When you lose someone you care about nothing else matters in the world; your world becomes one big black hole, you lose all the happiness in your body, mind, soul and spirit.

Hayden Rivers was always the shy type who was always with her older brother, their bond grew even closer when they were abandoned by their parents.

That all changes when her older brother (Ryan) dies and leaves her alone in the big, cruel world, she feels like an ant compared to everyone else and is lost with no sense of direction

At his funeral she doesn't expect to cross paths with Russell Scott

She witnesses him about to kill someone and that creates more problems in her already twisted life

Russell Scott is the most feared guy not only in their school but around the small town the live in; He has tattoos, deals, drugs, fights,
has anger issues that get him in a lot of trouble and his own skeletons in his closet.

No matter how many people tell her to stay away she just can't


2. Chapter 2

The scent of the hospital made Hayden sick to her stomach; she looked up at the door and saw nothing, just the silhouette of a person.

The cuts on her body burned, her headache intensified as the person stepped closer.

“How do you feel Hayden?” She heard the doctor ask her but that wasn’t her main concern

She wanted to answer desperately but her throat was dry and felt closed.

“Where’s Ryan?” she asked sitting up, ignoring the pain in her left shoulder blade

“You need to relax Hayden” The doctor tried calming her down but she wasn’t having any of it

“W-where’s my brother?” she asked again shakily knowing the answer she would get but just to give her some sort of comfort she kept on asking. Ignoring the doctor and nurse faces which held sad expressions

“Hayden, he passed on the operating table” the doctor looked away.

“No” Her eyes instantly filled with hot tears “p-please no” her voice broke and so did her heart

“We are terribly sorry-” The doctor started to speak but that was cut short when she started sobbing harshly, she felt like she would die at any given moment

She needed him; he was the only thing she had left. Her safe haven and now he was gone, he wasn’t coming back

She didn’t just lose her brother but her best friend as well.

Her body suddenly fell limp and her vision became cloudy, she felt like she was dying and her world disappeared into a black vacuum.

“Hayden?” she heard her name being called and she looked up at her brother’s very pregnant girlfriend “Are you okay?”

Adrianna was a beautiful girl; she looked elegant even in her black dress with her small baby bump on show

 “I’m fine Adrianna” she spoke softly and stood up

She made her way to the front of the church, ignoring the pity stares she was getting, she held on to her crippled paper tightly and swallowed the huge lump that had formed in her throat.

The church became silent and all waited for her to start; she turned back to the large photo of her brother and sighed

“My brother Ryan w-was the best man you would ever meet. He was a joyful person and always made my rainy days sunny” her voice broke at the end and a tear rolled down her rosy cheek “He was my best friend and loved to call me kiddo, he always said I was a great person and needed to realise that before it was too late, his laugh was contagious and he never failed to make anyone happy” By now her face was wet with tears, she could hear Adrianna’s sobs and realised she couldn’t do it.

With her paper tightly clenched in-between her fingers she ran out of the church and didn’t stop or look back.

She leant against the tree and slid down slowly into a puddle of her own misery.

Her breath was hitching her sobs were becoming more violent and she felt like a huge rock was squashing all her emotions if that made sense.

Her dress was spilled on the dry grass making her legs very itchy but she ignored that as well.

The next time Hayden’s eyes opened it was completely dark, the only light coming from the moonlight. She slowly sat up and rubbed her eyes softly making her dress fall down one shoulder.

Adrianna was probably having a fit and that wouldn’t be good for a pregnant woman.

“P-please, I will get you your money” she heard a man’s voice tremble with fear and she cautiously stood up, careful not to make any noise

“Your time is up Calvin” she heard a deep voice reply, happiness laced in his voice

“No-no please” The man begged and a deep chuckle rang in her ears. She didn’t know what she was doing but she couldn’t stop her feet from moving closer

She watched as the large body held the man by his neck with a gun placed right on his temple

“You” the man pointed at Hayden making his attacker turn around. He must have been over six feet tall; he had broad shoulders, a lean waist and long legs that were covered in some dark jeans

Haden tried to see his face but all she managed to put together was that he had a lip ring and some very grey piercing eyes that were burning holes into her porcelain skin

She tried to move but her feet refused to move

She looked at the attacker and he was already watching her, like he was calculating her movements. He was going to shoot her.

She looked at the gun that was still in his large hand and she turned around and ran as fast as her legs could carry her

“For fuck sakes” The attacker cursed and started running after her

She could hear him running after her but she just ran faster, her hair whipping her in the face blocking her view

Her breathes were coming out in short puffs, the prickly grass pricking her bare feet. She squealed when she heard a gunshot and the man chasing her groaned and cursed

When she spotted a small diner she ran across the road, dodging the cars that were honking at her idiotic actions but at least she was safe.


“Where the hell did you run off to” she heard Adrianna’s angry voice asking her but her mind had drifted off to what she had encountered earlier

Adrianna was a small woman but was very mother like when it came to lecturing.

