Not Again....

Tara lives in a small city, it seems as if nothing happens. Except for the fact that Tara lives in her own little world, and is bullied and ripped away from her dreams. Find out what happens to Tara by simply reading.
*This goes out to all those people who get bullied and just want that one chance...*


5. Diary Entry 5

Dear Diary, 

I never had a lot of courage, and sometimes just staying alive takes courage. My room is so empty and quiet, it hurts. I had a conversation with Amy today.

"Do you really want to die?" She asked me.

"No one commits suicide because they want to die," I retorted back.

"Then why do they do it?" She asked, clearly not getting the point.

"Because they want to get away from the pain," I simply stated.

This is the thought that constantly runs through my mind. I can't escape it. 

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