When you lose someone you care about nothing else matters in the world; your world becomes one big black hole, you lose all the happiness in your body, mind, soul and spirit.

Hayden Rivers was always the shy type who was always with her older brother, their bond grew even closer when they were abandoned by their parents.

That all changes when her older brother (Ryan) dies and leaves her alone in the big, cruel world, she feels like an ant compared to everyone else and is lost with no sense of direction

At his funeral she doesn't expect to cross paths with Russell Scott

She witnesses him about to kill someone and that creates more problems in her already twisted life

Russell Scott is the most feared guy not only in their school but around the small town the live in; He has tattoos, deals, drugs, fights,
has anger issues that get him in a lot of trouble and his own skeletons in his closet.

No matter how many people tell her to stay away she just can't


37. Chapter 37

“Russell was just being a jerk, I tried to explain.”

“Hayden the guy who caused trouble called him to say he was just with you.” Sam said and Hayden paused for a minute, holding the sponge in her hand then dumping it in the bucket of water.

“I just met him at a random store, and he said hi to me; I said bye then walked away. Then the conceited jerk decided to call Russell afterwards.”

“Hayden,” Sam said.

“How is this my fault? I tried to explain; multiple times.” Hayden said reminiscing on how she went to his house and he wouldn’t come to the door, or the plentiful calls and texts she sent him. It had been three days and if he still wasn’t mature enough to hear her side then he was just being ridiculous.

“But you know Russell doesn’t like,”

“I don’t like him either!” Hayden exclaimed. The fact that she randomly saw him at a store shouldn’t be a reason for him to ignore her regardless of what he thinks happened. If he would answer his phone, he would know that. Hayden didn’t realise how fast she was spinning her hand to create foam in the bucket until some water spilled onto the white converse she wore with her denim shorts and white t-shirt with SpongeBob sprawled across the front; an appropriate outfit for an all day car wash.

“I’m sure Russell will come around,” Sam said while she handed her a cloth. She hoped so too... Hayden rolled up the sleeves on her t-shirt and carried her bucket to the stand where everyone else was setting up. It was a fundraiser for a charity and Hayden and Sam decided to volunteer as car washers, along with a couple more of people.

“So how many people are we expecting?” Hayden inquired while she tied her hair into a high bun.

“Lots; there’s a food fair and a basketball match...” Sam shrugged. She knew Russell was going to be playing, but there was no way she was going to try and apologise again.            

“Alright guys, let’s raise some money for children in need!”Talia, the event organiser yelled and people cheered and the event started. Thank God this was the last day she would be seeing everyone until school started up again


Russell crashed onto the bench, wiping away the sweat that covered his face and picking up his water bottle for a drink of water. He gotten suspended from the game for being violent something that just added to his annoyance. Why would Hayden talk that idiot? She knows he hates the little prick, and she still did it anyway. That was a bullshit move. Russell hard swallowed, trying to suppress the anger that was building up in him.

Russell turned to Hayden who was dancing around a car with Sam and he watched her laugh and run around, avoiding the foam that was being thrown around. He watched her skip around and that was when he saw him; Nick the same guy he had a word with the day after he received the phone call and the same guy who found it necessary to be at the same place Hayden was at; even after Russell told him that was exactly what not to do. Russell felt the heat well up in him, the vicious anger he was furiously trying so hard to control.

“Russ what are you staring at?” Mike inquired when he walked over to Russell.

“More like glaring...”Elliot said and he looked at Mike when Russell didn’t respond and had his eyes fixed on something else. Someone he wasn’t quite done with.

“Russell,” Mike said and Russell shot up.

“What the fuck is he doing here?” Russell barked and Mike put a restraining hand on his chest.

“Russell don’t start this here; it’s not worth it.”

“Get your hand off me Mike,” Russell growled with his jaw clenched.

“Russell calm down,” Mike said in an assertive voice and Elliot looked around.

“I will kill that fucking kid,” Russell said trying to push past, but Mike stood in front of him.

“Russell, do you really want Hayden to see you get into a fight at a charity fundraiser?” Russell started to rethink what he was about to do. He needed to get himself out of the situation.

