All Because Of Him...<\3

Lexis and Chelsy have been friends for as long as they can remember. But when a boy comes in, will there be anymore friendship or even a Lexis? Read to find out!;)


1. Lex And Me

Hello! My name is Chelsy but my friends call me Chels! I'm very entergetic and my BESTEST FRIEND EVER is Lexis! I call her lex for short:)! We both live in London and we go to school at U of L (University of London) we are both 22 and Love One Direction<3.

Chels(me) P.O.V.

"Lex!! I missed you soo much!!!" I said. "Umm sorry but I'm not Lex" the random woman said as she walked away. "Oh sorry I... Just... I... Ugh sorry!" I yelled across the store. I miss her soo much that every time a see someone tall with long brown curly hair I assume it's her! Lexis is in the U.S. right now visiting her boyfriend Jovani, I don't like him and he doesn't like me soo every time she invites me to go with her I say no because I don't want to ruin her time with him by arguing with him. I mean he is a nice guy in all it's just... Idk I just don't like the idea of her dating him... There is something about him. "Ring, Ring" ugh who is it now. I answer my phone and Its Lex!! "Hey Lex I miss you sooo much I ca..." The person on the other line cut me off. "This isn't Lex. This Is your favorite person,,, Jovani." He says in sarcasm. "Why do you have lexis's phone, and where is she!" I said. "First of all," Jovani says, "this now MY phone. And second of all I would never tell you where lexis is..." He says. " ...WHAT DID YOU DO WITH MY LEXOR(my nickname for lexis). "I called to see if you had any words or goodbyes to say to your little 'Lexor" The idiot(Jovani) said. "You will NOT get away with thi..." He hung up... While I was talking.. He HUNG UP!?!?!!!!?

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