The Wizarding World, Revisited

Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Neville and the others have all grown up. It's 19 years after the fall of The Dark Lord, and the previous students of Hogwarts will soon be sending their children through the barrier to Platform 9 3/4. But, Hogwarts being Hogwarts, not everything goes to plan and yet again, young witches and wizards are in grave danger.


10. The Navy Blue Book

Albus awoke early that morning, so early only the small whisps of pink light coming through his crimson curtains made it possible to see. He turned onto his side, only to find that Isaac was missing from his bed. Albus pulled on an old jumper and clambered out of bed. Rubbing his eyes, he began making his way down he stone steps to the Common Room. Suddenly, he lost his footing and tripped, but stopped in midair.

"Careful, " Came a familiar voice. " You nearly went flying!" His cousin, Louis, grabbed Albus' arm in an attempt to help him up.

"Thanks," Albus smiled, still looking at the floor. He had always envied Louis' charm and charisma, but then again, he was going to be like that, he was part veela. "Wait, " Albus stopped him "Why were you up so early?"

Louis laughed, "I could ask you the same thing. But, since you got there first, I was taking a walk.If ever I can't sleep, I just take a walk around the school grounds; no ones up this early." He gave his cousin a mischievous wink and was then up, presumably back to bed. Before closing the fourth year boys dormitory door behind him, he turned to Albus.

"I'll pretend I didn't see you up." then closed the door behind him. Albus sighed; yet again he was finding himself wishing he was a little more like his cousin. In fact, all his family and friends were better than him. For a start, three of his cousins were half french and an eighth Veela, all of them had their peers in awe of them; Rose had the brains, and was guaranteed to be top of the class; Hugo was the youngest, so naturally was always the centre of attension; Lily was an amazing singer, she had a voice which could send shivers down your spine; Fred, Roxanne and James were all pranksters; Teddy was cool and collected, even though he had the worst start in life; Lucy and Molly wouldn't say boo to a goose even Cleo was preferred to him. Forgetting about Isaac under his own self pity, Albus headed bakc up to his bed, where he sat, going thorugh his trunk of all the photos his parents had packed. His dad never had any real family growing up, besides his muggle cousin, aunt and uncle, who did not think much of his powers. Those who he looked towards then died, so he is alway reminding them how important family is. Then, whilst deep in thought, Albus came across a large, rectangular, navy blue book. He opened it and a note fell out onto his lap, reading, "We made one of these for James when he left for Hogwarts, we thought you'd like your own one too. Write to us as much as you want and keep us updated. See you in December, Mum and Dad xxx" . Albus smiled and lay the note on his pillow, then flicked through the book to find pages upon pages filled with photos of Albus and his family. Suddenly, having all those smiling faces look up at him, Albus felt a little less jealous, a little less gloomy and a little less scared for what lay ahead.

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