Divergent high onhold


8. chapter 7 the news

Hi guts it's lane sorry I haven't updated in a while I've been reading a lot well here is the chapter




I hate high school because is have to wake up at 6:45 to get to school without looking

ratchet. I get up and go to the bathroom, then I get in the shower. I get out at 7:00 am

and change into ripped jeans, a loose sweater and camisole with combat boots. I put on

some mascara and eyeshadow. Then I go downstairs and heat up some frozen waffles. I

look at the clock and it says 7:35. I get my bag and go to my green Lamborghini. In 10

minutes I get there. I step In the door as soon as the bell rings.

We go on doing our reports. After school is over, I go for my check up at the doctor. I

had to wait for an hour. Then they finally call my name.

"Beatrice prior" I walk up to her.

"I am rose. We are going to test you for any viruses and we will make sure you are

healthy." She takes a sample of my blood and takes it to a testing room. Then she takes

my blood pressure the usual. Then she tells me I can go. I'm kind of worried rose came

back after like a half hour.

One week later

One week after my doctors appointment i get a call from the doctor.

Me: hello

Doctor: hello Beatrice prior I have your test results. I am sad to say that you have


Me: thank you bye

I hang up the phone and call Tobias he doesn't answer. I decide to call Chrissy to see

what is going on.

Me: hi Chrissy

Chrissy: where r u didn't you hear

me: hear what

Chrissy: four was in an a- accident and he is in a co-coma

Me : not to make you to worried but I sorta kinda might ok I do have cancer the doctor

said I have 2 months to live and. Have to stay in the hospital. So I will see you there. I

just pulled into the parking lot

I walk in and say my name and they walk me to my room. I tell them I have to see Toby

and they let me go. I get there and see everyone surrounding the bed. I ask them if I can

have a minute with him. This is the worst day of my life.

"Hi" I say. Not expecting an answer back.

"T-Tr-Tris" he staggers

"O my god! I thought I would be gone before you woke up"

"What do you mean by gone?" He asked concerned. I contemplate to answer but I finally do.

"We'll i um had a doctor appointment last week and they tested me for some viruses

that we're going around"

"You don't have a virus do you?" He asks

"No but they called today and they-they told me I have cancer!" I burst into tears. I only

have two more months with Tobias." I love you and I want you to know that. "

Tobias just sits there silently. The rest of our group comes in and greets four with nice

hellos then they see him and I are in a bad mood.

"'Whats wrong?" Asks Uriah. I explain to the group and everyone is really sad and in


" anyway I should be going to my room" I say wiping the tears away. I'm could not be

sadder. Text my family and tell them the bad news. They told me they would be coming

to visit me when they can. I was just starting to fit in with friends when my life ends.

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