Cant Stop Loving You

Addison moves to England

She meets the bad boy

Louis Tomlinson

She learns that

You only live once

She does bad mistakes


1. Chapter 1

Addison's pov

"Ad wake up it's time to get ready for your last day". I let out a few groans and got up. 'Why did I have to move?' I thought to myself. I hoped in the shower and took a 15 minute shower. It was hot and relaxing. When I got out I walked to my closet and pulled out the last day outfit. I looked in the mirror for the thousandth time and finally was satisfied. I went to the bathroom and put on my daily makeup. Mascara,eyeliner(top and bottom) and lipgloss. I don't know how I was going to say goodbye or how I was going to fit into the new school. Allow me to introduce myself.

Name: Addison or ad for short Hopkins

Family: only mom. Dads in prison for drugs.

Friends: Allison's my best friend

Birth place: England but I moved back when I was 8.

Likes: music, clothes, the beach ,fairs

Dislikes: hoes, trouble makers, players, drama , bullies

Anyways I got into my car and was on my way to school. When the song 'Move' by little mix and I was singing along I loved that song.

•15 min later•

I got out of the car where I was greeted by Allison and Peyton my boyfriend. We have been together for almost 8 months now and it was hard to say goodbye. "Hey girl you looked all dressed up when I'm over here in some sweats and a t-shirt" I laughed. Allison was one of those people who doesn't care what she looks like but managed to look good in anything. "Hey babe let me walk you to class" "HEY I'm human too!" Allison screamed. I couldn't help but laugh..hard. I swear I will laugh at anything. I kissed him on his cheek and said "I'll walk myself then" "I'll see you at lunch babe" "K bye"

•5th period•

Man school was going so slow today. It felt like I've been here for days. "Ok class here's your homework assignment come and get it while you walking out the door" "actually I-" I was interrupted by the bell and headed straight to my 5th period teachers desk. "Uhm Mrs. Handerson?" "Yes Ms. Hopkins" she sounded annoyed. "Well uhm I was just going to tell you that I'm moving and I came to say goodbye" "oh dear this is just an excuse to get out of homework isn't it" she smirked at me. "No mam it's true" "oh well I hope you will be as good in your school then you were in this one". "Thank you have a good day" "you too good luck packing" I walked out and tried not to cry. How was I going to tell Allison. Or even Peyton. When I lost track I bumped into Peyton." Oh sorry babe I was just waiting for you" "oh I think we need to talk" "okay..? What about babe" "listen I know this is hard but I'm going to have to break us up" "why?!" "Cause I'm moving and I can't keep a long distance relationship" "please don't leave me babe I-I promise I'll be better" "it's not my choice to move believe if it was I would stay here" " I can't believe your doing this to me after all we've been threw!" Now he was screaming. "Please try to understand I'm sorry-" "just leave me alone" my heart sank at that. Next was Allison. I met her at lunch and began to talk." Hey so listen I hope you won't take this as bad as Peyton did but-" "oh yeah what happened?" "It was-" "did y'all brake up" "actua-" "OMG why ad he's so nice to you and-" "it's because I'm moving ok!" "What?" "Yeah sorry" "why didn't you tell me before!" "Because I as scared and too chicken" "what's ever new?" I knew she was kidding but I want in a playing mood. "Look I'm sorry but it's not my choice" "where you moving to?" "England" "what I thought it was like in Florida or something, I can't stay away from you that long" I started to feel the tears coming and left school and went home. I was sad and needed to pack. My mom told me to be early anyways.

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