Skye's life is literally saved by Harry. Skye will go to anything to figure out Harry and find out what is hidden deep down under the lay of tattoos. She knows that he is just trying to fit in with his friends, if you see them as friends, and she wants to know who he really is, instead of this mysterious college student he appears as.


1. 1

My hands smooth out my shirt before sliding into a jacket. I know it was a bit much of me to ask the librarian to keep the library's small bookstore open just until I was done finding what I wanted. I wanted to find some new books before the first day of school tommorow. I know I shouldn't be out this late either, it is almost midnight, but I wanted books, since tommorow this place will be packed.

I thank the elder lady once more before walking out the door, throwing my hood over my head, the streets are flooded with people walking around. New York is always packed, no matter what time it is. I like that feeling of everyone being around giving each other company even though they don't realize that.

My purse is weighing me down as I walk down a less crowded street. Only 10 more minutes until I get back to campus where my room is.

I stop when I see campus right through an alley way. I know  I shouldn't go down it, I really shouldn't but here I am letting my feet take me down it. I am halfway down it when someone or something grabs my hand and I stumble backwords. I am spun around and face the person who is touching me.

"What is a pretty face like you doing in an alley this late?"Their raspy voice is let out with the strong smell of whiskey and cigarette smoke making me gag. "You know, someone might want to do something to that wonderful body of yours...." The thought of who's face is behind the darkness, scares me. 

I squirl as I am pressed heavily against the wall. I want to scream and try to but nothing comes out. I can only feel the tears call from my eyes when the man's cold and rough hands touch the skin under my shirt and slide down my body.

"Someone like me!"He whispers into my ear before letting out a laugh that quickly turns into a cough.

"Please.."Is all that I can say between tears and a the knot in my throat.

"Help!"My voice lets out a cracked and rough sound along with the words, not loud enough for anyone to hear though.

I can feel the mans hands slipping under the waste band of my pants and then my underwear, but before he can do anything else, his hand falls from my skin and I fall to the ground. I can't see anything through my tears and darkness. I can only see a dim light at the end of the alley way.

I can hear noise, it sounds like a man talking. I think it is the man who was pressing me against the wall, but then the voice stops and I can only hear footsteps coming closer to me. I want to do something, like run but there is a pain in my leg and in the back of my arm. By now, it would be too late because I can feel the presence of someone next to me.

"Are you okay?"A voice sends shivers down my spine. The british voice is slow and deep.

"Fuck,"I whisper to myself when I try to move myself.

"Come on, I will help you up,"He voice says and I feel a pair of hands grab my hands and lift me up. I ignore the pain as I stand with a limping position where I can see their face. The dark curls are pushed away from their face. His eyes are too dark to know the color and the skin is a pale color with a bit of pink all around the face.

"We need to go before he wakes up,"the stranger helps me down the alley, the opposite way I was headed and towards a car. This is going to be scary, but I am blocking my scared feeling away for a moment because I want to just sit down. So thats what I do.

I take a seat. In a car. A strangers car.

"Who are you?"I speak in a rough voice. I stopped crying while we walked over here.

"Harry."I can feel us begin to move in the car.

"Why did you....what did you that guy?"I say, not sure of what I was actually going to say.

"I beat the shit out of that bastard!"I can hear anger raise in his voice. "I saw him touching you...and I lost it."I can tell he is trying to keep calm.

"Thanks,"I whisper and finally look over at Harry, his eyes are now in sight, their green. He reminds me of my brother, the way his eyes never leave the road as he is driving.

I want to care where we are going, but I don't because I am in too much pain. I will worry about it later, But for right now, I just want to get cleaned off.

When we finally stop moving, I don't even try getting out, I just wait for Harry, a stranger, to get out and open the door for me instead. I will need all the help I can get to get into to where we are going.

The room we enter is not too dirty, which is surprising. I can now see Harry. He is covered in tattoos and is wearing a black shirt, rolled on the sleeves and black pants, matching a pair of brown boots.

"I will help you clean your cuts."He says almost in a whisper and I notice his cheek flush as we walk to a room which turns out to be the bathroom.

I take a seat on the edge of the tub while I pull my jacket off, wincing. My right arm is covered in blood and it keeps dripping on my jeans. I can feel Harry's hand hold my arm out as a wet clothe is pressed to my cut which makes me wince.

"Sorry.."Harry says before pressing on my arm again.

After I am all cleaned up, Harry gave me a shirt and lounge pants. I change slowly considering I hurt my leg, which Harry cleaned. I sigh and as I am about to leave, I turn around and fold the clothes I left on the floor and set them on the toliet seat.

Harry told me to sleep on his bed as he sleeps on the couch. I don't disapprove and fall asleep as soon as I hit the mattress. I will worry about sleeping in a strangers bed tommorow.

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