♬i promise you♬ //N.H//

It was then and there i left everything. My parents, my best friend, everyone i ever loved. This went on for about 6 months until he found me.


2. ch.2

after we went inside i put my stuff by the stairs and sat down on the couch. "hey did you, by any chance, bring the dress you bought?" he asked. "um, yeah why?" "can i see it?" he asked. i got up and opened my bag, grabbing the dress and showing it to him. "wow-can you put it on? i wanna see it on you." i walked to the bathroom and put it on. before going back, i took one last look at myself in the mirror, then opened the door. harry stood there for a moment, looking at me, just standing there."woah..." he whispered, probably thinking i didnt hear him. i giggled and spun around, feeling the dress flow with me. "you look beautiful," "thanks-" i got cut off by someone knocking on the front door. "i'll be right back." harry said walking towards the door. i sat back down on the couch and waited. soon he came back with a blonde boy who was smiling at harry, then his smile faded a little when he saw me. "April, this is niall. niall, April." harry introduced us. "hey." i smiled. "hi, its nice to finally meet you. harry talks about you a lot." niall said reaching his hand out. i gladly shook back. "he talks about me?" i asked, lookinng at harry who was a little red. "yeah all the time about how much he lo-" "OK! how about you two get to know each other with a different subject. Shall we?" harry said before niall could finish."sounds good. so, what the occasion?" niall asked, looking at my dress. "what this?" i said lifting the ends of the dress."oh i was just trying it on for prom tomorrow." "oh. well you look beautiful.who's the lucky lad?" Niall asked smiling. "thanks. And-" "i am actually." harry said before i did." oh, well, your very lucky harry." "i know."harry said smiling down at me. i smiled back and he came to stand by me. "um, well since you already have someone over i guess i'll be leaving-" niall started."no you can stay..." i said looking up at his perfect blue eyes.

It was like looking at the ocean, deep and mysterious, never ending blue. but if you look closely, you can see that its almost like an ocean after a storm. with mixed swirls of blues.like a earthquake or tornado that got mixed with every blue that there is. it's almost hypnotizing. I guess you could say i was lost for what felt like hours, but was really probably a minute or two.

"April?" i heard someone say. "what, oh yeah. um it's fine, you can stay." i said, coming back to reality. "you sure? is it ok with you harry?" niall asked, after looking away from me and turning to harry. "yeah defiantly."

A/N soorry long wait my dad took the laptop away from me and our wifi wasnt working :/ but the updates should come faster now :D


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