Twisted Love

This is a story of a different kind of love. Not like the one Katniss and Peeta share or anything close to it. (Bad language used!)


2. Chapter 2

My feet naturally take me to the knives. I am quicker than all the Careers, giving me an advantage. I pick up the knives and see Twelve standing in shock. I smirk to myself and run her direction.

I hit something and draw my knife.I hear a laugh and a deep voice say,"Watch it."

I look up and see Cato, but I quickly take off.  I see Twelve pick up a backpack and then a boy try to take it from her. He raises a weapon and I throw my knife into his back. My kill.

Twelve looks up frantically and I smirk. She quickly gets up and I throw a knife at her back, but it is blocked by her backpack. So close.

"Clove, don't!" I hear Cato's voice and I turn around and run back to the Cornucopia instead of chasing her.I catch a glimpse of Seven as I am running back. She stops and pulls her ax out. I chuckle and send a knife flying into her chest. As her body lays lifeless on the ground, I pull the knife out of her.

"Clove, help!" I hear a girl shout. It must be that bitch Glimmer. I can't stand her. I could use another kill though.

I shrug and run to her. The girl from Four as a sword against her throat. I roll my eyes and stab her. Blood spatters onto Glimmer's face.

"Thanks, Clove! You are good with that knife." She compliments me in an annoying tone.

I ignore her and walk to find Cato. I kick rocks as I go. I trip over some girl's body and Cato catches me." Thanks." I say softly.

"Clumsy..." He sighs and pushes me to my feet. I begin to leave, but he stops me and hands me some knives."Here.

"Thanks." I take them and sit down, loading them into a vest I found and then putting them all over my clothes. I stop when I hear a noise.

I stand up and look around. I catch a glimpse of dark hair behind a box in the Cornucopia. I move closer with a knife drawn. I look around the boxes, but don't see anything.

"Please, don't kill me. I'm from Three. I can help you in many ways." I hear a high-pitched voice.

I jump and turn. I see a pathetic looking boy. I shake my head and grab him by his shirt."Stand up. Now." I say firmly.

"Ye-Yes, Ma'am."

I drag him to the edge of the horn and kick him in the back. He falls and lands on a bloody body. Glimmer laughs uncontrollable.

"Would you shut up!" I shout and throw a knife at her. It hits her in the arm and she runs at me. 

"Control your bitch." Cato says to Marvel as Glimmer trips over Cato's foot."Who's he?"

"Three. Says he can help us." I reply."Speak boy."

Three sits up."I can re-root the wires to protect your supplies." He says nervously.

"How do we know he isn't lying?" Cato raises an eyebrow at me.

"Hold him." I say to Cato. Cato picks him up and holds him in front of me. I extend his arm and carve, Betray=Dead. "There. Betray and it will hurt more."


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