The Emblem of Death

I was having a normal day or what at least seems normal to me but then as my day was going I did see unusual things they were signs every I went like it was leading me somewhere I asked my friends if they saw what I did but they didn't these signs only came to my eyes!


1. Signs⬆️⬇️⬅️➡️

I decided that these signs had a meaning but I knew midnight would be best for searching so I waited doing nothing but writing in my journal until it got to midnight.As I heard my clock start to beep as it struck midnight I felt this quick chill go threw my whole body I decide not to wonder so much about after all I am already hands full of wondering about these signs.I packed a flash light and camera and headed out but before I opened the door I heard a whisper like a old mans voice cracking saying,"Death is near!"I ran out of the house with fear but if I kept this fear up I would end up scaring my self with the littlest thing so I calmed down and walked down the road towards the first sign I saw.As I approached the first sign it had something different on it now instead of a blue winged star it was a arrow pointing up I looked up but only noticed the beautiful sky I looked back down at sign but it was still the same as before.I walked slowly towards it and touched it it felt like brick it wasn't anything soft I look around it and found a door I opened it up to see pair of white soft dealicate wings!I grabbed the wings and saw a note under them it said,Within every door you open there will be a prize it could help you on your quest of becoming a Dead eye or a deadly trap and it will end your quest!This was a clue for the signs but now there is other wonders what is The Dead eye and is this quest wroth taking but is the Dead eye good people or bad so many things to know not enough time to get though it all!

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