When you lose someone you care about nothing else matters in the world; your world becomes one big black hole, you lose all the happiness in your body, mind, soul and spirit.

Hayden Rivers was always the shy type who was always with her older brother, their bond grew even closer when they were abandoned by their parents.

That all changes when her older brother (Ryan) dies and leaves her alone in the big, cruel world, she feels like an ant compared to everyone else and is lost with no sense of direction

At his funeral she doesn't expect to cross paths with Russell Scott

She witnesses him about to kill someone and that creates more problems in her already twisted life

Russell Scott is the most feared guy not only in their school but around the small town the live in; He has tattoos, deals, drugs, fights,
has anger issues that get him in a lot of trouble and his own skeletons in his closet.

No matter how many people tell her to stay away she just can't


5. Chapter 5

“Sit still Hayden” Jade snapped

Yes after their fight she came to apologize and they made up instantly

“It tickles” Hayden giggled

“What do you guys think?” Peyton walked out of her closet in a tight black skirt, hot pink top with some wedges, her hair down in a messy way with some soft make up

“You look amazing” Hayden smiled

“Yeah who are you all dressed for?” Jade asked smirking

“No one special” Peyton winked “How did you get Adrianna to let you come out?”

“I just told her you were having a sleep over so it wasn’t hard” Hayden hated lying but Adrianna wouldn’t allow her to even walk next to a club even when it was during the day

“Ah” Peyton smiled understandingly “You look hot too Jade, now we just need to find little miss red a dress” she added

“Thank you” Jade smiled brightly

She decided on some leather pants, a crop top and 6inch boots, her makeup was surprising light for her.

“Can I wear some jeans?” Hayden asked pouting

“Oh no you don’t!” Peyton flicked her fore head

“What was that for?” Hayden asked rubbing her head

“You are not wearing pants because I already picked out a dress for you” she chirped and ran into her large walk in closet

“Oh God” Jade groaned.


“This is really short Pey” Hayden turned to her two best friends who were grinning like mad people

“Who knew little Miss Hayden had curves” Peyton laughed

The dress was a slinky body fitting black dress which was Grecian twist cross at the back and dipped low in the front enough to show cleavage and reached mid thigh paired with some strappy high heeled sandals with some cool chain design as for her makeup, a simple Smokey eye with her hair down in loose waves.

“You look hot Hayden, Nick will be all over you” Jade smiled

The thought of nick all over her made her cringe inwardly but she kept her comment to herself

“What’s that all about anyway?” Jade asked

“Nothing, just friends”

“Yeah right he always looks like he is ready to devour you” Peyton decided to grace them with her presence

Hayden scrunched her nose up and reached for her clutch bag.

Their conversation was cut short when a car honked out front.

The club was loud, people grinding everywhere, music blasting through the speakers, different colour lights flashing

“Decided yet?” the bartender asked the three girls who were still looking at the menu.

“How successful is your ‘Multiple orgasm’?” Peyton asked and the bartender gave her a cheeky grin, cracking both Hayden and Jade up.

“I’ll let you see for yourselves; three multiple orgasms?”

“Yes, please” Jade said laughing.

“Tonight is gonna be fun” Jade smirked

 The quirky bartender placed the three shots on the bar and they all clinked glasses each consuming the entire glass of the too sweet, strawberry flavoured alcohol. They looked at each other shortly after and burst out laughing. Oh Wow.

 “V.I.P, Not bad nick” Jade smiled

The VIP section was very sophisticated but just enough for a club, the plush red leather seats making the room pop more

“You guys are looking very sexy tonight” Jaime smiled, his eyes focusing on Jade who was completely ignoring him


“Do you wanna-?”

“I need the bathroom I will be right back” Hayden quickly spoke

“We will come with you “Jade started but Hayden refused

“No I will be back soon”

Hayden walked off and Nick watched her go, he was getting impatient with her.

Hayden walked into the crowd, getting slightly pushed or grabbed by someone every once in a while, her main focus was just getting to the bathroom and far away from nick.


