Cant Stop Loving You

Addison moves to England

She meets the bad boy

Louis Tomlinson

She learns that

You only live once

She does bad mistakes


2. Chapter Two

Addison's pov

When I got home I threw on my favorite lounge where: anyways I threw that on and headed straight for packing. I threw my hair up in a messy bun and began to pack.

• 2 hours later •

I finally got done and was so tired I took a long warm bath and relaxed. I got out and went straight to not noticing I had no clothes on. Oh well.

• 2 a.m •

I got a text from a person that I didn't have saved. That's weird it's two in the morning.

* weird number*: Hey Addison it's your mom, sorry I dropped my phone and it broke I'll be home in 1 hour. See you soon get some sleep.

I did bother answer. I put my phone back on the charger and drifted to sleep.

I woke up the next morning and fixed me some lucky charms cereal. "Good morning hun" "hey mum ready to go?" "Of course are you" "ready as I'll ever be" I said with a frown. *bleep *bleep. It was my phone. It was Allison.

My nigga: hey gurl, just wanted to say I'm sorry for yesterday. Have fun packing😜.

You: I'm already done. About to leave I'll FaceTime you and give you a tour of our new house. 😘 have fun at school.

"The moving trucks are here!" "Addison get over here!" I groaned and got up and started helping. Box after box and I saw my mom flirting with the truck driver ew! He kinda looked like:a weird looking dude with and afore and gold tooth. While my mom was flirting the weird gold tooth dude I decided to go ahead and get ready. I wanted to wear something simple but cute. I decided on this: I have to admit it's cold in England. When we got to the plane this kid wouldn't stop kicking my seat. "hey kid can you please stop kicking my seat!" "Why don't you make me fatass" "uhm mam could you please tell you son to stop?" I said it nicely."not much I can do about him. He's a trouble maker" ugh! When we finally got off I saw a girl sprinting towards me. My reaction was to punch her in the face. I felt bad. "Ouch bitch what was that for?!" The stranger asked. "I don't appreciate being called a bitch and cause I don't know you. Who are you?" "It's me Jackie!" I know I heard that name from somewhere she was wearing:

Hey guys so I pictured Addison:

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