False Light (Daryl Dixon/Carl Grimes Love Story)

Daryl Dixon never believed in happy endings. After his brother died from being bit by a walker, Daryl lost all sense of happiness-even love. Of course, all of this changed when he stumbled upon a prison where a strikingly handsome boy, by the name of Carl Grimes, caught Daryl's eye. Can Daryl put aside his cold heart and allow the compassion Carl could give seep into his life, or will he be consumed by the depression that took his brother?


4. Chapter Three: An Insane Accident

Hey guys! 43 reads so far? Aw! Thank you all so much! I apologize if this chapter is a little bit all over the place, I've dedicated myself to uploading one chapter each week so some of them may be a tad boring. But trust me, they get better. Anyway, onward to the story. cx - Jena

Daryl's POV

The rain poured heavily as Carl, Patrick and I stood under the prison entrance. Rick leaned his body against my backside and whispered, "If anything happens to my boy, you will become one of those walkers out there. Understand?" Rick suddenly had a knife pressed against my hip, but then quickly snatched it away when Carl slightly turned to stare at us.

"Are we ready to go?" Carl asked as he narrows his eyes in our direction.

"I was just having a one to one with Daryl before he leaves." Rick smirked, shoving me out the door.

Carl and Patrick followed at my heels until we reached a light blue mustang. We opened the backseat doors and threw our weapons inside, except for the knives and guns attached to our waists. Patrick took the backseat, Carl sat in the passenger's seat, and of course I took the driver's seat. I turned the key in its ignition and then drove off, leaving the prison in a cloud of dust from the gravel.


"DARYL!" Carl screeched.

His scream yanked me away from my inner thoughts. I then ignored his mumbling and returned to my thoughts about how Rick could just send me out into a storm to fetch supplies that anyone else could've-

"D-A-R-Y-L!" Carl screamed, but louder this time.

"WHAT THE HELL DO YOU WANT?" I annoyingly replied.

"You're going forty-five miles per hour down a slippery road, could you at least slow down?" Carl asked.

I groaned, pressing the gas pedal which slowed the car's speed to around thirty. Carl breathed a sigh of relief while Patrick glares at me through the rear view mirror.

"What are you starrin' at kid?" I growled.

Patrick shrugs his shoulders. "I'm just thinking about how you're going to get our asses killed out here."

I rolled my eyes at Patrick's comment. "If you think that way then maybe you shouldn't have come."

"I forced to come, like you, by Carl's dad." Patrick mumbles.

Out of the corner of my eye I could see a smug smile plastered on Carl's face. His beautiful porcelain skin covered in rain drops, and his breath taking blue eyes clouded my thoughts.

While daydreaming about Carl's wonderful appearance, I hadn't realized my foot pressed against the gas pedal again, sending the car speeding down the road faster than earlier. Carl's screams of desperation for me to stop rang throughout my ears. I moved my foot to hit the brake but was too late. The car hit a pot hole and slid off the road, flipping onto it's side. It then flipped a few more times before coming to stop by hitting a tree.

I felt my breath come back to me as I quickly took in my surroundings. The car's windshield had a crack in the side, but the side windows were completely busted. Glass laid everywhere in the car, some pieces were on my clothes and-

"Oh shit! Carl and Patrick?" I yelped.

'We're they okay?'

I heard shuffling in the backseat and turned my attention to the noise. Patrick groaned while sitting upright in his seat. His glasses were cracked in the left lense. No external injuries could be seen.

"Thanks to your reckless driving my glasses are broken!" Patrick seethed.

"Glad to have you and your shitty talking back." I replied sarcastically.

Since Patrick seemed fine, I quickly turned my attention to Carl, who sat up in his seat. But the position he sat in frightened me. Carl had his knees drawn up to his chest and his eyes darted around the car, shaking every-time he starred out the window.

"Carl?" I whispered.

He snapped his head to stare at me. A cut from a piece of glass left his cheek bloody.

"I told you to slow down." He whimpered.

"Your cheek is bleeding." I lifted my hand to caress his bloody cheek.

"It's fine."

We stayed in this position, starring into each other's concerned eyes.

"Erm...guys." Patrick broke the moment.

I removed my hand from Carl's cheek, directing my gaze out the back of the car. "What is it?"

"WALKERS!" He screamed.

Just after Patrick's outburst a clan of walkers strolled out from behind a tree right next to our car. Patrick had already groped his weapon and jumped out of the car. I yanked my crossbow up out of the backseat and tuned to see Carl cocking his gun.

"Stay by my side." I ordered while opening the driver's door.

He nodded.

Without another word we leaped from the car to stand by Patrick's side.

"What do we do now? We can't go back the way we came because those monsters are blocking our way." Patrick panicked.

"Why don't we just shoot them?" Carl asks as he pointed his gun in the direction of a walker.

"Too many walkers to shoot, and we do not have enough bullets or arrows. Follow me!" I yelled, shooting a walker behind me in the head and running deeper into the woods.

The three of us ran through the pouring rain with walkers following at their heels.

"We need to find shelter!" Carl screamed over the moaning of the walkers.

"There is no shelter!" I responded.

"Does this mean we keep running?" Patrick breathlessly asked.

Daryl was about to answer when an idea popped into my head as we approached a rapid flowing river.

"Cross the river." I mumbled.

Carl and Patrick starred at me.

"Are you crazy?" Patrick cried. "The river is rapidly flowing, we could drown!"

"Would you rather stand here and die or take your chances with the river?" I asked.

Patrick groaned in response.

I survey the river to find an easy way to cross the river. A few walkers came out of the woods, but Carl and Patrick took care of them while I figured a path. Sitting in a straight line resided a trail of rocks leading to the other side of the river.

"Over the rocks! Quickly!" I called out while shouldering my crossbow and joking onto the first rock, then the second. Patrick followed right behind me with Carl bringing up the rear. I leaped off the last rock and onto the land. Patrick jumped off the last rock and stood by my side. I was just about to head further into the woods, until Patrick's voice stopped me in my tracks.

"Where's Carl?"

I jerked my body around to find no sign of Carl.

"Where ... What the hell happened to him?" I demanded.

Patrick pointed to a horrifying sight in the water. Carl's sheriff hat floated above the third rock in the trail. A memory of my brother dying resurfaced. I couldn't save my brother, but I could save Carl.

Without a second thought, I shoved my crossbow into Patrick's arms and leaped into the water.

The river's coldness gnawed at my skin, causing my entire body to shiver. The only good part about this river is the fact I could see clearly, and in just a few moments of being underwater I found Carl.

He lies face down against a rock, his body not moving. I swam quickly over to Carl, wrapped my arms around his waist and resurfaced.

Patrick dropped my crossbow to help me bring Carl out of the water and say him on the grass. Patrick stood behind me to keep watch while I tended to Carl.

"Carl? You've gotta wake up now." I whispered, pressing my hands against his chest and pushed up and down. I repeated this action over and over, and everytime I did so, Carl's heartbeat became fainter and fainter.

In only a few minutes of having him out of the water, my entire world came crashing down because ...

Carl stopped breathing.

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