This is about a girl named Sophie who's 19 and lives in america with her dad. Her mum past away from a car crash 3 years ago.
She goes to her boy best friend jakes party were she meets a boy named Justin. She has never been in love before and she doesn't plan on being in love anytime soon but will Justin change that?


2. hell

I woke up to my dad telling me to get up for school or as i like to call it hell!

I slowly got out of the bed and straight into the shower, i let the warm water hit my body and hair while i thought about what school would bring today.

I turned the shower off and grabbed a towel and wrapped it around my wet cold body. I walked into my bedroom and looking in my wardrobe to see what to wear for school i decided to wear denim shorts with a crop top because it looked nice out. I blew dry my hair so it was straight. I went and brushed my teeth, unplugged my phone and went down stairs.

I looked in the shoe cupboard under neath the stairs and i picked out my white converse. I went into the kitchen and sat down on a chair in the dining room.

Sophie:"morning dad"

Dad:"morning sweetheart"

Sophie:"whats for breakfast?"

Dad:"bacon and waffles you're favourite"


Me and my dad sat down and ate breakfast together we don't get to do it often because he has to go to work early he works in a trade centre so he has to be there early.

I have to be in school for half 8 and its 8 now so i put my plate in the sink said goodbye to my dad and grabbed my car keys and left the house.

I had arrived at school or as i like to call it hell, i got out the car and walked into the building crammed full of kids

Jake:"hey Sophie" jake said as i put my bag in my locker

Sophie:" hey jake whats up?"

Jake:"nothing much you?"

Sophie:"nope not at all. Do you want to skip first period and go to the back of the bleachers and get high?"

Jake:"sure why not"


The bell rang for first lesson to start and me and jake headed for the fields to have a joint. Jake has always been there for me through my mums death he has seen me at my best and at my worst and no matter what he has stuck around.

Jake:"this seems the perfect spot"


Jake:"so how is your dad" he asked rolling him self a joint and lighting it.

Sophie:"okay i guess i still hear him cry though but not as long these days and he was home this morning and cooked me breakfast" i said taking a puff of my joint.we had finished on the field and headed back to school when we seen one of the meanest teachers mrs haddock.

Sophie:"shit run"

Me and jake ran the opposite way as fast as we could and turned a corner and eventually we lost her me and jake laughed with each other walking down the corridor when the bell went.

Sophie:" i will see you at lunch" i said kissing his cheek

Jake:"okay see you" he said kissing mine

I walked down to science when i seen Rachael the school slut.

Rachael:"hey Sophie" she said giving me a smile

Sophie:"hi" i said bluntly and tried to walk past her but she got in my way

Rachael:"whats wrong"

Sophie:"i just want to go to english"

She give me a snotty look and walked away from me. I went to science and nothing really happened i just sat at the back off the class and done my work as usual i decided i would go home i really could not be bothered with school and i hate double french.

The bell rang for lunch and i walked out the class down the corridor and walked out the school doors and into my car. I drive a Porsche 911.

I blasted my music until i got to he house i turned the radio off and and locked the car i opened the front door but down my bag and went upstairs i decided to text jake and let him know where i was.

Sophie:hey jake i came home i don't want to go to double french!!x

Jake:haha okay i will see you tomorrow x

I hot un dressed and put my all in one on and got into bed and i could feel my eyes start to slowly shut until i was in a deep sleep.


This is the first chapter of you&me! I hope you enjoy this book. I know this chapter is awful but i promise it will get better! Comment on what you think so far. Thanks x

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