Coming back for you

16 year old Angie Falls Moves back to her home town going to England permanently (hopefully) where here long lost best friend lived Harry (Styles obviously) She was so happy to finally see him again after 10 years of being in Canada. Arriving there she met harry's four attractive friends: Louis, Liam, Zayn and Niall. And made some friends of her own Jasmine, Kaitlynn, Gwen And Marie who were As attractive as the guys ;). Sadly fir Angie Harry had his hands full with Leila a really nice girl that Angie soon becomes friends with She then realizes that she had feelings for Harry will this ever workout for her... :(


4. The arrival

As we arrived to the airport my mom woke me up 

-"Angie we're there wake up!" She said shaking me a little 

-" I want to sleep leave me alone" I said grunting

-"We're in London sweetie" She said 

-"oooh!" I said opening my eyes open and shoving my mom out of my way

As I got off the plane I was curious to see if Harry would be there or if it was his mom who was there I hope he's there it would be... let's say interesting. Just thinking of him made me want to see him there even more so I started running inside when I got in I opened my eyes wide to look for Harry and his mom but It's gonna be hard to find them based on pictures only and to add on top of that airport was really crowded but I think I will manage. So he has brown curls on his head, green eyes, He likes wearing beanies and he is pretty tall. I can see one guy that matches his description but I don't think It's Harry since the guy's with some other girl kissing. I decided to go toward the couple to ask them if they saw him or his mom. The closer I got to the couple the more I thought it was Harry and the more my heart started to race through my chest. 

-"Umm excuse me?" I said with a really high voice

the guy turned around "Angie?" He said with a smile on his face.

-"Harry?" I asked feeling my heart get pulled out of my chest.

-"oh my god Angie i missed you so much!" he said giving me a huge hug.

-"Oh me too!" I said cracking in a smile forgetting he was just making out with some girl 

He was wrapping his arms around me just like I imagined he would minus maybe the throwing in the air. And he smelled so good. He smelled like watermelon and baby powder. That I think smells really good. I didn't want to let go but-

-"Ahem!" The girl I forgot was even in the room exclaimed 

Harry cleared his throat awkwardly while letting go of me making me groan sadly.

-"Oh Angie this is Leila one of my five friends I've talked to you about and Leila this is Angie"

-"I know who she is!" She said chuckeling

-"Um hi it's nice meeting you Leila." I said with a shy voice

She smiled at me as i said that. Leila was really pretty. She had a slight dark skin a little darker than mine her black hair tied up in a messy bun, nice dark brown eyes like mine, a straight nose, plumped lips like mines but smaller and they were pierced, She was really short and really skinny. I for one am quite tall but not taller than Harry. He looked at her and then at me. It was pretty awkward.

-"So Harry my mom said I'm staying at you're place." I said trying to create a conversation

-"Yeah we have a guest room for you two" He said while looking around me 

-"What are you looking at?" I said turning around to see what he was looking at.

-"Wheres you're mom" He asked worried

-"Oh shit I forgot!" I said face palming myself.

-"Damn Angie you didn't change at all" He said with a smile in the corner of his lips

-"You don't say" I said with a sarcastic tone giving him a smile

-"We should look for her" He said looking straight in my eyes

-"I think we should stay here she'll probably find us" I said thinking of how green his eyes were

Leila didn't say a word I think she felt kinda excluded not knowing what to say about my mom.


-"Angie I thought I lost you" my mom said almost in tears

-"Um mom if anything you were the one that got lost." I said looking at Harry and Leila

-"Oh sorry if a made you kids wait a lot." she said looking at them 

-"Oh it's fine misses Falls!"He said politely.

-"Oh my lord Harry look at you you're so tall and you're voice it's so deep. You turned into a fine looking man" She said giving me a wink

-"um mom this is leila...Harry's girlfriend." I said to my mom making her frown instantly.

-"Oh well hi... its a pleasure meeting you." she said with a little of disgust in her tone 

-"hi!" Leila said looking hurt

-"Um Harry I think I'm gonna go now okay?" She said giving him a kiss on his cheeks

-"Bye babe see you tomorrow!" he yelled looking at her walking away

The second Leila left, Harry led me and my mom to his car that was a really nice Bugatti it was grey and really clean.

-" And this Ladies is what i call my ride." he said as he was presenting his car to us.

-"Nice a Bugatti right?" I asked looking at the car

-"Car wise much" he asked looking at me impressed

-"I don't know a thing" I said sarcastically

-"Well come on in!" He said opening the back door for my mom and the passengers door for me.

-"Why thank you." I said while smiling at him giving him my hand

-"You are very welcome." He said  kissing my hand

I blushed as i felt his lips peck on the back of my hand.I think he noticed it when he look up at my eyes he is so gorgeous.

a/c: sorry it took me some time to write this I had to out then when I came back there was a little "problem"  and well I managed to finish chapter 4 hope you enjoy it :)





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