Bad Boy Changed Me~ (Zayn Malik)

Jennifer Anderson, was the sweetest and caring girl that you can ever meet. She had good grades, and good reputation in school. That was until she met a boy name Zayn Malik. He was known as the Bradford bad-boy, that had bad grades, and a really bad reputation, and he's also in a gang. Zayn showed Jennifer all about his gang, and she didn't care about it. Zayn never was in love before, but when he meets her, he starts to have feelings for her, and she does too. Will Zayn dump her like the res?? Or will he keep her??


1. Welcome To Bradford

Sorry guys, but this is my first story.. Please don't hate. Hope you enjoy it!


Chapter 1

Jennifer's POV:

I got out of the car, and looked around.

"Wow Bradford is beautiful" I told my mom.

"Yes. It totally is" she said looking around the neighbourhood.

I was really tired, since I was in a car for 5 hours.

" Jennifer you forgot your bag" my mom said

" Mom, I'm very very tired..... Can I go and pick it up in a hour?"

" Do it now, because I'm going out to buy some food"

" Alright" I said getting up, I was so tired that I could sleep 3 days straight.

I went to the car and picked up the heavy bag, until I notice 5 guys walking.

They were laughing, talking and 3 of them smoking. I think they notice me because they turned to look at me.

One of them with the leather jacket and sunglasses, and was smoking, got my attention, he looks so cute- stop it Jennifer! You don't know if he's a rapist or a stealer.

"Hey beautiful" The guy with the leather jacket said.

"Uh,hi" I said kinda confused and worry.

"Are you new here, babe?" He said taking the cigaret out of his mouth. Babe? Since when he started to call me that??

"Yes, I actually just moved here today" I said looking at him.

" That's good, hope to see you around gorgeous" he said with a wink, and left With the rest of the guys.

What was that?

I went back to my room, and fell asleep since I was so sleepy.


* Beep beep beep!!*

" Ugh! I forgot I had school today"

I got up and got ready for school.

I went downstairs to find my mom making breakfast.

" Hey sweetheart, how did you sleep?"

She asked

"Great thank you. Mom I'll just eat a bread because I'm going to be late"

" Oh yes, I forgot. You want me to take you to school?"

" No it's ok mom, I'll go in the bus"

"Ok sweetheart, take care, love you!"

"Love you too" I said leaving my house.

I was waiting for the bus until a girl came.

"Hey I'm Emma, your new here?"

" Nice to meet you Emma, I'm Jennifer, and yes I'm new here" I told her

"Oh ok, I guess we're going to the same school" she said

Than our bus came, and we got in, and took a seat. We started talking about school and etc.

Finally we arrived to school.

" Hey what's your schedule?? Maybe we have classes together" she asked smiling.

" Look" I told her to look at the schedule to see if we have some classes together.

" We have 3rd, 5th, lunch and 7th period together" than the bell rang.

" I guess is time to go to 1st period" I told her.

"Yes, I'll see you in 3rd period! bye Jennifer!" she waved

" Ok, and bye Emma!" I waved back.

I went to 1st period class, just to get stares....

" Well hello dear. I'm Mrs. Adams, and you must be Jennifer!" she said smiling. I nod.

"Class we have a new student! her name is Jennifer" she said to the students. they all said their hi's.

"Now we need to find you a seat" she said looking around to find a empty seat. when I notice there was only was one seat empty, and that's beside the guy that talked to me yesterday. Please don't pick there!

"You can sit next to Zayn Malik. Zayn please raise your hand" he said, oh no it's him! Jennifer calm down, he won't do nothing, I said to myself.

"Nice to see you again beautiful" he said whispering in my ear, I fell goose pumps all over my body. I just smiled and he smirked.

All period I felt someone's eyes looking at me, I looked back and it was him. why is he staring at me like that? I tried my best to concentrate on my work but I couldn't. One of my books fell, I was going to pick it up but someone already did it for me. it's Zayn.

"Thank you" I said smiling

"No problem babe" he said with the biggest smirked. I just looked at my notebook and starting working.


Finally 3rd period, at least I'll see Emma on that period!

" Oh hey Jennifer! Glad to find you here, want to go to the lockers?? I'll just put my notebook in my locker and leave" I nod and headed to my locker.

I was putting the combination until my books fell. Oh No! than someone was already picking them up for me. Zayn. How did he get here??

" Thank you for helping me again" I said smiling and looking at him.

"No problem beautiful, but you'll have to be careful next time babe, because I might no be around" he said smiling

I just notice he has hazel eyes, they're beautiful. To be honest, he looks like a bad boy, but he still look good. I think I was staring at him because he starting smiling. OMG!! So embarrassing, my faced turned RED.

" Your so cute when you blush" he said smiling at me, I got even more red.

" I'll se you later beautiful, I got to go to class" he smiled and wink. I just smiled back.

" Hey, who were you talking to?" Emma asked

" To this guy name Zayn" I said to her. she just looked at me

" Don't talk to him"


"I'll tell you at lunch, because we're going to be late"


I wonder why she said that.






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