Dear Dumb Diery

a girl called Sophie expresses her feelings in here. she likes a boy named Charlie R who finds her quite awkward at times. this is the story of her life.


1. Drewling

dear diary,                                            Tuesday 18th March

Hi i'm Sophie, this is my diary, my dear dumb diary!

Yesterday was so embarrassing, I've just moved to this new school and I have already got this huge crush called on a guy called Charlie royal! I caught myself DREWLING in the middle of the hall simply just looking at him, I really hope he didn't see me, or anyone. I saw this boy laughing in the middle of the hall and everyone else was particularly crying because this girl was flirting with this boy!!!! :(


Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! I've just got some awesome new bff's they are so funny. they are called Amelia ,Lucy, Melissa, Amy and Roisin.


I was so so close to being caught staring at Charlie in a dreamy way, I really have to stop otherwise I'm going to be guts for garters.       


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