Divergent high onhold


5. chapter 5 the date

Tris POV

I meat Tobias in 2 rd period for volleyball. Today we have new teams and it is Marlene,

Christina and I against Tobias and other people. We won as usual but it was a very close

game. The bell rang and we head off to social studies. Be worked on our projects for a

while then just started talking. I walk off to lunch with Toby. After lunch I go to 4 th

period. So boring. By the time that was done I was really bored. And couldn't wait to

get out of here. I wonder why. (A/N why do you think?) The next 3 periods went by

quickly. Before I knew it Toby was at my house just like old times. I make some food

and we talk.

" Can I tell you some thing." I say.

"Sure." he replies.

" I don't think I realized this until I saw you again but I kind of like you."

" I feel the same way!" Then we kiss. We are officially FourTris. I've waited for this since

I saw him again. Yay! He ends up staying the night.

(A/n sorry it's short. I was at the divergent premiere when I wrote this)

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