This Love

If you ever wondered what happened when you feel like your life is just ripped away. Or just you know gone. Poof. Just like that. Well now you know my story it's a crazy one I'll tell you that. I mean it would't be that bad if it wasn't for him but there's always another side to a story. Right? Well love can take you anywhere with anyone. But you just get through it. Right...


1. Chapter 1

The bell rang. It was the last day of school. To most people that's exciting, but to me it brings back bad memories. Of him. My favorite person in the whole world. I mean he's not a bad thing he's a good thing it's just complicated. I didn't want to go, but I had to. I just didn't tell him. Then came that day, that very day it was magical but probably the day that I had to do he worst thing ever. I was 14. 8th grade.

4 years ago

I came to the last day day of school. I mean yeah I should be happy, but i wasn't. Today was the day that I would tell him. Who might you ask? Well his name is Justin. Justin Saulman. Best friend since kindergarten. Now why might I not want to tell him something, a secret. I mean we tell each other everything... Right? Well I guess not, I didn't tell him this. It doesn't mean we weren't best friends, it was just I didn't want to hurt him. I forgot to mention why, I love him. Have ever since 6th grade. 

So now what is that secret you must be wondering. I mean or you wouldn't keep reading my story. Not that you have to but if you do make it this far I suggest you keep going. It just keeps getting better and better. Well, not for me at least. 

I was moving.

I finally thought I should just tell you, don't want to keep you waiting.

Ok well that day was good parties and fun everywhere, but all i had in my mind was How am I going to tell Justin.



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