‘YOU COULD HAVE GOTTEN KILLED” She continued to scold Hayden who just absorbed everything like a sponge

“I’m sorry Adrianna” she sighed softly and hugged her

“Just don’t do that again, you had me worried” she answered and hugged her back

Adrianna was her legal guardian at present so she needed to behave herself.

“You hungry? There’s some pasta in the oven” she asked smiling softly at the young girl in front of her

“Sure, I just need to shower first” Hayden answered and got off the kitchen chair.


Her room was small and cosy, lit by small fairy lights. She made her way to her bathroom and stood in front of the mirror analyzing herself.

She sighed and started to remove her clothes until she stood completely bare.


“Are you sure you want to do this” Adrianna asked her for the umpteenth time

“Yes I’m sure” Hayden gave her a small smile

“Call me if you need anything or if you want to come home” Adrianna rambled and Hayden giggled softly “I will be fine” and grabbed her bag off the car floor.

As soon as she closed the car door she wanted to get back in, everybody stared no actually gawked at her like they were waiting for her to break down.  Either that or it was because of her poor choice of clothes that day.

She looked down at her black skinny jeans she had on together with her converse and her oversized sweater.

She held her head up high and walked towards the doors of the prison they called high school. She made her way to her first class with many “I’m sorry’s” and was thankful when she was finally in her class

“Hayden, how are you” her teacher Mrs Applegate asked her

“Fine” she answered and made her way to the desk at the back

She set her bag down and opened her books and begun to doodle little cartoons in her note book

“Okay class today we are going to be looking at-” Mrs Applegate’s sentence was interrupted by the wooden door opening which caught the entire class’s attention including Hayden’s

“Mr Scott nice of you to join us”

Hayden looked around and the only seat available was the one next to her. She contemplated on placing her bag there but decided against it. It’s not that she didn’t find him attractive but that was it he was really attractive and she always managed to humiliate herself somehow. She watched as his large body manoeuvred, he was so tall and muscular she thought to herself...why was he limping?

Dark jeans, black fitting t-shirt, a hoodie and some converse, his choice of clothing suited him and the gloomy day

He didn’t answer and just sat down, Hayden felt her breakfast coming up and she became as stiff as a board.

His hands where so large, It kind of reminded her of the attacker .A shiver ran down her spin and she swallowed softly

She didn’t even realise she was staring until his deep voice snapped at her

“Can I help you” he snapped, narrowing his eyes

“I’m sor-” she started t apologise but a shiny thing on his lip caught her eye and then her eyes moved up to those piercing eyes and by the looks of it he recognised her as well

“Oh –Oh God” she started to panic silently

“You” was the only thing he said and he pulled her stool closer making a screeching noise which definitely had the class is attention but he didn’t seem to care

Hayden suddenly felt like she forgot how to breathe and his minty breath fanning her neck wasn’t helping nor was his strong aftershave

“What did you see?” his deep voice whispered harshly in her ear, his large hand circled around her arm which would probably leave a mark

“N-nothing” she shakily spoke which wasn’t her intention at all...show no fear right?

“I don’t think that’s the truth” he spoke again which was making her feel all hot and bothered...what was wrong with her

“Is everything okay Hayden” Mrs Applegate asked

“C-Can I please be excused?” she asked, ignoring the threatening stare she was receiving from the gorgeous killer next to her...okay that didn’t come out right

“Of course”

As soon as she heard that she wasted no time and packed all her belongings as quickly as she could, when she reached the door she heard a chair screech and sure enough it was the attacker.

“shit” she cursed silently and started running through the empty halls, her converse making a squeaky noise every time she turned.

She ran through the library but quickly slowed down when she got a glare from the Liberian

“Sorry” she mouthed and started walking through the different book sections until she was all the way at the back.

She leaned against the one of the shelves, closing her eyes she let out a shaky breath.

“Not such a smart idea to run” she heard the same deep voice taunt her

She gasped and straightened herself out

He stood before her, his body language radiating dominance and it was scary

She turned to run but he caught her by the waist and pulled her back and backed her  into the book shelves  hard making a few books fall down...how the fuck did the Liberian not hear that

He towered over her small frame, her sweater had lifted and that’s were his warm hand settled

The sound of the Liberians clicking caught their attention and before she knew it soft lips were devouring her own

She tried to push him off; he was too strong... eventually her body became limp and she followed the same rhythm

This was the most bizarre thing that had ever happened to her...and she liked it?

He tasted like coffee and cigarettes which would normally make her gag but it tasted so...so addictive

She stuck her tongue in his mouth and he groaned biting her lip

Was he enjoying this as much as she was?

“Stop this immediately” The Liberian snapped earning herself a growl from...God she didn’t even know his name and she was full on making out with him

Suddenly he pushed her back, his face held and angry expression and he walked off without a second glance at her.

And just like that he...he was gone.



Russell was beyond angry with himself...what the hell was that back there?

