Not Again....

Tara lives in a small city, it seems as if nothing happens. Except for the fact that Tara lives in her own little world, and is bullied and ripped away from her dreams. Find out what happens to Tara by simply reading.
*This goes out to all those people who get bullied and just want that one chance...*


2. Diary Entry 2

Dear Diary, 

I will tell you a bit of my story every day. For starters, I get bullied by that bitch Celia Kapro and her 'friends'. I've suffered everything from bloody noses to broken bones. Another thing that is broken is something that can't be fixed,  and no one will try to fix it, my heart. I live in my own world. A world filled with nice people, who except me for who I am, not who they want me to be. In this world I have a family that actually cares, and would help me with anything at all, no matter the risk. In this world, I am adventurous, creative, smart, funny. Everything that I am in real life, and people would see that if they stop looking at what's on the outside, and start looking at what's on the inside. Anyway, back to what I was saying, I get bullied, physically, mentally, and cyber-bullied. I've been sexually harassed, even though everyone says I'm ugly. That's probably the closest thing to love that I will ever get.  I wish I would be accepted, and not thrown away like a rotting banana peel. I feel like no one wants me to be near them, or even in this world.  I wish I could explain it all today, but that's enough for once. My tragic story will continue tomorrow.

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