listening to it so I kind of got stuck with liking it," Tamir laughed. "Do you know everybody here?"

"Not everybody. Just a few people. You?" I said.

"I know nobody. Who do you know here?" He said picking his head up and scanning the crowd again.

"Hmm... I know Jayson, Kat, Stella, Ciara, Marcos and a lot more."

Tamir stopped looking and his eyes narrowed.

"Did you say Marcos?" He asked.

"Yes why? Do you like him? I think he's too-"

"Want to go outside?" He quickly asked.

My eyebrows came down. I didn't know if I should go outside to talk more to a person I barely knew. Actually, I don't know him at all.

I just know he has a sister and his name is Tamir. I looked at him before making a decision. He seemed harmless so why not?

I nodded and he smiled. I followed behind him towards the house front door.

We stepped out into the cool night air and I closed the door behind me.

"So that dude Marcos, is he here?" asked Tamir.

"Yes," I said and looked at him. He looked at the ground, "but I don't know where he is right now so we'll be fine. I mean, I understand if you don't like him."

"You wouldn't understand why I don't like him. What were you saying about him when I interrupted you?" He said.

"Oh! I was going to say that I think he's too cocky."

"Yup. He's very cocky. I don't know why he thinks he rules the world just because he's an Alpha. I feel bad if he ever has a mate," he said.

I stood where I was thinking about what to say because I had no clue what this guy was talking about. Alpha? Mate? Is this a joke.

"W- What?" I said. "Alpha? Is this a joke because I've read these kind of werewolves stories online."

Tamir looked up and his eyes sunk like he said something wrong.

"Yeah I was just kidding. Alpha to me means high power, not a big wolf who controls a pack. You know? And for mate I mean girlfriend or wife," he said.

I let out a deep breath.

"Wow good because I was thinking you're a weirdo," I said.

"I might be," he said lowly and looked up at the woods.

I let out a little laugh.

"Do you think he's cute?" Tamir asked.

"He's not cute. He's hot, sorry to admit it. He makes me feel so different. Like when we look at each other my heart beats faster and my whole world just stops but I guess that's just the affect of thinking of hot guys," I laughed.

"You probably feel like that because you think he's hot," Tamir said. "So about the stories you read online, have you read any about an Alpha being mates with a human girl?"

I looked at the ground thinking of any books I've read like that.

"Oh yeah I have. There was one where he found out they were mates and his family wouldn't accept a human mate so they tried to go after her. I didn't finish to see what happened but there was one part where they had sex and it was probably the craziest thing I've ever read," I said my cheeks turning red.

Tamir laughed.

"You must like reading things like that, huh?"

"After I read it, I always have to stop for a minute and realize that I'm drooling over an imaginary Alpha seducing his mate," I laughed.

"So you must like werewolf stories?" He asked. I nodded.

"Want to go get some ice cream or something? I know the best ice cream spot. I promise it won't be long," Tamir said.

"Best ice cream place? So you're saying they have Vanilla ice cream with cookie dough and Oreo mixed?" I asked.

He nodded and pulled out his keys. I could hear a car door beep and I looked up to see what car made the noise.

I almost rolled my eyes and the sight of another black expensive car. These people must shit gold. I wonder where they all worked because I wouldn't mind working tons of hours for cars like these.

I followed behind Tamir towards the car and he opened the passenger door for me. I slipped into the leather seats and smelled the light scent of cologne.

He closed the door and got into the car. He pulled his phone out of his pocket, set near his radio and pulled his keys out.

He turned the car lights on inside and started looking around for something. He sighed and turned them back off.

"What are you looking for?" I asked hoping he wouldn't think I was being nosy.

"It doesn't matter anymore," he said.

I sunk back in my chair.

"Sorry if that sounded rude," he apologized. I nodded. He turned the ignition on and I looked up at Jayson's house door incase anybody walked out.

I looked at the house admiring every aspect until one window caught my eye. My eyes squinted for a better look and I saw two figures. I was glad the curtains were open.

Come on, move near the window.

One figure moved towards the window in an attempt to close it and I looked closer. My jaw dropped as I noticed exactly what I was staring at.

A shirtless God named Marcos.

Who was the other person next to him then? I tried making out the person but I couldn't. Tamir began driving and then I getter view of the long blonde hair and I knew who it belonged to.

A bitch named Azaria.

I quickly looked away and sat back into my chair looking at the road.

I knew what they were doing because why would Marcos take his shirt off and coincidentally, Azaria was there. Amazing!

I mean it's not my business so I don't care what he does but something inside of me wanted to rip her hair out and hit him too.

