When you lose someone you care about nothing else matters in the world; your world becomes one big black hole, you lose all the happiness in your body, mind, soul and spirit.

Hayden Rivers was always the shy type who was always with her older brother, their bond grew even closer when they were abandoned by their parents.

That all changes when her older brother (Ryan) dies and leaves her alone in the big, cruel world, she feels like an ant compared to everyone else and is lost with no sense of direction

At his funeral she doesn't expect to cross paths with Russell Scott

She witnesses him about to kill someone and that creates more problems in her already twisted life

Russell Scott is the most feared guy not only in their school but around the small town the live in; He has tattoos, deals, drugs, fights,
has anger issues that get him in a lot of trouble and his own skeletons in his closet.

No matter how many people tell her to stay away she just can't


7. Chapter 7

Her hands lifted to the back of Russell’s neck, feeling his damp hair and the feeling the ruggedness of his jaw line as her fingers moved slowly upwards and explored. Her breath caught when she felt his touch on her most intimate place, and her hands fell from Russell’s jaw line, slowly moving down his neck, to the swelling muscle on his chest. Russell’s intimate caress caused her strife and her fists clenched while his tongue continued to gently explore the inside of her mouth.

“Ah,” she gasped, moving up, towards him and he smirked feeling her frustration in every strand of hair her desperate fingers pulled. Russell’s lips parted from hers and his hand left hers and his grey gaze fixed on hers. His lips kissed the soft skin that covered her body, down her neck, to her chest and then the small parting between her breasts. “Russell,” she screeched when she felt the warmth of his mouth on her sensitive nipple, and Russell’s torturous tongue escalated her emotions until she couldn’t take anymore and silently gasped until he was done there and kissed his way down her torso to the place she wanted him the most.

Hayden’s tried to suppress the moan that soon rambled out of her mouth and she gripped the sheets while she felt the effects of Russell’s clever tongue. She needed to scream, she really needed to scream and she was going to but her breath hitched just as Russell’s tongue found the heart of her excitement and she sunk back to the bed, pulling the sheets. Russell revelled in her satisfaction and when he looked up at her, he watched her fingers slowly release the bed covers and he looked up at her, observing the lust that lay deep in her eyes.

“You taste so fucking good,” Russell said and Hayden was too weakened by desire to respond, he gave her a kiss and her attention was drawn to his grey eyes that were dark with the desire that reciprocated hers. She felt Russell just about to give her exactly what she wanted; the pulsing excitement that was about to take her into a world she had only just gotten a taste of... And then she heard it; A loud beeping noise

Hayden shot up, her body covered in sweat, clothes sticking to her body.

‘It was just a dream, just a dream’ she repeated in her head like a broken record

Her room was dark; light from the streetlights illuminating certain parts of her room...how long was she asleep?

She craned her neck to look at the watch and it was 6 p.m.; she had a whole hour to get ready for her date with Paul

She stood up and stretched her body, reliving the ache she felt in her neck. There was a soft knock on her door and it slowly opened.

“Peyton’s on the phone” Adrianna smiled and handed her the phone


“You little bitch, you had me worried, I thought you died and jade was freaking out and I was freaking out and then we freaked out together, Nick hadn’t seen you, nobody had, they were police sirens everywhere” She rambled not giving Hayden a chance to explain

“My drink was spiked” she explained lowly enough just in case Adrianna was at her door

“What?” Peyton exclaimed

“Were yours spiked?”

“No, our drinks were fine” She worriedly spoke” Did you accept a drink from a stranger?” she panicked

“What? No, the only time I left my drink was when I left to go to the bathroom and when I came back only Ni-” and just like that everything from the night before flashed through her mind

Nick spiked her drink?


Russell hadn’t been able to get the image of Hayden half naked on his bed out of his mind and it pissed him off. She was too innocent for him who probably hadn’t been with anyone before. Sexually.

He watched as a man made his way towards him, typical scared fucker; light sweat, constantly looking around.

Even though he sold drugs he never once took any for his own reasons, He wasn’t afraid of getting caught. If it happened then it happened but he wasn’t gonna be a pussy and be scared.

“Do you have the stuff?” he asked his hand shakily going into his pocket

“Money first” Russell spoke lowly

The man handed him a generous amount of money and took his package, walking the other direction and He made his way back into the small diner.

