Cant Stop Loving You

Addison moves to England

She meets the bad boy

Louis Tomlinson

She learns that

You only live once

She does bad mistakes


4. Chapter four

Addison's pov

"Hi I'm Harry" he was pretty cute

"Hi I'm-" before I could finish my sentence Jackie comes and plots herself on Harry's lap.

"Hey Harry" she said and kissed him.

"Oh hey Addison I guess we have science together and by the way this is Harry my boy friend. Harry this is Addison my best friend."

"Well it's nice to meet you" he said putting his hand out to shake mine. Why did she fall for a emo well that other guy that I met what was it Louis? He's pretty hot and he has a couple of tattoos and piercings. Class started and it was really boring... After about 1 hour class was over and lunch was here.

"So do you wanna sit with me and my lads?"

"That sounds nice but sorry I already told Lewis that I would sit with him"

"It's Louis and ok he's with me so well just walk you there"

"Sounds good"

•The table at lunch•

"Hey Addison come sit with me" Louis motioned me to sit with him. I accepted I mean I need friends. Then three other guys came and sat down one with blond hair. One with blackish hair with a blonde streak. He had a girl with her that was really pretty she had a really light purplish hair and a stud in her nose nothing special. Then came a guy with kinda shaved hair that had snake bites and earrings.

"Hey everybody who's this girl" the guy with the streak in his hair said kinda rude.

"Well that was kinda rude... I'm Addison" I rolled my eyes. I can tell we weren't gonna get along.

"Well sorry I just wanted to make sure you were no cop god" he got kinda mad and the girl next to him squeezed his arm right. Then there was a awkward moment of silence.

"Well to brake this silence I'm Liam. Nice to meet you and this dude that his stuffing his face is Niall." I giggled

"Hey it's not my fault I have eaten in 2 hours!"

"I know that's not true you were eating in class your not that much of a quiet eater nialler." The girl with the rude guy said.

"Oh sorry I'm Perrie and this is zayn sorry he's just grouchy because he has detention" she rolled her eyes.

"Hey I didn't even get in trouble for anything!"

"Well anyways we gotta go. We're gonna be late for class" Niall said standing up.

"Ok bye yeah we better go bye" and with that everybody was gone except for me and Louis.

"I guess we better go" I said getting up

"Nah why don't we go and get out of here"

"Would we like get in huge trouble?"

"Yeah buy oh well life is worth the living"

"Alright where do you wanna go?"

"Let's go to the park"

"Alright" we got in his car and drove to the park. When we got there we started to swing. He pushed me and then finally got on his own. We did this for about 20 more min and the did all the other stuff. When we got done we laid under a tree. Luckily Louis had an extra blanket for us to lay on. We laid down and watched the clouds talking about out past just trying to know about each other. Then he told me "don't move" so I did as he told and he leaned in closer and closer until our lips met. I barely knew him but I felt huge sparks and I kissed him back. We finally pulled apart.

"I'm sorry I didn't know what got into me-"

"Lou it's ok I liked it" I said blushing.

"Me too"

So I imagined zayn to look like:

Liam to look like:

Perrie to look like :

And Niall like: Idk I might make Niall gay what do y'all think?

Also Harry:

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