A loud ring came from Tamir's phone and then I remembered that it was connected to the stereo.

He pressed the green button and then the foreign voice of a male came on.

They both started speaking quickly in the way Arabs did and while he did, I couldn't help but notice how hot Tamir looked doing it.

Here we have it. 2 guys speaking different languages while I had to sit back and pretend like my ovaries weren't exploding.

Tamir had light brown eyes and a clean, cut beard like most Arabs had and I was swooning. He was tall and muscular and his black, messy hair that had me wishing I could run my fingers through.

The call ended and Tamir looked at the road again.

"So, what's your name again?"

"Madeline. Call me Maddy," I said.

"I'll call you Habibi," he laughed.

"What's that?"

"My baby."

My cheeks burned up and I was blushing like crazy.

"I guess," was all I could say.

Who wouldn't want to be called Habibi by a hot Arab? It might've sounded like a weird word, but hey there was a meaning.

I smiled and looked at the fast food places and diners we were passing. On my far right, I saw an ice cream parlor.

Tamir drove past it and I looked at him.

"Wasn't that it?" I asked.

"No, that place sucks."

"Oh," I said and now we were on a dark road. Of course, it was surrounded by endless woods.

After ten minutes, I started biting my bottom lip.

"Don't you think this ice cream place is far?" I asked.

"Sometimes you have to travel more than usual for an awesome place," said Tamir.

The road was still dark and now big homes with gates came into view.

I admired the houses which most of them had bright lights in front for drivers to look at.

"They're so pretty," I said.

After passing by a few houses, Tamir's car slowed down in front of black gates. I looked up at the house behind it and it was gorgeous.

But why are we stopping here?

Tamir pressed a button near his radio and the gates opened.

"How'd you open those gates?" I looked at him with my eyes wide.

"This is where I live, silly."

"Why are we here?" I asked.

"I need to get something. You should come inside with me. It gets scary out here," he said.

He parked the car in front of the big, golden door which also had bright lights to show off.

Tamir got out and came to my side to open the door. I got out and followed him towards the door.

I was weirdly becoming excited.

He opened the door and I stepped inside the white marble floor.

"Follow me," Tamir said. I followed him to where he was going and then he turned around and looked at me.

"Don't worry Habibi, you'll be okay."

Something came over my head and all I could see was darkness. I struggled for air but the person holding me was too strong. I heard two men talking and then something sharp came down on my thigh.


I was freezing and my head hurt. I could hear slight thudding above me like floor creaking.

Where was I?

I lifted my head up but my neck was stiff and I winced. I adjusted my eyes to the small light in the cold, little room.

It smelled like dirt and must and it looked like a psychopath's lair.

My heart stopped when I saw the guns and knives on a small table in the corner of the room. Then, I totally remembered where I was.

That crazy bastard Tamir!

I should've never trusted him. I felt sick to my stomach and tried to control my breathing. Instead, I started crying letting out little whimpers.

Please get me out of here.

My hands and legs were chained on a brick wall and I felt like a dog on a leash.

I looked down and saw that my dress was ripped up but it still covered me. I remembered how much I had to struggle to get out of that man's grip.

I was pretty sure I knocked something down because it crashed to the floor and I could hear Tamir swearing before I actually blacked out.

I let out a long cry.

My head snapped up when I heard a door in the room open. I looked everywhere to see who was coming in and then I saw Tamir's figure come under the light.

"Aw look at my Habibi," he said smiling.

I looked at him in disgust and he frowned. He crouched down in front of me, his minty breath fanning my face.

"You should've known who I was from the moment I told you that I didn't like Marcos," he said.

"I know. I should've known you sick bastard. Get me out of here!" I yelled.

Tamir laughed.

"I don't think so. You think I'm going to let Marcos's precious little thing go?" He said looking into my eyes.

"He does not care one bit about me, so get me out of here! I'm not his precious little thing."

"Oh, but you are. I know you are, Maddy," he said.

"No I'm not."

"You sure? You told me. When he looks at you, your whole world stops and your heart races. I know what that feels like but now she's gone because your little hot boyfriend killed her," he said his eyes swirling into black.

My eyes widened. Fear ran through my body because I didn't know somebody's eyes could turn so dark.

"How'd he kill her?" I said.

"You see, I think you know exactly what I am," Tamir said.

"N-No I don't."

"I'm a rougue," he said simply. He pulled his shirt cuff up and showed me a small tattoo on his arm. It had a mysterious looking wolf on it with foreign writing under.

