Is It worth it?

Brittany is a sixteen year old girl who is quite popular in high school. She is skinny, funny, pretty, and has absolutely no acne at all. But sometimes she thinks popularity is all she ever needs and, well, most of the time it gets out of hand. Brittany starts to get sucked into the world of drinking and smoking. You see, it makes her seem cool if she does these things including bullying. But sometimes she wonders if popularity is worth making people want to end their lives, terribly damaging her lungs, or doing something that is just down-right irresponsible.


1. This is how it started


            My name is Brittany, and I am sixteen years old. I am pretty much the queen of my school due to my popularity. I mean who can resist my beautiful blonde hair. But sometimes being popular can be a bit annoying. Trust me it is way cool when pretty much every boy thinks your hot but I lost a friend while trying to be a little to, looking. 

           It all started in the sixth grade when popularity started getting important. All of the girls I would hang out with hated my BFF , Mia. They thought she was a dork because she had big blue glasses and she was a book worm. One day at lunch the group of girls I was with were whispering and laughing while pointing their fingers at Mia. I joined into their little huddle and asked them "What are you guys looking at?". One of the girls said "Mia's shirt is inside out...DONT TELL HER!" . I frowned. I didn't know why they wouldn't be nice to Mia, she was a very nice girl. I looked at them puzzled wondering why it was so funny "why won't you tell her, that's not nice?". The girls stopped giggling and looked at me as if I was the stupidest person on Earth. The leader of the group stood up "Listen Brittany we aren't five years old, it is funny because everybody will notice her shirt and they will laugh at her!" . I remember her  staring at me with the meanest look ever. "Oh okay sorry she is my friend though." I said shivering a little. One of the girls popped their tiny little head out of the cluster of girls " Ugh that's it! we are not friends with you any more!" She said like I just killed her dog or something. The leader of the girls  gave her an evil smile and then looked back at me " we will still be friends with you if you poor this milk all over Mia" she said giving me the remainder of the milk she had gotten. As she handed me the milk I had a bunch of thoughts going through my mind. I really liked these girls , not because they are nice but because they made me feel famous. Why? They made me popular. I was afraid I wouldn't be popular if I didn't do it. So then I stood up and made sure the teachers weren't looking. I hesitated as I got right behind Mia. I looked towards the girls who were all silently cheering me on not trying to draw anyone's attention. I looked at her messy red hair and just did it. Later on everyone liked me, except for Mia ofcourse.i was the coolest kid in school. I had detention for weeks! After facing the consequences I thought to myself 'is it worth it?' But I just kept myself from thinking of that day and kept cool and everybody wanted to be my friend. 

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