When you lose someone you care about nothing else matters in the world; your world becomes one big black hole, you lose all the happiness in your body, mind, soul and spirit.

Hayden Rivers was always the shy type who was always with her older brother, their bond grew even closer when they were abandoned by their parents.

That all changes when her older brother (Ryan) dies and leaves her alone in the big, cruel world, she feels like an ant compared to everyone else and is lost with no sense of direction

At his funeral she doesn't expect to cross paths with Russell Scott

She witnesses him about to kill someone and that creates more problems in her already twisted life

Russell Scott is the most feared guy not only in their school but around the small town the live in; He has tattoos, deals, drugs, fights,
has anger issues that get him in a lot of trouble and his own skeletons in his closet.

No matter how many people tell her to stay away she just can't


34. Chapter 34

Russell guided Hayden through the dark cinema to the place they were meant to be sitting. The trilling music of the movie filled the empty cinema except; the scarce person here and there.

It was meant to be a good movie but he picked the scariest one on purpose

Hayden winced again and she looked up at Russell who was focused on the screen.

Russell,” she whispered. Throughout the 20 minutes of the movie they’d watched she had randomly said his name just for the sake of it. It was 45 minutes into the movie and ten more people had died. Hayden slid a small hand under the t-shirt he was wearing running it softly over his torso. Russell shook his head no, holding her wrist. “Why not?”

“Hayden there are so many things I want to do to you” his words were a husky whisper and she bit her lip as she experienced the sensation of his voice

She pretended to watch the movie. He tried to pay attention to something other than her but it wasn’t working; he kept noticing her smile and the way her chest was softly rising and falling while she breathed.

Russell’s hand slowly moved up her torso, making its way to the low neck line of her sleeveless dress and gently brushing it. Hayden felt an excited nervousness she always felt whenever Russell touched her and she shifted in her seat, sitting up properly rather than leaning on Russell. He gave her a cheeky grin and moved closer to her.

Russell’s  hand slid into her dress, playing with the small bow on her bra, and then gliding his fingers slowly up and down the parting between her breasts. The breathless anticipation was killing Hayden and she wanted so badly for him to carry on. His lips found her neck, giving her a warm kiss. She soon felt the slow pull and bite of one of his love bites, including the soft brush of his tongue. He was driving her insane with deep enticement and she crossed her legs as subtly as she could. The slow movement of his fingers was driving her insane and she couldn’t sit still anymore. Her body was taken over by lust and desire and Russell was all that she wanted.

 Hayden turned Russell to face her and kissed him softly. Her fingers tightened their grip on his t-shirt the further the kiss went. Hayden melted in anticipation of his movements and broke their kiss; her lips still gently brushing his. “We’re in a cinema Russell” she said the statement she was working painfully hard to emphasise to herself as well.

His hands moved to her legs that were gently draped over his, stroking them gently while he kissed her. The painfully seductive kiss left Hayden desperate for more and Russell just as desperate to give it to her. The kiss sent a flurry of passion and energy through her body and she ran her hand down the hairs on the back of Russell’s neck. His large hands moved slowly up her legs, caressing her un-expecting skin, while one of her hands fell to the arm rest

Hayden was fidgeting restlessly in her seat, while Russell’s fingers stroked her. Her breathing was caught up in her lust, and she was sitting close to Russell trying to pay attention to the screen, but he was driving her crazy. She let out a soft “Ah” turning her head to his chest to muffle it. “Russell,” her hand lifted to his wrist in a desperate attempt and his grey eyes lifted to hers.

The pressure was too much, she tried closing her legs but he somehow managed to hold them apart while he continued his movements.

She was going to explode, her moans where soft in his ears

Her chest felt constricted, her lips felt dry and she felt extremely moist

She gripped his t-shirt in her small hand and threw her head back. She constantly had to remind herself that they were other people in the cinema and she couldn’t believe she was letting him do this.

She stood up abruptly and walked out of the cinema, hot and bothered. So much for movie date.

Not so long...Thank you for reading...Feedback is always welcome:)

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