False Light (Daryl Dixon/Carl Grimes Love Story)

Daryl Dixon never believed in happy endings. After his brother died from being bit by a walker, Daryl lost all sense of happiness-even love. Of course, all of this changed when he stumbled upon a prison where a strikingly handsome boy, by the name of Carl Grimes, caught Daryl's eye. Can Daryl put aside his cold heart and allow the compassion Carl could give seep into his life, or will he be consumed by the depression that took his brother?


2. Chapter One: An Unexpected Visitor

It's the first chapter! Let me know what you all think. cx Thoughts are in Italian.

Daryl's POV

A vile stench filled my nostrils, an indication of a walker nearby. I sighed, jumping out from behind a tree and shot the walker in the head with my crossbow.

'That's the tenth one this morning! For christs sake give me a break!' I screamed in my head.

Ever since my brother died from being bit by a walker I haven't been myself lately. Of course, when losing a family member you sort of go insane. For having to witness my own brother turn into a viscous monster really took a toll on me. The experience caused my heart to lock itself away from any emotion known to mankind. I hold the key to unlocking my inner feelings, but I don't plan on opening it up to others anytime soon.

The booming sound of thunder snapped me back to reality. Rain began to pour rapidly from the ominous clouds above me. I flicked the rain off and the walker off in annoyance.

Sighing, I stalked away from the scene in search of shelter to wait the storm out. While eagerly roaming the autumn forest, I came into a clearing. Beyond the opening in the forest my body froze at the sight before me. A gray prison stood in the darkened light of the rain. From what I could see this place seemed inhabited. In front of the prison resided a luscious vegetable garden. Behind the garden stood a young boy with long nippy brown hair. The boy seemed agitated as he starred up at what looked to be a guard tower.

He didn't notice my presence from the opening. I drew my crossbow from behind my back and strolled over to the prison.


Carl's POV

"Whore." I seethed, watching Maggie pull the man of my dreams into a passionate kiss. Glenn. Ever since I met the man, I found myself falling in love with him everyday.

"You mother fu-"

"CARL!" My best friend Patrick screamed to me from the prison gate.

I direct my gaze up to the tower to make sure Maggie and Glenn hadn't heard Patrick. They were too busy sucking faces to even acknowledge my existence.

"Carl. What the hell are you doing out here in the freezing rain?"

I turned to face him, his glasses slowly sliding down his nose.

"Why are you outside in the rain?" I mocked his words.

Patrick scoffed and flipped his drenched curly brown hair. He opened the prison gate and starred up at the guard tower.

"Stalking Glenn again, I assume?" He teased.

I rolled my eyes. "I'm going up there."

Patrick cocked his head to the side as he shivered in the rain. "Can't you stalk him another him? Carl, it's freezing out here and Glenn is probably already in Maggie's pants."

I growled. Maggie knew how much I loved Glenn and she still stole him from me.

"No. I don't give a shit if it's freezing out here. You can go inside and I'll-"

A stick cracking from the side caught the boy's attention. I reached down to retrieve my gun, but to my dismay I had left it in my cell block.

'Nice move Sherlock.' I thought, turning to see a scared Patrick.

The cracking sound of more sticks came closer and closer. I clutched my fists and turned around, ready to fight a walker if need be. There was no walker present, just a man with his crossbow locked on us. I gulped, trying to find my courage to speak.

"C-Can we help you?"

No answer.

"Sir, can we -"

"I heard you the first time." The man growled, locking his crossbow on me.

I darted my eyes to the side, trying to see if Patrick would lend me a hand. He just stood there, frozen.

"Great way to help your friend, Pat." I mumbled.

Returning my gaze to the stranger, I could make out his appearance through the rain. He had long wavy brown hair, stubble growing around his mouth. He wore a khaki tank top which showed off his muscled arms, a dirty pair of blue jeans and brown combat boots.

Pulling myself away from the thoughts, I figured that maybe if I try to make conversation with the man, then he may remove his weapon from our gazes.

"Where did you come from?" I softly asked, stepping a bit closer.

"Nowhere in particular." He responded.

Patrick suddenly realized what I planned on doing and joined in.

"Awful weather we're having, am I right?" Patrick nervously chuckled.

I'm assuming the man saw how Patrick and I meant no harm, for he put his weapon away.

"I'm just searching for a place to wait the storm out." The man said, ignoring Patrick's sentence.

My ears perked up and my face expression changed from scared to compassion. Patrick realized the change in my face and moved to stop me from speaking, but he was too late.

"Would you like to stay here?" I asked, motioning to the prison to emphasize my point.

Patrick kicked me in the ass, but I ignored his sudden movement.

The man shrugged. "Sure."

'Sure? I offer you a place to wait a storm out and all you say is sure?' I complained in my mind.

Patrick's voice brought me back to reality.

"Come a long then, we'll need to get you out of those wet clothes." He smiled nervously, strolling through the prison gate.

The stranger and I stayed in the rain. We stood there, looking each other up and down. I bit my lip as I flipped my brown hair to get it out of my eyes.

"Hey, what's your name kid?" The man asked as he stepped closer to me.

"Carl Grimes." I spoke softly. "What's your's?"

"Daryl Dixon."

"Nice to meet you Daryl."

He nodded, walking past me and through the prison gate. I watched him walk away. For some reason my heart went out to Daryl. Stranger still, I found myself scared of what the man was capable of. With a sigh, I walked through the prison gate, and for once I'm interested in another man's life other than Glenn's love life.

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