Twisted Love

This is a story of a different kind of love. Not like the one Katniss and Peeta share or anything close to it. (Bad language used!)


4. Chapter 4

Lover Boy walks in front of Cato and I, dragging his feet. I look at Cato and Cato nods. I pull out a knife. I grab Lover Boy from behind and stick the knife against his throat."Would you lift your feet? It's annoying me."

"Would you call me Peeta?" He replies.

"She'll call you whatever the fuck she wants." Cato interrupts.

"Peeta is my name." Peeta says sternly and pushes me away. He is a lot stronger than me so his force causes me to fall backwards.

I fall at Cato's feet."That's it!" I shout and throw a knife sailing at his head.He ducks just in time so it only nicks his head."Cato, kill him!"

Cato walks to him and slams him into a tree."Don't touch her." 

"She was killing me." He replies, dazed from the hit.

"Do I care?" Cato walks back to be and pulls me up."You alright." I nod."Let's go back to Corn."

I lead the way back to Corn. It isn't long that is dark and all the faces appear in the sky." She isn't dead." I say to Cato.

"Good, you can kill her." He smiles and drapes his arm over my shoulder."Duck!"

I hear Cato shout and I drop to the floor. I look up and see feet. I grab my knife and stab whoever it is in the kneecap.

When it stumbles I see it is the boy from Nine. He has an ax. I wave Cato off and kick the boy in the side of the head. I knock him unconscious ad that is when I take his ax and stand back a little ways.

"What are you doing?" Cato questions.

"Let's see if I can still throw an ax." I smirk and throw it into the boys head.

"Damn." I hear Lover Boy say.

"Impressed Lover Boy?" I laugh."Bet you could never come close to hitting him."

"Aren't you going to take the ax?" Cato asks.

"It'll be a little keepsake for the family." I wink.

"That's horrible." Lover Boy says.

"Then when I kill you I'll leave a bunch a knives in you." I smile evilly to Lover Boy.

"How did you get so evil?"

"She was born that way." Cato answers.

We make our way back toward Corn. We decide to just camp just outside of Corn, mainly to avoid One. Cato volunteers to take first watch and I allow him.

Lover Boy sits a way away from us. Cato leans against a tree and I lay my head on his lap. I then drift off into a heavy sleep.

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