Divergent high onhold


4. chapter 4 party

Tobias POV

Omg! Tris wants to go out with me! 😃😛😃😛

"When do you want to?" I ask.

"Does thursday work?" she asks in her soft

delicate voice.

"Yep," I reply.

We decide we are going to Tris's house. After, I

go home. I can hardly fall asleep.

Time lapse

School is so boring. Ya de ya de ya do this for

homework ya de ya. Once I finish first

period . I'm happy because I'm going to PE.

Coach says there are football tryouts today

and in PE we are doing volleyball. Yes! Tris,

Marlene, and I are on a team. Once our

hour of PE is up we head off to social studies. I

get there and sit down with Tris.its just

about the revolutionary war. BORING! Then the

teacher assigns us a project.

"Class, you will be making a presentation on

what you know about the Russian

revolution," Dang! Why, we haven't even covered

that yet! "The groups will be Will and

Christina, Rachel and Lynn, Lauren and Jack and

Tris and Four."After that, the bell

rings and we go to lunch.

"So, are you guys ready for the party." I hear a

chorus of yes and ya.

"I have a little something planned!" Tris says.

Lunch went by quickly. We talked about sports

and books. The next subject, the whole

gang had so we walked together. Don't you just

hate it when you have a parent as a

teacher?!?! The answer to that question is yes. I

know this because I'm in my dad's

class. It stinks. "You will be writing a paper on

the assigned book. The groups are

Marlene and Lynn, Christina and Will, Tris and

Four." But it does have it's up sides.

So now we have two projects. Guess what, mine

are both with Tris! Yay!

After school we drive to Tris's house. We think

about what we warn to do. That is when

tris unveils her idea. "What do you think about a

girl vs guy competition." After she pitches her

idea Zeke and Uriah come in. We tell them about

it and we all agree. We think fist race is Uriah

and Marlene in a water ballon contest to see who

could throw it the most amount of

time before in went splat. The end result was us

looking at a drenched Uriah. It was a

hilarious sight. Then it was Zeke and Lynn

against each other in a battle pillows. Zeke

won that game. Next was Christina and Will

battling to see who could eat the grossest

food.Christina won by 1 second before Will

puked. Then the final battle Tris and I

fighting with nerf guns. We lost because Tris has

taken up gymnastics. We shot at each other but

she did a back handspring to dodge it when I got

hit. Now we are servants for the girls. 😥

" Go turn on catching fire. Then make us pizza."

Marlene ordered. Uriah ordered the pizza while

Zeke pretended to make it. I put on catching fire.

15 minutes later the pizza arrived and we

delivered the pizza to the girls.

"Are you sure made this and didn't order it?" Tris

demands. "It's fine. Wow, this is good."

We grabbed slices and saw the part where the

presidential welcome happened. An hour

later everybody went home. I waited for everyone

to leave then I left

"Bye Tris," I tell her.

"See you tomorrow," she says.

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