When you lose someone you care about nothing else matters in the world; your world becomes one big black hole, you lose all the happiness in your body, mind, soul and spirit.

Hayden Rivers was always the shy type who was always with her older brother, their bond grew even closer when they were abandoned by their parents.

That all changes when her older brother (Ryan) dies and leaves her alone in the big, cruel world, she feels like an ant compared to everyone else and is lost with no sense of direction

At his funeral she doesn't expect to cross paths with Russell Scott

She witnesses him about to kill someone and that creates more problems in her already twisted life

Russell Scott is the most feared guy not only in their school but around the small town the live in; He has tattoos, deals, drugs, fights,
has anger issues that get him in a lot of trouble and his own skeletons in his closet.

No matter how many people tell her to stay away she just can't


25. Chapter 25

They were both breathless and laid in silence, both of them not sure what to say.

“What happened to your parents” his deep voice asked her while his body remained still

“They left” she continued explaining, forcing herself not to cry “I was the kid they didn’t opt for...Ryan was 15 when they left and I was 5...They packed all of their stuff and Ryan’s. They planned on leaving me in the house alone. I remember sitting on the steps and watching my mother walking around the house and every time I would ask what she was doing she would either ignore me or tell me to go and watch TV. When Ryan came home from baseball practise he knew what was happening and refused to leave no matter what they bribed him with and then they left him too...so it was my fault he was stuck with me.”

“Th-they didn’t want me Russell.” she didn’t mean to cry but she couldn’t help it

“I’m sorry” he apologised “They missed out on an incredible little woman” he added and cupped her face in his large hands

She licked her lips and looked into his stormy grey eyes ....how many times would she cry in front of him?

The tension between them was becoming unbearable, they always had this unknown hunger for each other and she was sure he also didn’t know where it stemmed from.

His thumb glided across her bottom lip slowly, leaving a small tingle where it passed

He watched her take his finger into her mouth and slowly take it out and he felt himself getting even more aroused. He moved the bed sheet off her body and got back in between her legs

She placed her hand on his jaw and slowly moved her finger tips against his stubble; he pulled her closer and kissed slowly, taking her bottom lip into his mouth first, his hands moved and he fisted her hair making her release a small gasp.

She was still a little sore in between her legs and flinched when she moved

“Are you alright?” he asked her, his eyebrows furrowed

“I’m fine just a little sore” she blushed

He enjoyed the feeling of her soft body against his body

“Where does it hurt?” he asked her huskily with a straight face

She knew he was being serious but she wanted to have a little fun.

“Here” she pointed to her neck and he kissed her where her finger was pointing, shivers ran down her spine

“Here” she pointed to her lips and he bit her bottom lip taking it into his mouth, he devoured her mouth leaving no room for protests. His tongue explored her mouth in a slow erotic manner. Her hands moved into his hair and she tugged on it

“And here” she spoke against his lips and moved her hands down and he felt her touch her intimate place and he groaned

“What am I going to do with you?” he rasped

She bit her lip, suppressing her smile. It was nice to know that she could drive him crazy as well

“Have your wicked way with me”

"I just might"

He groaned gruffly and kissed her neck making her feel even more excited and release a small squeal of excitement.

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