Coming back for you

16 year old Angie Falls Moves back to her home town going to England permanently (hopefully) where here long lost best friend lived Harry (Styles obviously) She was so happy to finally see him again after 10 years of being in Canada. Arriving there she met harry's four attractive friends: Louis, Liam, Zayn and Niall. And made some friends of her own Jasmine, Kaitlynn, Gwen And Marie who were As attractive as the guys ;). Sadly fir Angie Harry had his hands full with Leila a really nice girl that Angie soon becomes friends with She then realizes that she had feelings for Harry will this ever workout for her... :(


2. The goodbye's start

As you all probably know saying goodbye to a dear one is never really easy. But make sure to make the most off of it. 

-"BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!" I groaned and hit the alarm that is by the side.

-"OWWW" I heard causing me to open my eyes to see that i had just hit my mom

-"Oh crap sorry I thought that was my alarm clock!" I said trying hard not to laugh at her.

-"wake up you're late for school!" She said looking at me with anger in her eyes

-"AAh fu-

-"no swearing in my house!" She yelled while slapping me with her hand 

-"Okay fine but get out of here I need to get dressed." I told her with a death glare on my face

And she did as I said 

-"SHIT! I'm late for school"

I quickly got off my bed, went to the bathroom next to my room, washed my hands and then my face

put a couple of facial cleansing creams including acne cream put my makeup on got dressed took my school bag and went downstairs about to leave the house when my mom proposed to drive me there so I agreed no need to lose more time. Looking the car I'm walking in I sight in disgust since my dad left my mom we've been running low on money. Yet we can afford to move back to England.

-"Good we're not late this time." my mom sighed in relief 

-"I thought you said I was late." I said quite shocked

-"you're so gullible sometimes" my friend Katie said

-"Whatevs...That's not the worst part tho..." I admitted to her sadly

-"Oh Babes are you okay?" She asked looking at me worried.

-"I'm moving..." I said looking down at feet 

-"Oh that's okay Babes we can still see each other." she said smiling at me

-" To London..." I mumbled 

-" WHAT!?! You bitch you're leaving me alone in this hellhole!"she yelled at me 

-"Well sorry its news for me too!" I yelled back to her

-"Ohh i'm sorry its just i'm gonna miss you a lot" She said holding her tear from coming out 

-"I'm gonna miss you too" I said giving her a hug 


Katie is my best friend ever we met in 8th grade when I changed school she was the first girl to talk to me the other ones were being jealous and all cause guys we're practically throwing themselves on me. and yeah we we're friends ever since that and I love her so much. She is so close to me that she talks to Harry by Facebook obviously. I pretty much dedicated my day to goodbyes it was really emotional to the point that I was crying on the way home but I'm happy on one side know Harry. Oh well at the moment I'm home eating lasagna (yum) in my room texting with Harry and packing my makeup. Tomorrow's the day, the day that I'm getting in that plane leading me to Harry AKA London. 


I'm finally done packing my stuff, now time to sleep for tomorrow its a big day spending 16 hours on that plane and then going on land running until I find Harry and give him the biggest hug I have ever gave to anyone. Damn I can't sleep.Close you're eyes Angie, close them.



So here is chapter 2 hope you guys enjoy it I'm probably gonna update today but I'm not sure so yeah:)



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