Cant Stop Loving You

Addison moves to England

She meets the bad boy

Louis Tomlinson

She learns that

You only live once

She does bad mistakes


3. Chapter three

Addison's pov

"Again I'm so sorry I hit you" "it's fine".she said wiping the blood off her nose. "Would you like a ride back to my place?" "Sure but we have school tomorrow" I just realized it was Sunday. "Well... Do we have to wear uniforms?" I was hoping she would say no. "Of course not there's no dress code" yes I hate uniforms there always so ugly and you always have to wear the same clothes which is really weird. "We do on graduation though..." Well I guess we have a long way :)

"Mom are you ready for dinner"

"Yeah just a sec sweetie" I know it sounds weird but I usually cook but I'm not that good. I cooked mac&cheese that's pretty much all I could cook.

"Looks good!"

"Thanks I'm going to go pick out my outfit for the 1st day of school"

"K hun have fun"

I ran up to my room and started unpacking clothes and sorting them out. I finally came across this: It was perfect! I was gonna dress to impress. I jumped in the shower and did my hair and body ect. When I jumped out I put my hair in a bun and grabbed my batman boxers when my black t-shirt and went to bed.

•In the morning•

"Happy first day of school hunny!" My mom came in with breakfast in bed and got my pancakes and orange juice.

"Thanks mum" I chowed it down and got ready.

I put on my outfit and put my hair in a side braid. I grabbed my bag and went out to my car. Nothing special just a Honda accord. I tried to not get nervous so I listened to the radio but all that was playing is talk shows so I turned it off and thought happy thoughts. When I got to school I met Jackie by the front door. She was wearing : It was cute but simple. I walked in and got whispers and stares. I got into my class and walked to the back. Everybody started to walk in and we started class. 5 min after class started a boy walked in.

"Sorry I was late but I have a huge excuse this time.."

"What would that be Mr. Tomlinson?"

"Uhm..uhm *whispers* class help me out here?

"Please take a seat you have detention for tardiness"

"Fine by me" he sat next to me and kicked his feet on his desk and his hands behind his head. I decided to make friends with him.

"Hi my name is Addison.."

"HEY my name be Louis!"he said pretty loud.

"Mr. Tomlinson please keep it down before I give you double detention and Mrs. Hopkins I'm gonna let you in on a warning"

"Leave the lady alone she did nothing wrong!" She turned around irritated.

"Don't worry about her love she's just grouchy sometimes"

"Thanks by the way"

"Anything for you" we talked until the bell rang.

"Want me to walk you to class or do you got it?"

"I think I got it thanks though"

"Anytime would you like to eat lunch with me and my lads?"

"Sure why not"

"Ok see you later"

"Bye uhm.. Louis?" And with that we separated into our classes. I walked into my next class which was science. I sat next to a boy with curly hair and a couple of piercing he kinda looked like:

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