“What can I get you guys” the waitress asked, taking a note pad and pen out

“Is it free?” Elliot asked, checking her out

“Kidding” he spoke lifting his hands up after she glared

“Some beers and Pizza” Mike smiled and went back to his conversation with Nikkei

“I missed you last night baby” Marie whispered in his ear “Meet me in the bathroom in 5” she walked off swaying her hips from side to side hoping he was watching.


Paul held the diner door opened as he waited for Hayden to walk in

“Thank you” she smiled and walked into the diner that was packed with teenagers. Paul got them a booth in the back and let her slide in first

“Hi welcome to Maggie’s, what can I get you?” A pretty brunette asked

“We will take the two large burgers and cokes” Paul ordered

“Coming right up” she smiled and walked away

Hayden shifted uncomfortably as a cloud of awkwardness engulfed them.

“So how has school been?” Paul asked

“It’s been good just a little hectic” she answered truthfully

Paul wasn’t that much older than her; he was in training to become a certified police officer

“Sorry about your brother” he apologised

“Thank you” she answered hoping they would be no more talk about her brother; she wasn’t ready to deal with it completely just yet.

She was still shocked that Nick would spike her drink but was very flattered that Russell took her home and took care of her

“I will be right back” she spoke up shifting in the booth

She needed to stop thinking about Russell but he always played on her mind. She wanted to know more about him


She walked into the bathroom and gasped when she hit something

“I’m so sorry I didn’t s-” she started to apologise but stopped when she saw who she hit

“Nick” she gasped not sure what else to say

“Hayden, hi” he greeted fixing his clothes, her eyes diverted to the blonde who glaring at her with her cheap highlights.

Hayden had no words for him; he was a disgusting pig in her eyes.

“What’s wrong” he asked stepping closer and she stepped back

“Why did you spike my drink?”She asked him and his something flashed on his face but he quickly recovered

“I didn’t-” He tried to hold her arm but she shrugged it off not wanting to be near him

“Just stay away from me Nick” she walked out, the bathroom door shutting behind her.

When she got to the booth, Paul looked angry and his gaze was fixed on something behind her.

“Are you okay?” she asked him, placing her hand on the cold booth chair, Paul snapped out of his stare down and turned to her

“Yes, I was just called to come into the station can we reschedule?” he asked apologetically

“Sure” she answered feeling slight disappointment

“I can drop you back” he offered searching for his keys, leaving the money for their untouched food

“Actually, Peyton and jade are on their way, they can drop me off” she smiled

“I promised Adrianna I would drop you back myself” he pressed which was a little weird

“I’ll call her now” Hayden answered, eyes still focused on him, she reached into her back pocket and pulled her cell phone out, texting Adrianna

With a lot of promises she managed to let her say yes to being dropped off by Peyton.

Russell watched as the small red head he had become familiar with walked towards the red booth Paul was sat at; her hips hugged tightly by black ripped jeans paired with a sweater and boots, her hair falling around her face

A few minutes after Paul’s departure her friends walked in and they ate their dinner talking about Peyton’s latest older fling and Jade’s hatred towards the opposite sex.

When they were done they stood up to leave when nick walked out of nowhere and decided to have a word with Hayden, blocking the diner door

“Hayden I didn’t spike your drink” he tried explaining

“Please just leave me alone Nick”

“Seriously just back the fuck off Nick” Jade snapped

“Why don’t you leave this to me and Hayden” he snapped back

“Excuse me” Russell said loud enough for Hayden and her friends to hear but Nick purposely chose to carry on standing there. Russell put down the bottle he had been holding and shoved Nick who stumbled a bit.

Hayden was shocked to see him standing there, his eyes not meeting hers. He was in black clothes as usual, still looking handsome as ever

“Little bitch” was all she heard Nick say before he walked back to where he had been sitting.  Hayden gave Jade and Peyton a questioning look, but she just turned back to Russell who was squeezing the bottle. Hayden put a hand over his wrist.  He looked up at her and his gaze was dark and quickly focused on Nick who was still talking. “Who does he think he is? Little pussy”

“You’re talking a lot of shit for someone who’s sitting all the way over there, come say it from here then we’ll all see who the little bitch is.” Russell threw the bottle and was saying this from where he was standing. Mike and Elliot turned to him and Hayden looked at him not liking where it was going

“Don’t try me Scott” Nick said from where he stood. Russell just laughed and stepped closer and Nick being the egotistic maniac he was came up to him. They were standing and looking each other in the eye.

