False Light (Daryl Dixon/Carl Grimes Love Story)

Daryl Dixon never believed in happy endings. After his brother died from being bit by a walker, Daryl lost all sense of happiness-even love. Of course, all of this changed when he stumbled upon a prison where a strikingly handsome boy, by the name of Carl Grimes, caught Daryl's eye. Can Daryl put aside his cold heart and allow the compassion Carl could give seep into his life, or will he be consumed by the depression that took his brother?


3. Chapter Two: Cell Block C

Hey guys! I apologize for this chapter being crap and all. I had a point to make in this chapter and there were so many details leading up to the end. Either way, comment and let me know what you think about this story so far. I'll stop ranting now. cx - Jena

Daryl's POV

Before I could even put my foot down in the doorway, I was surrounded by an enormous crowd of strangers. All with their weapons drawn and locked on me.

"State your name." A man with short black hair growled.

I refused to speak, which earned me more glaring eyes from the crowd.

"His name is Daryl Dixon." Carl spoke softly, walking up to my side.

Carl. The boy's soft voice left my heart fluttering. I quickly pushed the feeling away.

'No. Do not find yourself attached to the young lad. This is an apocalypse, you'll lose him anyway like Merle.' My mind scolded me.

"CARL!" A woman's scream yanked me away from my depressing thoughts. She gripped Carl's arm and pulled him close to her chest.

"Lori." The man who growled at me before spoke. "Return Carl to Cell Block A."

Carl squirmed in the woman's arms. "Dad! For once let me help you interrogate someone!"

'Dad? Interrogate?'

"Look, I'm here to wait this storm out. Once the storm passes I'll be out of your precious prison." I stated.

The man tensed up but slowly calmed himself.

"You can stay in Cell Block C." Is all the man said.

"Dad! That's the block for the sick people!" Carl screamed.

"He'll take whatever we offer or he can just leave."

I grumbled. These idiots were planning on treating me like an animal. If that's what they want, I'll give it to them.

"Fine. Where's Cell Block C?" I groaned.

Somehow Carl found his way out of the woman's arms and stood by my side once again.

"I'll show him Cell Block C." He stated.

The man sighed. "I give up, go ahead and take him Carl."

Carl nodded eagerly and dragged me down an empty corridor.

We walked in silence until the crowd of people were out of earshot.

I ended up breaking the silence. "Your dad is a dick."

At first Carl didn't say anything, but then he shrugged his shoulders. "He has ruined my life ever since the apocalypse began."

Carl's voice broke when he said 'ruined'. My body tensed at the sadness presented in the boy's voice. When arriving at my cell, I strolled in and took a seat on the springy bed and Carl leaned against the a gray dresser. I assumed that Carl wanted to explain to me his life story because as time passed he still stood by the dresser.

I sighed and leaned back against the wall. "How did your father ruin your life?"

Carl took a few minutes to think before he spoke. "He never lets me leave the prison to I run errands. Whenever I get an inch close to a girl he always assumes I'm going to have sex with her."

I nodded my head in understanding when honestly I could careless.

"How old are you?" I asked.

"Fifteen." He spoke softly.

There's the innocent voice that causes my heart to flutter.

"You sound mature, but your age is a different story."

'Stop! Why can't I quit making conversation with the kid? I would only be here for a short time so there's no reason to make a friend, or even more.'

"What do you mean?" Carl's confusion rang throughout my cell.

"I'm going out on a limb here saying that maybe your dad is afraid of losing you? I mean, it's a reasonable contribution as to why he refuses you these privileges."

"He cannot protect me forever." Carl stated through gritted teeth.

"It's not my business as to why he's so protective. I just spoke my opinion, Carl."

Carl's shoulders slumped and he didn't seem as tense like earlier.

"Staying locked up like a caged animal is driving me insane, Daryl."

My name rolled off his tongue as if they were meant to come from him.

"I know the feeling." I said, slowly opening up to the boy.

'What? Don't open up your heart to the kid! Come on, there has to be something here to distract me from this conversation.' My mind screamed.

"How old are you?" Carl asked.


Carl's cheeks turned a light shade of pink after I spoke.

'Shit! Stop speaking! And why the hell is he blushing?'

"Carl?" A beautiful blonde girl quietly walked into the cell. Her hair was pulled back in a messy bun and she wore a nice yellow shirt with blue jeans and sneakers.

"Yeah Beth?" Carl turned his attention away from me to the girl in the doorway.

"Am I interrupting something?" Beth asked, narrowing her eyes at the position I'm in on the bed.

"No. What's up?" Carl immediately responded.

Beth rolled her eyes. "Dinner is ready, oh and Daryl?"


"Rick has specifically asked for your attendence." With that being said, Beth departed from my cell.

"Who is Rick?"

"My dad." Carl responded and left my cell.

Now the king of the prison wants to speak with me? My stay here had gone from bad to worse.


Carl's POV

Thanks to Beth, I had too leave Daryl's cell without finishing our discussion. Once entering the prison lunchroom, I sat at a circular table and began eating my chicken. Soon everyone else poured into the room with Daryl bringing up the rear.

"Daryl." My dad spoke as he took a seat next to me. "I apologize for my actions earlier."

Daryl just nodded and sat across the table from me.

"Let me introduce you to some of the residents."

Daryl only responded by biting into his chicken with his fingers. I giggled softly at the reaction from my mother when she saw him eating without silverware.

My dad coughed awkwardly. "I'm Rick, my wife Lori, my son Carl that I believe you've already met; Carol is standing by the sink, Patrick is the nerd of our group, Lizzie and Sophia are the youngest and tolerable of out group, Maggie and Glenn, Michonne over yonder, and Beth the little smart mouth with a good wardrobe." My dad said, pointing out each name he called out with his finger.

I starred over at Daryl who seemed caught up in devouring his chicken to even acknowledge what my dad said.

Everyone sensed the awkwardness in the air and went to eating their food,

"Honey?" My mom walked up behind my dad and warped her arms around his neck.

My dad swallowed his food before speaking. "Yes?"

"We're running low on supplies. Another errand run should be put into place."

My dad agreed, a smirk forming in his lips. "Daryl?"

I choked on my water when the five letter word reached my ears.

Daryl quit eating to turn his attention to my dad.

"Would you like to run the errands?"

For the first time since we entered the lunchroom, Daryl spoke. "You've got to be freaking kidding me?"

"I'm not."

"You said I could stay here and wait the storm out and now you're sending me out?"

I clinched my fists in anger.

"If you want to stay here you must do us all this favor."

Daryl groaned. "I'll go, but don't expect me to return."

Those words stung my heart greatly. I'm not allowing him the opportunity to leave me.

I kicked the chair and sent it flying across the floor. "He can't travel alone!"

My dad seemed taken aback by my reaction. "What are you saying Carl?"

"I'll go with him."


"DAD! You can't protect me forever! Let me show you I can take care of myself. Plus Patrick can come a long." I screamed.

"Carl, don't bring me into your shit." Patrick scolded.

"Please." I pleaded to my dad.

He sighed.

"Rick." Daryl spoke.

My dad starred over at Daryl.

"Your son is right, you can't keep him cooped up in this prison forever. Just for once allow your son this privilege and let him leave."

This is the first time I've hears Daryl speak so kindly. It made me smile to know Daryl is on my side.

"Maybe Daryl's right. I try too hard to protect you. For this time I'll allow you to leave." My dad responded thoughtfully.

You could say I literally leaped for joy, because I actually did. Finally my dad has allowed me to experience a world beyond these prison walls, and the best part is, Daryl will be by my side when I do so.

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