Divergent high onhold


3. chapter 3 go away

He walked in and sat down in front of me. you can feel the tension between us.

"Hey, Tris," he says like it's no big deal. He's an idiot.

"Peter," I say in disgust. Great the best part of the day I have to spend with him. I hate

7th period. At least I have Toby.

"Why are you in Spanish? You take French," I exclaim.

"Not anymore. I heard you were taking Spanish. So I figured you would have wanted to

see me again babe." he says.

"Get away from me!" Just then Lauren walks in.

"Hey baby!"she says to Toby. First of all nobody calls my Toby their baby. Believe me he

doesn't like the word 'baby'. A long time ago he flipped me because of it. Of course it

was in the pool but, yah know.

"Go away, Lauren. I told you we aren't dating." he yells.

After the teacher comes in, Peter and Lauren take a seat.

Then I whisper to Toby," They are jerks. Just because you date once, doesn't mean you

cling to the person forever," he laughs. I chuckle too. I mean, we all know it's true.

Then the teacher looks up, "What is so funny, back there?"

" Nothing." we grumble back.

After 40 minutes of going over what we know, the bell finally rings.

I go outside and walk with Toby to my car. I give him a ride home. I'm ready tonight.

"Hello Beatrice." says Andrew. I can tell tonight it will be worse than usual. " Beatrice

turn around, NOW." With that I turn around.


" Ahhhhh,"

I yelp.

I just think about Tobias.

I hear Andrew

"This is for your own good."

Time lapse

I wake up at 11:00 am. Dang! I'm so in trouble. Andrew is gonna kill me.

I call Toby. I'm surprised when he answers.

Me: Hi

Toby: where r u

Me: at home in bed

Toby: Andrew ?

Me: Andrew

Toby: Ill come by after school

Me: kk bye

Toby : bye

This makes me feel better. I get to see his bright, adorable blue eyes wait what am I


I go to the bathroom and get in the shower. I get out about 10 minutes later. I go

downstairs and start watching frozen. When it turn it on its at the part where Elsa sings

let it go. Then I decide to sing along. I just realized that Andrew left for the week. YES!


When it is lunch time, I call Will Christina and Marlene and of course Toby. He says he

wants to invite his neighbors Uriah and Zeke. We agree to have the party on Wednesday

after school. Meanwhile I do the homework that they said we had. I finish before Toby

gets her, so I watch the end of Frozen. Olaf was soo cute!

About 45 minutes later, Toby arrives. He gives me the rest of the homework. Then we

talk about random things. We were having a very nice conversation about catching fire

when I hear ding-dong. We walk towards the door and to my surprise I see Peter.

I don't even have to think, "Get out and leave me alone!" I scream at him.

"Suit your self. Just to let you know, in no time, your mine." he says.

"Just get OUT!" I scream. Then I slam the door in his face.

"You really don't like him do you?" asks Toby.

" You think!" I say sarcastically,"Can you just help me stay away from that lowlife creep?"

He nods.

"Thanks Toby," I tell him. Then I see it. Those beautiful blue eyes looking at me."Hey

um, do you um wanna go out sometime? I mean since we both have people clinging to

us, just to like get away?"

"That would be amazing!"

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