When you lose someone you care about nothing else matters in the world; your world becomes one big black hole, you lose all the happiness in your body, mind, soul and spirit.

Hayden Rivers was always the shy type who was always with her older brother, their bond grew even closer when they were abandoned by their parents.

That all changes when her older brother (Ryan) dies and leaves her alone in the big, cruel world, she feels like an ant compared to everyone else and is lost with no sense of direction

At his funeral she doesn't expect to cross paths with Russell Scott

She witnesses him about to kill someone and that creates more problems in her already twisted life

Russell Scott is the most feared guy not only in their school but around the small town the live in; He has tattoos, deals, drugs, fights,
has anger issues that get him in a lot of trouble and his own skeletons in his closet.

No matter how many people tell her to stay away she just can't


9. Chapter 9

The room would have been completely quiet if they weren’t turning any pages.


The next day she made sure to meet him at his house instead of getting a ride with him, when he opened the door his face was bruised and he had a slight limp in his walk and when she asked what happened he ignored her question completely.


When she told Adrianna about the project she wasn’t happy about and even offered to talk to Mr Fix


“Hayden I seriously don’t want you being around that kid Russell, Let me talk to Mr Fix maybe he can assign you a new partner”




“Adrianna it’s for a project” Hayden whined




“He has been to Juvenile prison and word around town is that he is a drug dealer Hayden, no...I don’t even know why they let him in school” she answered walking around in her yoga pants with her mat under her arm




“Because he is a human not to mention a teenager who needs an education” Hayden pressed “God people need to learn how to mind their own damn business” she mumbled silently




“Hayden” Adrianna exclaimed. Okay maybe not so silently.




“It’s true; people in this town are just vultures who pry in other people’s business”




“They wouldn’t gossip if he were a good kid”




“They gossip about anything they aren’t used to” she argued back “I have to go” she breathed out, picking up her books




When she walked outside she was immediately greeted by Ross’s face, she always assumed he had a thing for Adrianna even when Ryan was alive which irked her




“Hayden, Hi” he greeted her smiling




“Why are you here?” she asked, hostility laced in her voice




“Just taking Adrianna to her yoga class”




“Unbelievable” Hayden snorted and brushed passed him




“Okay so I think the theme of the story is love” she spoke up after snapping out of her little thoughts


Russell nodded his head and started writing down what she was saying


“I’m not sure about the characters emotions but I think Beauty felt scared, she felt kind of trapped” she continued


She quickly snuck a glance at him, the grey track pants he was in made her mind wonder to places, His black t-shirt clinging to his arms like second skin.


He was sat on the couch, his legs spread apart with one stretched out and like the weirdo she was, she opted for the floor, hoping she didn’t at any point flash him in the  slightly short floral dress she was wearing which had buttons to all down the middle


Russell could see her looking at him but decided not to say anything even when she accidentally flashed him without her knowing.


His Loft apartment smelled like him but was practically empty. They were a few pictures up of a girl and an older looking woman but none of himself or any other man.


They continued to work, typing up a few things here and there and throughout the entire thing he only spoke once or twice.


“Listen if you want another partner we can ask Mr Fix to change it” she sighed, defeated.


“I don’t want another partner” Hayden was shocked to say the least, he actually made a whole sentence.


“Okay well that’s kind of hard to read seeing as all you’ve been doing is nodding or shaking your head”


When he didn’t answer she wanted to rip her own hair out. She stood up and made her way towards the door


Russell watched as she made her way to the door and he stood up, ignoring the pain in his left thigh


When Hayden turned to say goodbye she never expected him to be close, a gasp escaped her lips and she stood looking up at him not even reaching his shoulder


“Rus-”He pressed her up against the wall and kissed her heavily and then looked at her


“You have no idea how much I want you Hayden” He gruffly spoke


“Then why don’t you?” she asked before she even realised what she was saying


“It’s not the same as making love Bambi” he rolled his eyes


“I know that” she snapped, hating the fact that he was talking to her like she was stupid and he called her that stupid name


“I won’t buy you roses, cuddle with you or call you at random times of the day, I don’t love, I deal drugs and Fight for money” His face was hard as he spoke which scared her


“I kill people” he added lastly with the same expression


Hayden wasn’t sure what else to say...was she supposed to run? Obviously the authority didn’t know or he wouldn’t have been standing here with her.






“Why do you kill people?”


“It’s complicated” he answered with his jaw tightly clenched


Hayden knew that she should go home right away but a small part of her wanted to stay


“Show me”


His eyebrows furrowed and he looked at her waiting for her to continue her sentence, her green bambi eyes filled with lust




“You say you want me, show me just how much you want me Russell”


“Hayden” he said her name warningly as she trailed her hands up his arm


“Show me” she kissed his neck and he held on to the door for support


He pressed her against the door, pinning her to it. In one swift movement her legs were wrapped around his waist. She could feel all of him; she was surrounded by him and only him. He moved his fingers down her body, his other hand still placed on the wall. She felt him brush her; teasing her until she couldn’t take anymore. And then he returned his lips to hers, he could feel her moaning on his lips and then he grinded against her, She felt the urge to move and she did just that.  


 “Look at me,” she lifted her eyes to his and he continued to grind into her slowly, making her moan louder. She said his name and he let out a groan .They were breathing heavily, surrounded by the smell of his shower gel and her own body spray


She felt his hands move up her inner thigh and move her underwear aside


 “Please?” She felt the gentle glide of his fingers she leaned back and moaned softly at the feeling of his fingers. She had never experienced something so exquisite and then she felt an agonisingly intense pleasure and she gasped gripping his hair in-between her fingers, the slow flick of his fingers making her lose all her senses.


Russell looked up at her and she felt like she was about to burst.


“Fuck me” she moaned rocking herself against his fingers


The sound of her horse voice making him even harder to a point of subtle pain


The feeling intensified and she exploded.


Russell held her waist and removed her from the door walking to the sofa and setting her down


His hands made their way under her dress and he pulled her underwear off


She watched him take off his t-shirt, his tattoos on full display; broad shoulders giving making him look even more domineering, he lowered his track pants and got in-between her legs. Was he even going to fit? Her hands made their way around his neck and she pulled him down kissing him hard


He wrapped the condom around himself and slowly entered her but a scream escaped her parted lips before he could go in fully


From the painful expression on her face he realised something and cursed


“You’re a fucking virgin?”


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