False Light (Daryl Dixon/Carl Grimes Love Story)

Daryl Dixon never believed in happy endings. After his brother died from being bit by a walker, Daryl lost all sense of happiness-even love. Of course, all of this changed when he stumbled upon a prison where a strikingly handsome boy, by the name of Carl Grimes, caught Daryl's eye. Can Daryl put aside his cold heart and allow the compassion Carl could give seep into his life, or will he be consumed by the depression that took his brother?


1. Authors Note

Hello darlings! My name is Jena and I thank you for taking the time to read my story. I understand that Daryl and Carl will never have a relationship with each other, but fanfictions can be creative. Am I right? Anyway, a chapter will be uploaded sometime this week. Read and rate but if you hate I will block you. Enjoy my story darlings. cx

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