“Are we talking about Nick?” Elliot inquired but Russell just picked up his bag, walking in the direction of the car park.


“Nick leave me alone,” Hayden said trying to move away from him, but he held her wrist, causing her to start kicking him and then she kicked a place on his leg and he cried loudly, releasing her instantly, clutching the place tightly. “What’s wrong with you?” Hayden asked, while she backed away; she knew she wasn’t that strong.... She came to the car park to get some money from Sam’s car which she came in, not realising Nick followed her.

“Ask that fucking retard you call your boyfriend.” Nick spat and Hayden paused where she was watching Nick lift his jeans to reveal a bandaged shin. The large bandage was tightly wrapped and she could see a small smear of blood. What did Russell do? Hayden was thinking about all the possibilities when all of the sudden Nick had her wrist in his big hand, holding her from the back and she jumped about but he wouldn’t let go. “Hayden stop fidgeting I just want to talk to you,”

“Nick leave me alone,” Hayden said trying not to scream and cause a scene, but that quickly faltered when Russell arrived on the scene. Russell grabbed Nick by his collar and Hayden was shoved to the side. Russell and Nick had each other by the collar and Russell shoved Nick up against a wall. He was raging and Hayden saw an unfamiliar look in his usually contently cheeky eyes.

“How many fucking times do I have to tell you the same thing?” Russell said and then he punched Brian, feeling the effect of his knuckles against his jaw.

“Stop it,” Hayden yelled and Russell didn’t stop glaring at Brian.

“You think she loves you?” Nick said and Hayden looked at Russell’s face, the consistent clench of his jaw and the way he wouldn’t break his focus. They were starting to draw attention to the secluded parking lot and Hayden needed it to stop. This was a charity event; there were kids everywhere. “I could have fucked her last week,” Nick said and Russell banged him up against the wall again. “Fucking cunt,” Nick said and then the fight started again with them mostly throwing each other around and Hayden stood there horrified, yelling for them to stop.

All of the sudden Mike brushed past her and tried to grab Russell who was now attacking Brian. “Russell calm down,” Mike yelled while Elliot tried to get Nick who was just as upset.  Russell broke free and went back for more, shoving Nick up against a wall again.

“Russell,” Hayden screamed his name and he looked at her, with those eyes that were so unusually timid and expressionless. “Please stop,” Hayden begged and Nick hit him in the face, taking advantage of the opportunity.


“Russell you’re bleeding!” Hayden exclaimed and Russell just kept on walking towards his car. He just needed a minute to calm down and Hayden just really needed to make sure he was okay. “Russell stop it; why won’t you talk to me?” Hayden stood in front of the door to his car; blocking him from getting in. She’d literally chased him through the entire parking lot. “Russell” Hayden said and he lifted his eyes to her, treating her to a grave expression.

“Hayden move,” Russell said with a rude huskiness to his deep voice.

“Russell are you seriously doing this right now?” Hayden said and he didn’t say anything. He just looked at her, his eyes scorching her with their undisturbed stare. Hayden moved to the side and he got into his car, speeding off so fast his tyres left marks on the tarred parking lot.

“Hayden, he just needs some time to cool off,” Mike said.

“How much time Mike? He’s just cutting me off,” Hayden said not realising she was crying. “I don’t know what to do Mike...” she said and Mike being the guy that he is didn’t know what to do. He placed a hand on her shoulder and she looked at him with teary eyes. “Mike is there someone else? Is he intentionally trying to push me away?”

“Hayden, don’t be ridiculous, he loves you like crazy,”

“Then why is he being so awful, why?” Hayden didn’t realise she was wailing until Mike furrowed his brows. “I tried to explain, I kept on trying to call him, I even went to his house and he avoided me... What am I supposed to do?” Hayden was now a mess and her makeup was starting to run, and she was trying not to seem ridiculous, but all this time she pretended like she didn’t care, in reality it was hurting her like crazy.

“Should I call Sam?” Mike asked and looked around for her more emotionally capable friend.

“Could you just take me home?” Hayden said and Mike walked her to his car.


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