False Light (Daryl Dixon/Carl Grimes Love Story)

Daryl Dixon never believed in happy endings. After his brother died from being bit by a walker, Daryl lost all sense of happiness-even love. Of course, all of this changed when he stumbled upon a prison where a strikingly handsome boy, by the name of Carl Grimes, caught Daryl's eye. Can Daryl put aside his cold heart and allow the compassion Carl could give seep into his life, or will he be consumed by the depression that took his brother?


5. Chapter 4: Carl's Darkside

// Here's the long awaiting chapter. Exams are over and now I'm free to write stories once again! Since I'll be writing two stories at the same time, many chapters will be uploaded once every week. Unless they're short chapters, then two every week. Anyway, here's chapter four. c:


Daryl's POV(Entire chapter this time).

I hung my head when Carl's heartbeat could no longer be felt. Patrick turned to me, his mouth agape.

"Oh my lord, Carl?" Patrick whimpers as he dropped my crossbow and pushed me out of the way. He lays two fingers against Carl's neck, desperately searching for a pulse.

"There's no need wasting your time Patrick. He's-" I began but had been rudely interrupted by the boy's sudden words.

"How dare you say such shit? Carl may have a chance to live and all you want to do is give up?"

I sigh. There was no way Carl could be alive after losing his heartbeat. Why has Patrick failed to realize this?

"He's gone." I finish my sentence.

Patrick's fingers move away from Carl's neck since no pulse could be found. The boy sobbed into Carl's chest.

I turned away to give the two privacy. After all, his best friend just died. But I couldn't ignore the shattering of my heart as it broke into a million pieces when I turned back to stare at Carl's fluttering eyelids.

'Wait, fluttering eyelids?'

Then Carl's lips twitched and his mouth opened. "P-Par?" He croaked.

The sobbing boy's head popped up; Carl's gaze met Patrick's shocked gaze.

"How?" Were the only words that fell from Patrick's once again agape mouth.

Carl slowly shrugged before meeting the gaze of his savior.

"Y-You saved me. Why?" Carl breathes.

I didn't answer. In fact, I didn't know myself as to why I refused to let Carl die in that river. Without a word I squatted down to grab one of Carl's arms and hoist him up to his feet gently.

Patrick stumbled back, still amazed.

'If Patrick's eyes got any wider they'd fall out of their sockets because of how shocked he was.' I smirked to myself.

"I hope none of you go into the medical league because I was unconscious, not dead!" Carl exclaims.

Patrick laughs his squeaky laugh while I starred at Carl. Those icy blue eyes I loved so much were starting to glisten. The rain stopped pouring as the evening started to settle in. I hadn't realized how late it had gotten, considering the fact that I had to deal with Carl's almost dead body.

"We'll need to camp out tonight." I state.

Patrick's eyes widened.

'Here we go again.' My brain mentally groans.

"O-Out here? In the woods?" He squeaked.

"Don't tell me you're a sissy." Carl snaps.

I can't help but chuckle at Carl's suddenly sassiness, earning a glare from Patrick and a smug smile from Carl.

"No. I hate sleeping on the wood's floor. I always have." Patrick said.

"We're sleeping in trees, not on the floor where we'd be vulnerable to walkers." I explain while grabbing my crossbow and heading into the woods.

Carl follows me at my heels as Patrick brings up the rear this time.

"I'm hungry though." Patrick whines.

"It's too dark to go hunting; we'll get up early tomorrow and find something to eat."

Carl groans as he cocks his gun again. I could get use to the new Carl Grimes and his sassiness.


The three of us set up camps in the three trees that sat in a circle. As soon as we climbed up, everyone fell into a deep slumber.


The sound of a tree branch breaking woke me from my sleep. I starred over to see Carl slowly climbing down his tree.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" I hiss.

Carl brought a finger to his lips, shushing me as he took out his gun. I grab my crossbow and jump from my tree. Patrick supposedly ended up beside me. Carl took the lead by walking toward the sound of twigs cracking. Patrick and I kept out distance but followed after Carl.

After getting a few feet from our trees a man emerges from the darkness. Carl immediately cocked his gun and pointed it in the direction of the man.

"You wouldn't hurt me Carl. We have an arrangement, remember?" The man growls.

'Arrangement?' Patrick and I exchange nervous glances.

Carl bellowed. "I owe you nothing." And with that Carl shot the man in his head and then walked over to smash his head in.

My mouth laid open but no words escaped.

Carl turns to me with a glint of anger in his eyes. Blood stains were suddenly visible on his boots. I went to take a step back but was pounced on by a heavier weight than mine.

Patrick's collar was yanked back by a gruff looking man. Worse, a sudden man with an eye patch appeared behind Carl.

The Govenor.

He laid a hand on Carl's shoulder. The boy tries to run but was held back by the Governor's tight grip.

"Let him go." I seethed.

The Governor cackled, and snapped his finger. A stronger looking man appeared, lifted his fist and before I knew it, he brought it down hard onto my head and knocked me out.

The only memory I have of the situation is the piercing scream of my name being called by Carl as the Governor carried him off into the darkness.

After that, everything went black and I knew no more.

// See you in chapter five! cx

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