Russell walked around the man tied to a chair and picked the gun off the table.

“Help!” the man shouted but his screams were drowned by the music

“Look, your times up Calvin” Russell smirked and placed the gun on his temple

“Go to hell” he spat

“Don’t worry I’ll save you a seat” And he pulled the trigger

He placed the gun back into his jeans and called Mike and Elliot to clean it up.

Hayden made it back to the table and found nick sitting alone in the booth

“Where’s everybody? She asked him

“On the dance floor” he answered moving closer to her “Your drink” he handed her the drink and she took it

“You guys have to come out on the dance floor its crazy” Peyton panted and grabbed Hayden’s hand, dragging her threw the crowd

The beat of the music went through their bodies as everyone danced around differently

Hayden looked around and her eyes landed on a pair of grey familiar eyes.

“Isn’t that Little red?”Mike asked smirking

“It is isn’t it” Elliot smiled at his friend who was trying not to look “She looks sexy” he added

“Who the fuck is little red” Nikkei asked getting agitated

“Relax baby, its Russell’s little girlfriend”

“She’s not my girlfriend” he snapped and they all smirked at his discomfort with the term

“Well she’s looking at you” Mike smiled

Russell looked up and for sure she was turned towards them, looking at him in particular

Hayden wasn’t sure what to do now that he his focus was on her

Flashes from there last talk flashed through her mind and she bit her lip feeling slightly intimidated, wow even from far away he could intimidate her. She watched his large body change position as he downed the golden liquid in his glass...how was he so attractive without even trying?

He was in some dark jeans, boots, a black t-shirt with his arms exposed which gave her a nice view of his tattoos. Eyes focused on her

‘Come one Hayden, show him you’re not a kid’ she mentally scolded herself

From is cocky smirk she knew he knew she was feeling intimidated by him.

Her hands moved into her hair as she moved her hips from side to side. She dipped low and flipped her hair everywhere as her hands slowly glided down her body.

She looked at him and could tell from his shocked expression she had him.

Russell watched her move seductively and as much as he wanted he couldn’t shift his gaze elsewhere, was she teasing him? He looked her up and down and just then noticed her dress was hugging her curvy body tightly, accenting every single curve from her big rounded breasts to her round hips.

She looked at him and bit her lip softly, making his friend awaken

He watched her as she did all sorts of seductive dance moves, it’s like he was in a trance.

Hayden was enjoying having his attention she decided to try something and hoped it would work...she looked at him and took her bottom lip into her mouth and turned into the crowd

Russell watched as she seductively bit her lip and turned into the crowd...what game was she playing?

“Excuse me” he stood up and followed her into the crowd, towering over a few people

She occasionally turned and smiled at him

The irritation Russell was feeling was beyond him, he was so aroused yet angry while Hayden on the other hand found it amusing.

When she reached a place that had a few people she turned giving her back to him and starting to sway rhythmically to the slightly upbeat music. She held Russell’s hands to her hips and she pressed against him while she, making sure she hit just the right spot. She was going to show him just what he was missing. The results came soon after and Hayden felt the result: big and hard, the largeness of it took her by surprise and she turned to face him, pressing closer to him, pulling him down by his t-shirt and  kissing him sweetly on his lips. Did he always have to taste and smell this good? Nothing could beat what she was feeling in that moment and she wanted it all; immediately. The coolness of his lip ring adding to her excitement, He gently bit her lip and she felt a familiar wetness in-between her legs which made her cheeks pink. She felt like it was her birthday. She went slower and harder, while Russell’s hands travelled further up her legs, feeling her soft skin; she’d never wanted someone more.

He broke the kiss and stared at her, narrowing his eyes on her

“What game are you playing Rivers” he asked her and took in her flustered appearance

“N-nothing” she stuttered, all her confidence disappearing .Just ask him Hayden she mentally pushed herself

“The night I saw you-, why were you trying to kill that man?” she asked and watched his facial expression change as he stepped closer, making her feel tinier than she already was.

