Divergent high onhold


7. chapter 6 Tobias and Marcus

Tris POV

"Hey, sleepy head," I say to him.

"Hi Tris" his sleepy eyes are so dreamy.

"Do you want some Cheerios ?" I say. He nods. I pour some bowls of Cheerios and milk. We talk over breakfast.

Then we go to school.


Once school was over we went out to get some food. We went to Arby's.

"I will see you tomorrow at school, Toby."

"Bye," then he kisses me and walks out of the room. It felt like I was in heaven. I went

outside and sat on our hammock watching Tobias drive away on his motorcycle. He

looks so cute. After a while I go inside and do my homework. I fall asleep at 1130 texting


Me: hey I can't sleep

Toby: try closing ur eyes and not sitting in front of the tv

Me: gee I never thought about that

Toby:good night

Me: bye Tobias

I stare at the ceiling for another hour until I fall asleep.

I wake up the next day and get ready for school. I put on a green shirt, a leather jacket,

skinny jeans and combat boots. Then I go down stairs and grab a chocolate chip muffin.

I look at my clock and it's five minutes until school starts. I jump in my Lamborghini

and drive off to school. When I get there I'm surprised when I don't fin Tobias there.

I decided to try and text him.

Me : where are u

Tobias: in the hospital

Me: what I'll be over after school

Tobias: u don't have to

Me : my boyfriend is in the hospital and u think I don't need to see him

Tobias: all I'm saying is u r over reacting I'm fine

Tobias POV

The truth is I'm not okay. That idiot Marcus made me have a three hour

whipping session before he passed out. I can barely move. I tried to sit up and i nearly

fell out of my bed. It took 10 more minutes of trying before I passed out. All I can

remember is one word MARCUS!

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