In Love With Him? ~ A Justin Bieber Romance

Wouldn't you just die to have Justin Bieber crush on you? Well, Laura wouldn't. Laura hates Justin Bieber because of her recent relationship with Austin Mahone. It ended bad. But what happens when she runs into Justin at Hollister? Will she give him a chance? Will she blow him off? Read to find out.


1. Characters

Laura~ 19 years old, singer, punk life style, covered in tattoos and piercings, smokes, does drugs, drinks, not a virgin, loves one night stands, suicidal, party animal, cutter, badass bitch, has a special secret


Justin~ 19 years old, smokes, drinks, does drugs, popstar, loves hoes, has many secrets never to be told


Amber~ 18 years old, model, has a wonderful life, rich, virgin, single, loves life, belieber, preacher's daughter


Austin~ 17 years old, drinks, career is going down hill, smokes, does drugs, bad boy, pulls hoes from the club, loves one night stands


Scooter~ 24 years old, good guy, cares about people, selfless, Justin's manager


Kayla~ 17 years old, good girl, keeps to herself, belieber, nerd, preacher's daughter


Haley~ 18 years old, punk, does drugs, smokes, drinks, hates life, suicidal, cuts, has piercings and tattoos, belieber


Erica~ 19 years old, good girl, nerd, stays to herself, doesn't go out much, bookworm, belieber


Brooke~ 16 years old, singer, loves life, belieber, directioner, bookworm, popular


Harry ~ 19 years old, popstar, drug addict, loves one night stands, can't keep it in his pants


Conner~ 17 years old, punk, does drugs, drinks, smokes, pulls all the hoes, loves one night stands, has some specials secrets


Monica~ 21 years old, gets everything she wants, every guy's dream girl, rich, smokes, drinks, does drugs, loves one night stands


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