“Listen if you tell anybody what you saw I won’t be held responsible for my actions” he hissed

Did he mean what she thought he meant? Was he threatening her?

“I won’t -”Hayden started to explain but her vision started becoming blury and she suddenly felt weak and extremely hot

“I-” she attempted to speak again but failed miserably. What was wrong with her?

She started seeing dots and before her eyes closed she heard a gunshot, Russell cursing and people screaming

Hayden’s eyes kept on fluttering opened at different moments at one point she realised she was being carried and then everything went black.

Hayden woke up to police sirens and she sat up to quickly making the worst pain attack her head, she looked around and realised she was in a very unfamiliar place was almost...empty? The only things in the room were a bed, a clock, Chest of drawers and a door that was probably a bathroom.

Hayden looked down at what she was wearing and she was only in a grey sweat shirt that was a couple of sizes too big, making it fall off one shoulder .Her eyes filled with tears at the thought of sleeping with a complete stranger and her friends, where they okay?

She looked at the clock that read 4 a.m.; she got out of the bed and made her way to the door.

She heard a deep voice and slowly followed the voice, she stopped in front of the opened door and saw him sitting in a chair facing the windows

“Look, his men were there last night” Russell gruffly spoke

“Just in the shoulder” did he get shot? Whose men was he talking about? All sorts of questions went through Hayden’s mind

When she heard him end the call she walked in and stood in front of him and only then noticed that he was shirtless and had a bandage over his shoulder

“Are my friends okay?” she asked panicking

“Yes” he answered short and clipped.

“Did you change me?” she asked

Russell raised an eyebrow at her question; he did change her, the image of her on his bed in a black lace bra and thong flashed through his mind.


“D-did we um do it”

“Do what?” he asked with a serious face

“You know” she blushed feeling like a child

“No I don’t know” he answered his handsome face still holding a serious expression. He was mocking her

“Did we have sex” she mumbled dryly


She sighed in relief and then asked “How did I end up here”

“You don’t remember?”He asked and she shook her head no

“Your drink was spiked”


“Someone added a drug to your drink”

Hayden’s face paled and she felt like she would faint

“Dr-drugs...I’ve never done drugs before” Spiked? She didn’t remember accepting a drink from anyone; in fact all she remembered was getting into the club.

“Well there’s a first time for everything” He answered nonchalantly, stood up and walked towards the coffee couch with a grey sweatshirt on the arm rest

“Can you take me home” she asked not wanting to take a bus in the early morning alone

He nodded his head and put on his sweatshirt and grabbed his keys

“Can I have my dress back?”

“You threw up all over it” he explained

“Oh God” she whispered embarrassed and pulled the sweatshirt down further

“Here” he threw a pair of sweats at her which she gladly accepted.

He drove a truck...that was unexpected seeing as he lived in a beautiful place.

The drive to Peyton’s was quiet and awkward because she was wearing his clothes. The only time they spoke when she was giving him directions

Hayden stared at his face which was so serious and couldn’t help but let out a small giggle but quickly covered it with a cough that caught his attention

His eyebrows were furrowed, lips in a straight line while his hands gripped the steering wheel tightly

When they reached Peyton’s house, he turned off the engine

“Thank you” she leaned over and turned his head slightly, kissing his lips softly

The kiss started off softly but became more heated when he pulled on to his lap and kissed her harder

Russell knew exactly what he was doing but his body lost all self control. Hayden readjusted herself and Russell groaned at the friction she was creating.

He broke the kiss and she whimpered

“Why do you always do that?” she whispered looking straight into his eyes which he didn’t like one bit

He just looked at her and said nothing at all.

Just as she was about to say something else an aggressive knock on the window startled them both and right there standing was...



I have put up 5 chapters, I need to know people's views on the story to know if I should continue or stop so feel free to comment and let me know what you think :) again Thanks for reading :)x

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