♬i promise you♬ //N.H//

It was then and there i left everything. My parents, my best friend, everyone i ever loved. This went on for about 6 months until he found me.


3. ch.3


"so, how long have you known each other?" i asked. "well, its almost been 5 years now, right?" niall said looking over at harry."uh, yeah, about 5 years."

it's now 10:45 and the 3 of us have been sitting here on the couch talking. i've got to know niall alot more and the same goes for him. we've became pretty close so far, and its only been a few hours...

"what about you two?" niall asked. "well, i've known him ever since i was a kid." i siad looking over at harry. "yeah i think you were around 9 or 10. so 7 or 8 years." harry smiled. "how come i havent met niall before than?" i asked harry. i heard niall chuckle. "well-" he stopped when we heard a phone ringing in the kitchen. harry looked over at niall, niall looked at harry, then at the kitchen."harry,its him."was all niall said before coming over to me and grabbing my hand. "c'mon, we need to go upstairs." he said pulling me to the stairs, harry went into the kitchen. "why? what? who 'him'? wheres har-" i asked."shhh, he'll find us. harry will take care him, and i'll take care of you." niall said as we ran upstairs."what?" i asked as we got in harrys room. "i'll tell you when its safer," i decided not to ask anything else and just followed him. when we were in the room he let go of my hand and locked the door, then came back over to me. "c'mon."he said grabbing my hand again and leading me to the closet."what are you doing?" i stopped walking."I'm not going into a closet with you, i barley know you. how do i know you won't-" "april, you can trust me. im just trying to protect you. c'mon." he said, tugging at my arm."no-" "get in the damn closet, its not safe!" he yelled/said. i obeyed and followed him.

we got in and i sat down against the wall, while he closed the door. "can you tell me whats going on?" i said, pulling my knees up to my chest. he stood there for a minute, not making eye contact. "um, well we've done stuff, me and harry, and now this guy is following us-" he said, kneeling infront of me. "but how come harry is still down there if we're hiding?" i cut him off." because your the one. we need to keep you safe, away from them. " he said grabbing my hands. "what do you mean 'im the one'?" "the less you know the better." he said. "but I-" "April, the point is, someone is after us. us as in me and harry, and now you too. Before you say that you want to go home i want you to know that you wont be safe." he said moving next to me. "But-" niall cut me off by whispering in my ear."you'll be okay. just stay in our sight. dont worry."  He wrapped his arm around my shoulder, pulling me closer. i layed my head on his shoulder. 

To be honest, i was scared. i just found out that my best friend and his friend, who i had only met 4 hours ago, were being followed and now he's after me as well. who knows what could happen if they found us. if thats the case... i dont even know what they did to this guy, or why any of this is happening. it just doesnt make sense. 

"but, prom is tomorrow." i whispered, moving my head so that i was looking him in the eye." he looked down at me and smiled. "And you'll look beautiful.your gonna have a great time, even if that guys after us,  just stay with harry and he'll protect you. he wont let anything happen to you. He really does l-" niall stopped talking and i could hear a door trying to be opened. i hid my face in nialls shirt as he held me tighter and rubbed his hand down my back. "Niall! April! open the door its harry." niall looked at  me and slowly got up, opening the closet door. "stay here." i listened to him as i watched him walk away. i heard a door being unlocked and it opening. soon enough i heard footsteps and saw harry standing in the closet doorway. As soon as he saw me he jumped down on the floor and hugged me tightly. "im sorry about that...phone call." he said, pulling away. "its fine. what time is it?" i asked, getting up. "uh...11:15." niall said after checking his phone. i nodded. we were about to walk down stairs but harry and niall stopped. "you guys coming?" i asked, looking back. "yeah, just, give us a minute. t.v remote is on the couch." i nodded and started walking down the stairs. About halfway down i stopped and heard a door close, then harry started talking. "did you tell her anything?" "not everything-" niall said."what did you tell her?" i could hear some anger in harrys voice."just the part where alex is following us and we're all in danger" "you fuckin idiot!" harry screamed. i decided i shouldnt be eazedropping so i walked over to the couch and played on my phone .

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