Coming back for you

16 year old Angie Falls Moves back to her home town going to England permanently (hopefully) where here long lost best friend lived Harry (Styles obviously) She was so happy to finally see him again after 10 years of being in Canada. Arriving there she met harry's four attractive friends: Louis, Liam, Zayn and Niall. And made some friends of her own Jasmine, Kaitlynn, Gwen And Marie who were As attractive as the guys ;). Sadly fir Angie Harry had his hands full with Leila a really nice girl that Angie soon becomes friends with She then realizes that she had feelings for Harry will this ever workout for her... :(


5. Welcome home

It took about 30 minutes to get at Harry's house, it was HUGE but smaller then it was in my memory. The house has three floors including the basement, 3 garages and a little cabin in the backyard. as we came in the house we walked right in the main range that offers charm and freedom by its open concept that leads to the lounge who is well decorated with a nice added touch its fireplace.We then went up the stairs and the first thing we see is a large hallway that is nicely decorated with the same theme as the lounge Harry leaded me and my mom to the first door that I guessed was the guest room, it was about 11' long and 10'  wide, the room had a soft yellow paint on the walls and a window in the corner of the room right above the bed that was a single bed. There was no sight of Harry's mom yet i'm guessing she had last minute plans.

-"Where am I supposed to sleep?" I asked looking at Harry

-"Um on this bed with your mom or in my room if you want?" He said smirking at me

-"The couch it is" I said looking at my mom

-"Oh no no no no no no Angie you can go sleep in Harry's room I trust you two" She said with no hesitation.

-"Great now Misses Falls you can start unpacking I will show Angie my room." He said giving me a wink

-"Okay see you two later" She said starting to unpack her clothing first

-"Great! Now I'm staying in your room." I said getting out of the guest room

-"looks like it." he said showing me to his room

His room was slightly bigger than the guest room i would say about 11' x 12'  the room was covered by a soft light grey there was a big Queen bed with a darker shade of grey on its covers and he had his own bathroom.

-"we'll be sleeping in here!" He said as he sat down on the edge of the bed tapping besides him.

-"But there's only one bed." I said looking a bit confused

-"exactly!" He said giving me a wink

-"Oh I get it" I said biting my bottom lip slowly walking towards him

He got up, I stopped walking he started going behind me and he held me in his arms tightly, I looked up at him locking my eyes in his and as he leaned in for a kiss I got my hand up to his face and slapped him.

-" What the hell do you think you are doing!" I said angrily

-"I thought you liked it?" He said looking at me confused

-"I would have probably enjoyed it if you were single!" I said walking towards the door

-"I'm sorry Angie I messed up its just..."He said looking at his feet

-"Teenage boy hormones right?" I said smiling at him

-"Yeah pretty much." He said looking at me with a smile on his face

-"It's okay as long as you don't try anything on the bed" I said looking at his bed

-"I promise!" he said chuckling

-"Good now help me unpack" I demanded him  smirking at him

He smiled back at me and gave me another hug this time it was tighter and longer it felt good I liked it. I never wanted to let go and I don't think he was gonna let go either.

-"It's nice having you back"

a/c: this chapter is shorter cause I'm planning on posting one later so don't worry Love you guys so much and Hope you enjoyed reading.





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