He was supposed to terminate her...not kiss the daylights out of her

“Someone looks happy” Mike smirked and nudged Elliot whose eyes were already on Russell

“Fuck off” Russell snapped

“We love you to Russ” Elliot playfully placing his hand on his heart. Russell questioned why he was friends with the two idiots at times but they have been through a lot of shit together.

“I have been getting so much pussy it’s overwhelming” Elliot bragged out of the blue

Mike and Russell both let out unattractive snorts and looked away

“I’m serious” Elliot added when they started laughing

“Yeah right, you can’t even get Talia to give you head” Mike laughed “besides anyone who actually gets pussy doesn’t have to brag”

“You always talk about Nikkei” Elliot smirked

“Hey, hey, hey It’s because I broke up with her” he confidently lied

“Okay” Elliot teased “What did she call you again? Oh yeah, a punk”

While the two of them started having a debate on who dumped who, Russell’s mind was occupied with other thoughts involving a small redhead.


Hayden turned around and saw one of her classmates Nick trying to catch up with her

“Nick, hi” she smiled up at him

“Sorry about your brother” he apologized

“Thank you” Hayden answered and an awkward silence filled the air

“So I was uh wondering if you would like to go out to that new restaurant with me this weekend” Nick scratched the back of his neck

“I would love to but I-”Hayden started to decline when she felt an arm swing around her shoulder. It’s not that she hated nick but he was your typical jock and was an ass to anyone he didn’t like.

“You will never guess what I got” Her friend Peyton chirped excitedly ignoring Nick completely.

Peyton was like the happy sunshine amongst her friends and loved older men.


“Fake ID’s” she whisper yelled and pulled them out of her purse “One for you, me and Jade, We are going to that new club downtown this weekend”

“That’s awesome, we can all go together...I’ll drive” Nick invited himself

Great she was just trying to get out of a date with him and now it’s a group thing. Just great

“Where are we all going?” Jade asked joining into the conversation

Jade was more on the punk side, she loved her dark clothes but that’s what kind of balance out their friendship. They were there for her when her brother died and through everything else she has been through whether it was boys or just life itself

“I got us fake ID’s for the new club down town”

“Nice” Jade high fived Peyton and turned to Hayden “Are you going?”

Hayden thought about it and it wasn’t like she had anything better to do besides she needed to get out of the house more and distract herself from crying all the time, you only live once right? So make the most of it.

“Why don’t you ladies come and join me and my friends” Nick smiled cheekily

Before anyone could answer, Peyton already started walking to their overcrowded table that was filled with cheerleaders and other ‘popular’ kids.

“I guess that’s a yes then” Jade mumbled making Hayden giggle

Nick couldn’t help but smile when she giggled; he really had a thing for her and was starting to get impatient with his feelings

Once they reached the table he shooed a few people off and made more room for the three girls and they all sat down

“Okay that’s David and Jaime” he pointed to the two boys who were in different conversation with each other” Rose and Talia” he continued, pointing at the two girls who were seated on his right

“We know who they are Nick, we go to this school” Jade answered, rolling her eyes.

“Hey, there goes Russell” Jaime smirked and Hayden’s ears suddenly perked up at the Familiar name and she turned.

She watched as his tall, muscular body leaned against the tree, his hands deep in his jeans pocket. She still couldn’t believe he kissed and walked off, that was her first one and he just took it like it was nothing

His hair looked almost black even in the sun, she watched as he talked to his friends and found herself wondering what they were talking about.

“That guy takes messed up to a different level” David added

“His an asshole” Nick commented “What happened in science this morning?” he asked Hayden whose cheeks turned pink reminiscing the entire morning

“Nothing he just asked me something” she lied through her teeth

Nick’s jaw clenched, if it was nothing why the fuck was she blushing.

Russell was the most feared guy in school and people just let him be and didn’t talk to him; he was a man of very few words.

Russell didn’t know whether she was aware she was gawking at him, she stood up and started walking towards him.

The next thing that happened was random and shocked everybody, her hand connected to his cheek, a loud smack echoed in the cafeteria

“Don’t think you can just kiss me and walk off like that” she hissed and walked off leaving her belongings in the cafeteria

Hayden didn’t know what came over her.

One minute she was panicking and the next she was pushed into the wall hard and she hissed in pain and shut her eyes slowly

“Never fucking do that again” Russell spoke lowly pinning her hands above her head

Hayden was scared and she could tell he was enjoying it from the arrogant smirk that was playing on his face

“Or what” she asked before she could stop herself

Russell let out a deep laugh that startled her, the grip on her wrists tightening.

“Careful what you say kid, you don’t know what I’m capable of” he threatened and let go of her wrists roughly

Tears threatened to spill but she held them back as she watched his retreating body but before he walked into the cafeteria he stopped and turned “Tell your sister in law I say hi” he smirked and walked off

What had she done?

My first story on this website, let me know what you think...it gets better :)x

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