“Say what you have to say so we can all know who the real pussy is Nick,” Mike got up of his seat and went and stood behind Russell who was shaking with anger.

“Russ it’s not worth it,” was all he said but Russell’s clenched jaw barely released for him to speak his next few words. Nick’s chest was rising and falling quickly.

“It’s not worth it,” Hayden said trying to intervene shocking herself. Peyton and Jade also stood up and was moving away from the quickly building crowd that surrounded them. Russell was still just looking at Nick and then Hayden tried to move past Nick so that she could go to Russell but she felt a cruel shove back down onto the booth and her hand hit the table

She looked at the cut and then felt Peyton’s hand on her wrist. Russell turned to look at Hayden and then Nick decided to shove Russell. Russell was already upset and then he hurt her and it was all too much for him. Russell said something and the next thing she knew a fight had ensued and Jade and Peyton dragged her away from it. She was calling his name but he wasn’t responding.

Elliot and Mike managed to move Hayden and her friends outside, which was difficult with Hayden thrashing around in his arms

“Hayden stop” Mike exclaimed

“He could get hurt Mike” her voice naturally horse seemed more horse in that moment, not even she knew where the feel to stand by him came from

Mike and Elliot chuckled and Hayden pushed herself off him “What’s funny?”

“He can take Nick” Mike smirked

“Yeah his train-His tough enough” Elliot quickly covered up but Hayden caught on...Trained? To fight?

She saw Russell walking outside and shoving people off him. a few bruises ,he walked passed all of them heading to the motorcycle he was riding and Hayden stepped forward to follow him but Mike held her shoulder

“I wouldn’t do that, let him cool off”

“Yeah Hayden, Don’t go near him” Jade pleaded

“His not an animal Jade” she answered back

She shrugged off Mike’s hand and stepped closer to him.

They watched as she made her way towards the angry guy who was still very angry. Mike didn’t know what to make of Hayden, It’s not that he hated her but he was just cautious when it came to Russ he had been through so much shit that a kid shouldn’t have to deal with ever but he couldn’t help but wonder; did she have a soft spot for him?



Hayden ran towards him as he started his motorcycle, she did the stupidest thing she had ever done in all her 17 years of living and got in the front of the motor cycle thinking it would stop him but he just started it and he sped off making it go up and they tilted backward, she held on tighter to his neck and shut her eyes tightly as the wind brushed her hair everywhere.

They were on a road with many trees; Hayden opened her eyes slowly and started to sit straight, she wondered if he was even looking at her face.

Her hands shakily reached up and slowly removed his helmet, throwing it away carelessly which was another very stupid thing to do because they could both die but it’s like her body had a mind of its own.

Russell looked at her intensely, making her insides flutter; his grey eyes looked darker than ever jaw clenched tightly, she probably angered him and she’s also the genius who decided to throw his helmet away

They just looked at each other, none of them moving or saying anything. She notices they were slowing down and she was now in a very dark and creepy park.

Russell switched of the engine, jaw still tightly clenched, Hayden was scared and confused as to why they were in a dark park...was he going to kill her? Like he threatened in the club?

He got off the bike, making it stand on its own and pulled her off swiftly

He walked to the nearest tree, pinning her to it

“I won’t tell anyone” she spoke “Please don’t kill me” she pleaded pathetically

Russell’s eyebrows furrowed and then realisation dawned on him yet his facial expression didn’t change

Russell bent down to kiss her and she didn’t kiss him back. There was no way she was letting him do this to her again.

“Hayden” he growled and kissed her harder which was getting to her most intimate place

 His lips kissed her and she crossed her arms and he carried on to kiss her, his cool lips moving down her neck and kissing her jaw line. She felt his hands brush her necklace. He looked up at her while he did so, and she just looked at him blankly. He wasn’t going to get any response from her.

Growling out of frustration, he stepped back

“Russell I just can’t keep kissing you and you stopping it” she spoke

“You’re too innocent Hayden to get mixed up with someone like me “He spoke holding the same expression he had earlier

“Too Innocent?” she repeated “What because I don’t dress up in a more revealing manner?” she asked

“Let’s just end this here” he angrily spoke now getting impatient

“You are such an Asshole” She insulted him, brushing his arm as she walked passed him.

Don’t cry Hayden, she repeated over and over as she walked off.

One minute she was walking and the next she was being placed on a motor cycle with a helmet on her head.

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