"I'm sure you've read about rogues right?" Tamir said.

I looked at the dirty floor wondering about the mess I just got in to and if my parents and friends are worried sick about me.

"Right?" He repeated raising his voice.


"He'll be fine without you. Isn't he sleeping with Azaria? Nobody probably told you because they didn't want to hurt your feelings."

"Stop lying," I said.

"Lying? I saw it too Maddy. I saw exactly what you saw at that window," he said. "Before you came here to this town, they've been planning to live together and Azaria is dying to have a baby with him."

My eyebrows came together and my mouth opened a little sinking it in. My heart dropped.

"He gives her everything, not you. I'm sure he's paying no mind to you right now. He won't feel your fear because he's too busy feeling pleasure."

"I think you've talked me down enough. I get it. He doesn't care about me. Obviously not," I said.

"Good. Are you hungry?"


"Oh come on now. At least I told you the truth," he said.

"I'm fine," I said.

"Okay. It's almost morning time, let's go to bed," he said.

"Let's? I'm fine here," I said.

"No, you're sleeping with me."

Before I could say anything, I stopped myself. If I went to sleep with him, my chances of escaping are high.

I looked at him.

"Let's get you out of these chains. Just warning you, if you try to hit me, I will hit you back."

"Okay," I said.


I heard the shower stop and I knew Tamir was getting out of the shower.

I looked in the mirror and gasped, horrified at my face. My lip was split and I had a bruise under my eye.

I picked up the hair brush that he gave me. I combed through my wet hair until he came out.

I looked up and saw him with a towel around his hip, bare chested.

I quickly looked away and combed through my hair again. I looked at myself in sympathy because not only did I have to obey him, I had to wear his shirt.

I smoothly walked past him but it failed. He grabbed my arm and turned me to face him. I tried yanking my hand away but that made his grip tighter.

"What's wrong, baby?" He said water droplets rushing down his face and on to his pink lips.


"I'll get you that ice cream you wanted," he said softly. I was thinking that he wanted to be a bit more sincere to me.

He walked towards the door, opened it and called something out in a different language. A woman walked up towards the door and she looked at me smiling. I smiled back.

Tamir said something to her and she nodded. He closed the door and I turned around to lay on the bed.

"Turn the tv on," he said.

"Where is the TV?" I asked confused. I picked up the remote.

"Click the button on the right," he instructed. I did what he said and the wall opened up. The big TV turned on.

I looked at him.

I don't get it. I shouldn't even be near somebody this filthy rich.

Tamir stood in front of the mirror combing his fingers through his wet messy hair.

"Get me a towel in the bathroom," he said. I got up from the bed and felt him staring at me.

I grabbed a towel and went back into the room. I got near him and his eyes locked with mine.

"Dry my hair," he said smirking.

I raised the towel and dried his messy hair. I felt his hand come on my hip as he pulled me closer to him.

I dropped the towel and without thinking, I ran my fingers through his soft black hair.

He softly laughed and I put my hands down and tried to back up. Instead, he pulled me closer to his chest. My face was very close to his chest and I looked up.

His eyes were light brown again.

There was a knock at the door and he let go. I rushed back towards the bed and he went to open.

The woman was holding a cup and spoon and passed it to him. He said something, closed the door, and came up to me with the ice cream.

"We had cookie dough," he said and passed me the cup.


Focused on my ice cream, I hadn't noticed that he already had his boxer tights on.

He slid into the covers and looked at the tv. I put the cup down and thought of an idea.

If I made myself seem comfortable around him, he might be able to let me walk around the house and then I could escape.

I got up towards the bathroom and closed the door. I stripped his shirt off and looked into the mirror. I sighed and knew what I was about to do was crazy.

I opened the door again and walked towards the bed. Tamir looked up and his facial expression changed.

"Woah," he said.

As I came closer to the bed, I slid into the covers and came closer to him. I closed my eyes for a second.

Let's hope this doesn't get out of hand.

I snaked my way towards him and pulled the covers away. I sat on top of his hips and my head came down to kiss his neck.

"Maddy," he said. I looked up.

"Yes?" I said.

"Why are you doing this?" He said.

"I'm horny," I lied.

He raised his eyebrows in a "no problem with me" way and his hand touched my thigh. I proceeded to kiss his neck and then I did the unthinkable.

I closed my eyes and pressed my lips against his soft ones. My cheeks watered and I felt sick to my stomach.

I stopped and he looked at me weirdly.

"Sorry I don't feel good," I said and rushed into the bathroom.

I rushed towards the toilet and cried.

Somebody save me.


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