Not Again....

Tara lives in a small city, it seems as if nothing happens. Except for the fact that Tara lives in her own little world, and is bullied and ripped away from her dreams. Find out what happens to Tara by simply reading.
*This goes out to all those people who get bullied and just want that one chance...*


6. Diary Entry 6

Dear Diary, 

Goodbye cruel world. I won't miss you. Amy, thank you for being the only one who cared, the only one to help. I had to say goodbye. 

Dear Amy,

You were like the sister I never had. The light, my light. My hope. My friend. My...EVERYTHING. If only... you could have helped me more, I might still be here. I might still see your smile, your contagious, loving, smile. I just couldn't deal with the pain, the feeling deep down inside of me. I took the knife on the kitchen counter, it felt good. I even watched the warm, thick blood run down my skin. It took away my thoughts. I am now silenced forever, no one will have to put up with me any longer. For I am now gone with the wind. I love you, Amy. You were the only one.

Dear Stella,

You were there for me, too. The angel that picked me up, I just never told anyone about you. No one ever listens anyway. "Funny when you're dead how people start listenin'" -The Band Perry/ If I Die Young.  Don't worry, don't cry. You were there.

Dear Family,


Dear Celia, 

I hate you. 

Dear Celia's 'friends',

I hate you just the same.


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