Meeting him


1. drifting away

"Ugh hurry up, u little slow poke" I yelled. I grabbed a few snacks and a drink. I put my hair in a messy bun and began daydreaming

about a perfect vacation with my best friends, but instead I was going in the middle of nowhere to my grandmas. The only good part was my best friend ,Emma, came with me and seeing john.

"Get down here! My moms waiting out front for us", I yelled hoping she'd acknowledge me. She was always slow, but never this slow. The only thing that kept me positive right now was the thought of seeing john again. He was best friend for countless years. He was my perfection, my other half. He completed me and knew how I felt until he moved. He moved to California for his dad's job, he lives right next to my grandma thankfully.

I grabbed my phone and immediately started to text him. Lately, that's the only way I could talk to him.

John: hey babe! Whats up?

Lauren: getting ready for vacation.

John: fun! Where?

Lauren: it's a surprise. I'll let u know when I get there. Gtg bye

John: bye! Text me when u get there!

Emma came rushing down the stairs, with bags all over her. "You need some help? You packed way to much!" I said.

"Ugh , shut up give me a break. I'll be gone for a month. My hair Doesn't straiten itself!" She replied in a playful tone.

We packed the car and head of as I drifted to sleep about being

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