Coming back for you

16 year old Angie Falls Moves back to her home town going to England permanently (hopefully) where here long lost best friend lived Harry (Styles obviously) She was so happy to finally see him again after 10 years of being in Canada. Arriving there she met harry's four attractive friends: Louis, Liam, Zayn and Niall. And made some friends of her own Jasmine, Kaitlynn, Gwen And Marie who were As attractive as the guys ;). Sadly fir Angie Harry had his hands full with Leila a really nice girl that Angie soon becomes friends with She then realizes that she had feelings for Harry will this ever workout for her... :(


9. Making friends


Chapter 9


Making friends



-"I'm sorry Leila, I did not intend to do that for me the whole idea of today was to get to know all of you guys I wanted to make friends, but I screwed it all, I'm sorry." I said sitting besides her



-"fine don't believe me but don't be surprised if you catch us kissing again." I  said angrily walking away

Harry's POV

I cannot believe that we would end like that. I thought I was going to break up. how selfish I am.

-"So Harry I'm guessing that you and your'e roommate are getting pretty intimate." Louis said poking my cheeks

-"Wanker" I mumbled

-"What did you call me?" Louis asked

-"Wanker" I mumbled louder

-"What!?" He asked even louder

-"I called you a wanker!" I said louder

-"Well Damn! I though you were gonna tell me the details, like what she looks like naked."

-"I did not see her naked!" I said 

-"well at least you're being a gentlemen with her!" Niall said smiling at me

-"New girlfriend new you!" Liam said

-"Nice job she has a nice shape!" Zayn congratulated me 

-"Who has a nice shape?" I heard a voice from behind me say

I turned around and saw Angie smiling at me so innocently. She looked so perfect standing there in her hot attire. She introduced herself to the boys they all seemed to like her we talked for a while ordered and ate a pizza we were having fun. We would swing on the swings. her sitting on my laps and I would swing. She seemed so peaceful and happy. She would close her eyes when I would swing us high. And then I stopped swinging she still had her eyes closed and I laid a peck on her neck and whispered in her ears, I love you, She opened her eyes stared at mine, I love you too, she said as  I got up to push her. I pushed her a couple of times until I got  bored. I stood in front of her and her swing grabbed the metal cords that were supporting her weight, leaned towards her pulling her towards me, I bent over and kissed her softly on her lips, she got up and off the swing put her arms around my neck and slowly worked her tongue into my mouth. and we kissed for what seemed an eternity. until-

-"Harry if you don't put you're tongue out of there you might kill her!" Louis interrupted us

-"Oh shut up please we were enjoying our kiss!" Angie said giggling 

-"Well forgive me for trying to save your life!" he said sarcastically

-"I forgive you" she said smiling 

-" Well I don't!" I said

-"I like your girlfriend she is quite a blast!" Louis said grabbing her left arm

-" I like her too" I said grabbing her right arm

-"okay you too we all know she is Harry's even if it is quite unbelievable." Zayn said smirking

-"What does that mean?" I asked 

-"The obvious!" Niall said laughing

-"I have to go see you at school tomorrow guys, it was nice meeting you Angie!" Liam said

-" It was nice meeting you too!" Angie said  

-" Angie  think we should go too your mum might get worried!" I said grabbing her hand and pulling her towards the car

-" bye guys see you tomorrow!" I said

-"Bye!" Angie said

-"BYE ANGIE...and Harry!" They all said

-"you have school tomorrow?" Angie asked me when we got into my Bugatti

-"Yeah and so do you it's gonna be your first day!" I said smiling at her

-"Oh shoot I was hopping to stay home with you!" She said biting her bottom lip

-"and do what?" I asked curious to know what she would answer

-"Stay in bed!" She said smirking

-"Yeah right, you stay in my bed and I stay on my couch!" I said sarcastically

-"I meant us two together" she said looking at her laps

-"so now you want to sleep with me!" I asked hopefully

-"yes" She said smiling

-"You're serious?" I said all excited

-"yes!" she said leaving a peck on my lips 

We were talking so much on the ride home it felt so great and natural. With Leila every thing was so superficial and I never felt comfortable when I would be conversating with her she would be talking and talking and talking and I would only ignore and ignore and ignore and the only time that she did not talked was when we were in bed. I'm happy Angie enjoys listening to me when I talk to her she just stares at me so attentively I enjoy her company. But it all had to end at one point. When we got home I saw my mums room lights open. She's there. 

-"So I can sleep in my bed today?" I asked

-"Yes, yes you can!" she said smirking

I kissed her cheeks

-"Finally!" I said relieved

-"It was just one night!" she said

-"What was a night felt like a lifetime!" I said with a poetic voice

she laughed

We walked towards the door I opened it for her and let her walk in first, She smiled as I gave her a wink. Once we both got in I yelled

-"We're home!"

-"Oooh I wan to see her where is she?" I heard my mother say

-"I'm here miss Styles!" she said 

-" It is so nice to finally see you! Angie you are gorgeous!" she said admiring Angie

-"Oh and Harry Leila called about an hour ago!" She mentioned

-"Such a sweet girl she is!" she added

-"Uh mum we broke up ages ago!" I declared looking at Angie causing her to blush

-"Oh I see what this is about!"  She said winking at both of us

-"By the way you two would make a lovely pair!" She said as she walked away leaving us two all alone

-"She is right you know" I said leaning towards her to kiss her

-"mm yeah she is" She hummed while we kissed

we were kissing on the way to my bedroom I pushed the door open still kissing her.

We stopped when we got right in front of the bed, she went on the bed I unbuckled my belt and threw it on the floor and I got on top of her and started to kiss her again I took the edges of her shirt taking it off and she held her hands up for me to take it off, she followed by taking my shirt off. 

-"Harry?" she said interrupting me 

-"Is there something wrong love?"

-"I don't think I'm ready for this." She said honestly

-"That's  okay why didn't you say that earlier now Ill have to calm myself." I said pointing out the bump in my pants

-"Oh sorry my bad!" she said giggling 

-"It's okay we should sleep" I said 

-" Yeah I'll just change into my pajamas okay?" She said taking her pants off revealing her cute pink lacy underwear

-"Wow! I have no idea how I'll calm myself now" I said biting my bottom lip

-"you'll just have to" She said winking

-"ha." I said looking at her perfect breast

-"my eyes are up here boy" she said teasingly

-"I don't want to look at you're eyes." I said making her blush

-"Now it's my turn to change!" I said taking my pants off 

-"done!" I said noticing her looking at me

-"Wow!" she said speechless

I just stood there for a while to let her admire me for all the time she wants to.

-"Come here you hottie!"  she said patting the space besides her

-"Ok !" I went besides her laid down and started cuddling with her

We were cuddling The night away.







Hi guys this is chapter nine making friends and I am finally done with it I will post chapter 10 and 11 later




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