Twisted Love

This is a story of a different kind of love. Not like the one Katniss and Peeta share or anything close to it. (Bad language used!)


3. Chapter 3

The boy from Three shouted in pain and fell to the ground. I rolled my eyes and kicked him. "What's her problem?" I say to Marvel who is tending to Glimmer.

"You threw a knife at her hand! It is stuck!" Marvel shouts at me." I should a throw the spear in your hand. See how it feels."

"You know, I wouldn't be on the ground crying. I'd be over your body slitting your throat."

"How about I slit yours now!" Glimmer shouts.

"You won't get within ten steps of me." I arrogantly say."This would be your chest before you could reach there." I hold a knife and point to Cato, who is a way way from me.

Cato grabs a backpack and a few more weapons before saying," You two stay here with Three and watch over what he does. Clove and I will hunt the stragglers." He walks off toward the forest.

"Bye, Glimmer!" I copy her tone. I walk by Three and say loud and clear,"Don't let her put you through puberty."

" I heard that!" She shouts as I run to catch up to Cato.

"You were suppose to!" I shout back.

 After we have been walking for about ten minutes, the silence between us gets to me." Why didn't I kill her, Cato?"

"Because I would of ended up running after you into the forest then Marvel and Glimmer would have got all the good stuff." He replies very seriously and politically correct.

"Not Twelve, Glimmer."

"Then Marvel would have gone crazy and we would have had to kill a half way decent ally."

"Stop answering so politically correctly. I like the arrogant, cocky, obnoxious Cato better."

"Fine, I'll be a smart ass then."


"Have you given it much thought?"

"Not really. I mean I guessed you would of slapped me by now if I did."

"Why, I mean, we have to think about it."

"Me being a smart ass?"

"How about a dumb ass?"

"Or that."

"Oh, yeah." Cato stops and looks at fresh footprints in the mud."This way."

"No, that way." I point a bit to the left."They turn up there."

Then, we follow the tracks and the silence returns. It isn't until Cato becomes fed up and throws his sword into a tree does anything happen.

"I want to kill someone!" He shouts and throws the spear into a tree.

I laugh and throw a knife into the same tree. As I go to fetch our weapons, I hear rustling. I look down and I see feet." Lover Boy!" I shout.

He takes off and I follow him. I hear Cato trying to keep up behind me. I eventually tackle Lover Boy and pull out a knife.

"So, Lover Boy, thought you could get away?" I laugh evilly.

"Go ahead, kill me. Make it fast." He sighs.

"Where is your girlfriend? Dead yet?"

"I don't know."

"Cato, why don't you do the honors?" I turn to Cato and smile.

"Sounds good." He smiles back and helps me to my feet.

"Kill me or keep me alive and I help you find her." Lover Boy says as Cato pulls out his sword.

Cato goes to strike him, but I yell,"Stop! What did you say?"

"I'll help you find the girl from my District."

"Bullshit." Cato snorts.

"Shut up." I say to Cato."Deal. Once we find her, we will kill you and her."

"Clove, you are going to believe this!" Cato shouts.

"He is our best chance!"

"We can find her without him! Kill him!"

"Cato, no! I always make the better decisions!"

"Like killing our instructor!"

We are now facing each other and shouting." You helped me!"

"Only because I loved you! Not because I thought it was right!"

"Cato, you think everything bad is right! Why would you care?"

"Whatever." Cato shakes his head and pulls Lover Boy to his feet." You better come through.Go."

We continue walking, Lover Boy in front of us. After awhile, Cato says,"Sorry."

"It's fine." I say, coldly." I know I shouldn't have killed him."

"No, I shouldn't have said you shouldn't have."

"No, it was wrong."

"It was fun though."

"Good point."

"Sorry, I love you." Cato pulls me closer to him and kisses my forehead.

"Wait, what?" Lover Boy turns around. "You are together?"

"Shut up, Lover Boy." Cato says and cuts his right cheek. "Keep walking."  

Lover Boy turns around and begins walking.Cato whispers into my ear,"He is just jealous him and Twelve don't have what we have." He smirks.

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