Divergent high onhold


1. chapter 1 beginning

"WAKE UP! WAKE UP! WE ARE GONNA BE LATE!" Yells my annoying brother Caleb

He's such a school geek

"I m up, now get out of my room!"I snap back.

I get up and check my clock 7:15! Omg school starts at 7:45! I jump in the shower.

I am out 10 minutes later. I decide to put on my 2 cool 4 school shirt, a pair of ripped

jeans, and combat boots.

I go to the bathroom to put my makeup on and my leather jacket. I check my clock it

says 7:35!

I go down stairs and heat up some pancakes. I finish my breakfast and then jump into

my green Lamborghini and get to school right on time.

Time lapse

I walk to the front office and I walk to the front desk to get my schedule.

" Beatrice Prior" I say. The lady at the desk hands me a paper.

Locker 478

combination 12-37-2

1 math Mathews

2 P E Amar

3 Honors social studies

4 lunch

5 language arts Eaton

6 science

7 Spanish

I walk to my locker. Why does everyone have to stare? I mean I just moved schools. No

big deal.

As I'm walking, I fall over. I look up and see a girl gathering her things.

" I'm so sorry. I wasn't watching were I was going." she says," I'm Christina and this is

Marlene she says pointing to the girl standing behind her." Are you the new girl?"

" Yep, that's me. I'm tris by the way. What classes do you have? I don't want to end up

missing classes because I can't find them!" I ask her.

" I have math social studies and science with you!" says Christina

" I have everything else with you!" exclaimed Marlene.

I finally get to my locker and get ready for first period.

I get to class with Christina. She sits next to her boyfriend Will.

I take an empty seat. Nobody sits down for a while but after a minute or 2 someone

comes over.

"Hey I'm 4 and you are?" 4 says to me.

" I'm tris. I'm new. Wait, "

Flash back

" Toby come here. I wanna play."

" hold on bea!" he shouts

" please Toby!" I say.

Normal time

" Toby?" I ask 4

" Bea!" he says.

" I haven't seen you since we were 4."

" I've missed you so much!" he tells me.

Ever since I met Tobias, his real name, I haves liked him. Now he is here. This has to be

a sign.

The way he said that, it almost sounded like he cared about me.

A/N: Thanks for reading! I will update soon. Love you guys!




- laxinlane

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